Eric Tsang Promotes Open Door Policy

Known for his quick wit and creativity, Eric Tsang (曾志偉) has always been a favorite among TVB management and was quickly promoted to General Manager. Once in his new role, Eric quickly took action to improve the quality and reception of the company’s productions.

Eric shared, “The most important reason behind my return to TVB is because of the support from [majority shareholder] Li Ruigang (黎瑞剛) and Thomas Hui (許濤). In the past, it was wrong to cut costs. Instead, we really should invest where we should. Better programs will generate more income. I came back to promote bolder creativity.”

Facing staffing issues, Eric commented, “We’ve lost a lot of talent these past few years. I’ve invited many of them back, especially the lower level staff and increased their salaries. It may seem like I’m spending a lot of money, but that’s not the case. In the past six months, our revenue from commercials have increased by more than 30 percent. Once we started spending money, we eventually started generating more income. My goal is to seek out more talent, and recruit younger artistes.”

Although many feel that artistes are in passive roles, Eric believes they can take more initiative in suggesting ideas to producers which could lead to more casting offers. “Anyone is welcome to come into my office and chat with me about any thoughts, feelings, or ideas. I may not be sold on what they tell me, but I promise that I will tell them why I am not moving forward with their proposal and make them understand the reasoning behind the decision. I will share my experiences from all these years in the industry, which include many failed projects. I hope to educate them on what television production entails.”

Eric revealed that actors Matthew Ho (何廣沛), Milkson Fong (方紹聰), Arnold Kwok (郭子豪), Dickson Yu (余德丞) have visited his office. Bob Lam (林盛斌), and Luk Ho Ming (陸浩明) successfully pitched ideas and will be hosting new programs.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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  1. Yes, getting feedback from ppl who have been in the industry and are crucial stakeholders is super important in creating successful dramas. They should do a “actors pls stand by” show like the one from China. So we get a chance to see talent from new or upcoming tvb actors and actresses!

    1. *ok maybe not new since they can’t act yet lol. But at least those with 5-10 yrs of experience in the industry should be qualified to apply

  2. Hell they should ask the public what kind of drama they want to see, especially online. Most young ppl go online so it’s not going to cater to just older ppl.

  3. if everything he’s saying is true, i think he is doing a great job and can be the turning point for tvb. i think it’s good that they’re finally paying attention to what the audience wants and giving opportunities to younger actors/actresses with high potential!

  4. So far I dont think Ive seen much improvement since the organisational reshuffle except maybe that they had released as an actual ancient costume series for once (Final Destiny) .

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