Ethan Juan Wins Everyone’s Hearts in “Legend of Fuyao”

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Ethan Juan Wins Everyone’s Hearts in “Legend of Fuyao”

All 66 episodes of Legend of Fuyao <扶摇> have finally finished airing in Hong Kong, and viewers are impressed. The show has received generally positive reviews across online platforms in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan; and in China, the show reached over 16.8 billion views. It’s yet another success for Yang Mi (杨幂) to add to her resume, maintaining her throne as China’s ratings queen.

Yang Mi isn’t the only star that’s reaping the successes of Legend of Fuyao. The show had instantly revived Ethan Juan’s (阮經天) career, putting the former idol actor back in business. After the show’s broadcast, Ethan gained over 4 million followers on Weibo and even received a new endorsement offer. The blood, sweat, and tears it took to film the show all became worth it in the end.

If you watched the last four episodes, you’ll know that success definitely didn’t come easy for the Taiwanese actor. In Legend of Fuyao, Ethan plays Zhangsun Wuji, the resourceful yet loyal crown prince of the Tianquan Kingdom. Wuji goes through a psychological war after discovering that he is actually the birth son of his uncle, the very enemy that he has been trying to defeat. Upon realizing that his adoptive father had kept him alive just to witness the day of seeing the fight between birth father and son, Wuji breaks into tears, feeling betrayed and lost. It was a heartbreaking scene to watch.

The torture didn’t stop there—darkness soon starts to engulf Fuyao (portrayed by Yang Mi) and Wuji embarks on a lone journey to save her with his own life. Fuyao loses her mind and stabs Wuji twenty times, but Wuji wills himself to take in more, using the power of love to save her.

Fortunately, the couple get their happy ending, and for Ethan, a band of new loyal fans and a fresh new start in his career.


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Ethan Juan Wins Everyone’s Hearts in “Legend of Fuyao”

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  • 9 comments to Ethan Juan Wins Everyone’s Hearts in “Legend of Fuyao”

    1. anon says:

      I can’t stand these Fantasy dramas…

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    2. says:

      Didn’t win my heart :/

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    3. says:

      I was watching this series in the beginning, but like most mainland dramas, I usually end up skipping episodes or stop watching mid-way. I’m glad Ethan Juan’s career is revived, but when I was watching him, he seemed too much of a player/flirtatious person to me, so I stopped watching.

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      • wm2017 replied:

        @peachyogurt I saw clips on utube and they said he cheated on that ex pretty g/f of his 4 times. ahah lol…Not sure how truthful that was but yes def a serial flirter in real life if it was true. haha lol…

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    4. elizabeth says:

      The ending is very messy and draggy. Don’t like it.

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    5. cassiemissy says:

      I always think Ethan smile is funny Lolz. Flirtatious yes. When he smiles, his eyes smiles together in a funny way.. haha! This look is great for this character when he flirt with Fuyao. Lolz

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    6. coralie says:

      Not Yang Mi’s best work. Her aloof personality in these recent dramas are starting to feel one-note, and her character here annoys me. It’s very passive Mary-Sue, kinda like Tiffany Tang.

      Ashes of Love is so much better, if only for Deng Lun <3. I like Yang Zi in it, but she's pretty much playing the same role over & over again as well. Her White Snake is an almost exact replica of Jing Mi.

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    7. mimi8 says:

      Legend of fuyao but her character really wasn’t impressive at all I only contiued because of the little chemistry and the interesting side characters. Overall it wasn’t a great show the plot was bad its borderline okay only. Ik Yang mi is really popular and stuff but her acting is stagnant I thought at first she was only bad at modern shows but watching other historical from her just isn’t that great. I don’t get the hype for her other than how pretty she is.

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    8. tiffany says:

      Ethan did revive his popularity. However, the drama is far from successful. Yang Mi is a good business woman, but her performances are just ok.

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