Episodic Thoughts: Ghetto Justice (Episode 14)

Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>
TVB Series 2011

Cast: Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Sharon Chan, Sam Lee, Eddie Kwan, Mandy Wong, Jazz Lam, Joyce Tang, Shek Shau, and others.


Remarks : This is a watch-as-I-write-from-memory episodic thought (a combination of episode summaries, reviews & critical analysis episode per episode) and therefore please take note that this write-up will contain MAJOR SPOILERS for this particular episode and some creative license was used when recreating certain scenes or dialogue. Please refrain from revealing future SPOILERS in this episode.

A very short recap for this episode where the cases are

Coroner’s Inquest Hearing on the death of Miu Yeuk Lai

Anyway, first the recap.

Law Ba basically accused the police of not doing enough investigative work and 3 questions remains in Miu Yeuk Lai’s death, one of which I absolutely forgot to recap in the last episode;

1. how and who made those bruises on her face;

2. who took away 2 pages torn from the diary;

3. the one I forgot, Grandma Yim received a SMS on her handphone from Lai’s handphone on the night of her “suicide”, telling Grandma Yim to take good care of herself but Grandma Yim says Lai knew Grandma Yim does not know how to retrieve SMS messages and never sent her any so why and who sent that SMS to Grandma Yim?

Three questions, all unanswered if Mai Bo’s testimony is to be believed and all those lead back to who will benefit most and gain most satisfaction from her death? Law Ba thundered with his signature hand movement, YEUNG KOK KUI and the detective began to look at Mr Yeung who looked way too guilty for his own good.

Jury arrived at a decision; too many unanswered questions from Lai’s death, so urged the police to reopen and reinvestigate file.

Not long later, Mr Yeung was invited to have a coffee at the police station. Oh and Grandma Yim never said sorry to Mai Bo for accusing him of murder and thus destroyed 40 years of his reputation. No news of whether he was arrested for perverting the course of justice although who can blame him? I would have thought Lai killed herself.

At the police station, Yeung refused to answer any question until his lawyer came and guess who? Yes, finally SOME WORK for Shek Sau other than appear in club, sneer, say something, walk away, Stephen appears, say something even worse, appear stupid when Law Ba insulted back and walk away sheepish. PK said “You don’t need to answer their questions except to reiterate what you said when they first interviewed you, and if you don’t remember, they’re obliged to give you a copy. Anything else, you don’t need to say” and so Yeung smugly said “I have said what I have said, I don’t need to say anything else!!”

Smug. I have so wronged Mai Bo’s butler but can you blame me dear readers? I mean he is someone well known and my guess was immediately him!! Until I learn the woman had a husband, and that husband is Connie Chan Po Chu’s son. Mother’s famous, so son did it! HE DID IT!!!

The police searched and searched the apartment, nothing. Chik was getting restless. I forgot who discovered it but they saw traces of mud or something outside the windows. Which means someone climbed in hence no need for keys.

Chik and detectives went to see Yeung who by the way lives in a huge house! Very rich! Chik merely assisting since he is not homicide department. Anyway Yeung so arrogant said “Search all you want” which they did and saw Grandma Yim with grandson, Wai Chai. Grandma Yim volunteered to take care of Wai Chai for a few days so Yeung allowed. Anyway found some ropes and stuff and Yeung said arrogantly “So what? That proves nothing. I am the president of the mountain climbing club, so obviously those things should be in my house”

Pause here.

DING! DING! DING! President of climbing club, someone climbed the windows. HE DID IT!!!

Continue. But those are not enough. They’re not the same thing used at the scene of the crime. But Yeung was asked to go to police station for another cup of coffee, arrogantly he said “You better search all you want and find everything this one time. I wouldn’t want you to waste your time for a 2nd round”.

Hate that dude.

All left, Chik was about to leave when the maid came out and said “Are you looking for these? These are what I found when master left them in plastic bags” and inside were mountain climbing stuff, with mud on them. Chik was terribly happy.

At the centre, Law Ba or someone got the call and he said “Chik sounded so happy, I swear he could have married that maid!” and it was proven same mud, same dust, same stuff, he was there, charged with MURDER.

And then one stupid question was asked; “However this case will prove difficult since must show motive”

Pause here.

Will you believe me if I say motive is not THAT important in a murder case? Of course logically it should be but it isn’t THAT important? State of mind maybe, motive per se no. And what a stupid question to ask; I mean abusive possessive husband, wife having adulterous affair, face being humiliated, isn’t that a motive?! Stupid case. It gets worse believe me.

Anyway new case…

The Prosecutor vs Yeung Kok Kui

The case : The murder of Miu Yeuk Lai, wife of the accused

Counsel for the state : The prosecutor, Kris Wong (Lead counsel), Law Ba (Advisor)

Defense : Cheung Pak Kei (Lead counsel), Victor Ching Pok Him

Oh, nobody wanted to take this case, not even the entire list of prosecutors in own prosecutor office so Kris was asked and she was like last, last, last choice. I mean no one in the prosecution office, at all?? Silvia said “But you’re up against PK (they actually call him Cheung Jong by the way but I will continue to use PK) and PK is ruthless when he deals with opponents. Is it smart to take this case?” and Kris said “Why not? This case is a goldmine for me!” and Silvia said “Let me guess; it wouldn’t matter if you win or lose” and Kris said “Correct. If I win over PK, my reputation established. If I am to lose, peers will say it is expected since against PK. Seriously I have nothing to lose”.

In court same magistrate to record please, PK rose and said his client pleads not guilty and Kris kicking herself in the foot said “As the prosecution has not found the murder weapon, we request for more time for the police to find the evidence”.

Right. Why don’t charge him LATER when you do have murder weapon which by the way is an insane oxymoron in here since where got murder weapon? He stuffed the pills down her throat! But did I hear wrong? Maybe I did.

Anyway PK objected, said unfair to his client to prolong the case, he is a businessman, etc. Poor Kris had nothing to say. May I suggest Kris maybe say a young woman was killed, murdered leaving a son, his reputation is no more important than justice for the dead woman? Maybe bail at HKD10million? Anyway judge agreed with PK and said no more longer dates and Kris gulped. She is severely inexperience and I suppose she was really last last last choice.

Outside the court, Kris consulting with Nameless (by Kwong Chor Fai who really looks like a prosecutor! why can’t he take the case?!) when PK walked to her with Victor and yes, the insults.

“Hello Kris, I am surprised you dare to take this case since against me but I would wish you luck and I have seen you in Mrs Ma’s case, I am sure you will be a worthy opponent” and Kris smiled and said “PK, I hope you will spare me! Who doesn’t know the famous PK who has won on even more stringent evidence! But I am sure I will prove worthy opponent like you said” and PK said “Why did you take the case? To be famous outright? You choose your case very well Kris” as Kris smiled and said ” I know you must think me as some small time barrister unworthy of your time. I am taking this case for justice, that’s all” and PK’s parting shot “But I will not tolerate anyone using my good name to climb up the ladder, I will destroy such a person, you will see” and he walked away and Kris.. gulped.

At her mom’s restaurant she bought Law Ba food, he complained why her noodle have abalone and all, yeah they’re kinda dating right now I think and she said “I was ermmm thinking of ermmm offering you to be the second chair to me in Yeung Kok Kui’s case” and Law Ba immediately jumped up and refused as he said “No way! Against PK? He is a shark! He will destroy the case yes, but in the process he will make you look like a fool and destroy you. There is no benefit in being his opponent, nobody dared and only you, being a fool did. Don’t ask me for help! I want to live and prosper!” and Kris almost threw a tantrum as she said “Fine! I will pay you. In fact I will donate all my fees for this case to the centre” and Law Ba said “No, no way!” and tantrum time and Law Ba softened and said “Is that how you ask people for help?” and Kris turned on her charm, sat him down, gave him a massage as her mother looked on disapprovingly as she said “Come one, please… please help me… please…..” and Law Ba looked at her and smiled and said “Oh OK OK!!!” and she smiled happily when he said “Wait! I have to be second fiddle to a woman; I am a man behind a woman’s success story….I shall require an extra something” as he moved close towards Kris who got very alarmed and said “What.. do you want to do?” and h said slyly “What do you think?” and then he grabbed a piece of abalone from her plate and ate it gleefully as she looked on in shock as he said “Well, what did you expect?!”

Ha ha Law Ba! Ha ha! So no sex yet right? Nothing censored yet right? No kiss kiss right?

Meanwhile on Jing and Teng love story. To cut the long story short, he confessed his love, she ran away. Later we find out why when they were at her place after running in the rain, she sprained her ankle, etc. He said he will pay her if that is how she expects it and she said ok and she removed her shirt and oh dear, her stomach very very scarred.

Pause here.

I remember she wore hot pants but did she ever bare her midriff? I don’t remember such bad scarring.

Anyway she narrated her tale; the guy she fell for, cut the long story short, his fiance threw hot oil on her stomach and as she laid writhing in pain begging for him to help her, he left with the fiance. Despicable. She sees Teng as potentially like him; minus the oil and such but plus parents equal heartbreak for her. He said “If you want to only have relationship with single men with no parents, try Law Ba or Chik then! Give me a chance” but she shooed him out. He persisted. One day he dragged her into the car, made her change in to a rather nice purple ruffled dress and took her to meet his parents who both said they’re ok with her poor background or lack of education (he didn’t mention prostituting as a profession which she wanted to but he stopped her) and he confessed “Father, mother, you both be my witness. I will marry no one other than Jing Jing and I will love and cherish her no matter what!” and the parents treated her well and she was moved. Later on he said “I will tell them everything when your relationship with them is more established. I am sure they will understand; how can anyone not like you” and I was like Teng, you’re too optimistic.

Later Jing met with Kris, told her what happened and Jing said “I never knew I have such luck to meet a man like Teng but my background, I can never change that” and Kris for once said something human “Jing, leave your current job. Find another one!” but Jing said she doesn’t know what else she can do.

Like cashier?

Later we see Kris finding Teng at the centre who was making phone calls to rent a small place so to realise Jing’s dream of a French restaurant. He’s a social worker and he can afford to rent her a place?! Kris approved of Teng and encouraged them to work it out.

Back to case.

Kris, Law Ba visiting Grandma Yim and Wai Chai at Yeung’s place, Grandma Yim swore to take good care of Wai Chai. Wai Chai wants his daddy as he said mommy is already dead but then Grandma Yim said “I once saw Wai Chai having a terrible dream. He told me he dreamt …”


Lai wanted to leave Yeung with Wai Chai but Yeung found out, in front of Wai Chai pushed her into the pool and basically pushed her head under the water as he repeated “You want to take my son away?! YOU WANT TO TAKE MY SON AWAY?! TAKE THIS! TAKE THIS!!!”

Very abusive. Crazy in fact. Kris went to Wai Chai and said “Wai Chai, can I call you as my witness? You must tell this in court. This will establish motive…”

How stupid.

“You must tell the truth, to give your mother justice”

Kris is basically badgering the kid to repeat the dream but she forgot, the kid will think I only have daddy left so I won’t tell, sort of mentality. Like half an orphan/

Wai Chai shook his head, very traumatised by Kris’ very aggressive attitude until Law Ba stopped her and said “He won’t, you can’t force him” when PK and Vincent entered (where they got the keys?!) and Pk said “I see you’re badgering the witness, I am here to check on Wai Chai to make sure he is ok” as Law Ba smiled “Or you’re here to make sure he doesn’t say something he shouldn’t say” and PK took offence as he said “You will stop badgering the boy” as Kris said “I will seek the court’s permission to add Wai Chai as prosecution’s witness” and PK said “Too late. We have applied for him to be defence witness so please do not approach my witness anymore!” and Kris frowned which is crazy, she can cross examine the boy but of course she will look evil in the eyes of the jury as Wai Chai rushed to PK and said “Uncle, I want daddy, I want to save daddy”. Poor kid, I understand his dilemma. PK said to Law Ba (with very little respect given to Kris),Although Kris is the prosecutor I am glad you’re his shadow advisor. Indirectly we are now opponents and I relish the chance to fight you in court!” and Law Ba walked right up to PK, and smiled as he said “And I shall relish the chance to beat you in court and see your loser’s face”.

YEAH LAW BA, give it to him!! He sorta insulted your girl once too many times.

Next episode, Yeung Kok Kui looked very very shocked. Hmmmm… why?

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