Felix Wong, Michael Miu, and Jessica Hsuan at “Gun Metal Grey” Promo

Michael Miu Kiu Wai, Felix Wong Yat Wah, and Jessica Hsuan attended a promotional event for TVB series, Gun Metal Grey <刑警>. The series will be broadcast on Monday, November 1st in Hong Kong . The cast had great chemistry, with Jessica and Felix sharing a good laugh at the promotional event.

Asked whether Felix was confident of Gun Metal Grey’s ratings, he said, “They will be stable!” (Will Felix film for TVB again?) “If there is a fun series that do not require too much hard work and if the timing works, I will consider it. I hope that my filming fee would be increased a little though!” Since he did not film many comedies in the past, Felix expressed interest in filming a comedy in the future.

Twenty-five years have elapsed since Michael and Felix last filmed The Yangs Saga <楊家將>together. Since Michael had initially invited Felix to film Gun Metal Grey, will there be future collaborations together? Michael laughed, “No. Felix Wong is so wooden. He would be very funny in a comedy!”

Pierro Ngo Ka Nin was attacked by TVB actor, Sai Ho Ying at a karaoke bar earlier. Michael noted that he had known Sai Ho Ying for over twenty years, noting that Mr. Sai did not appear to possess a violent temperament. Michael said, “Drinking brings out bad behavior, especially for Eric Tsang Chi Wai in the past. But Eric was lucky; perhaps he was blessed by his involvement with charitable events.”

Source: the Sun

Jayne: Felix Wong has a comedic side. I liked his performance in The Young Wanderer<江湖浪子> , which was a very underrated series from the 1980s. Back then, many Jing Yong inspired series were extremely popular, which made The Young Wanderer fall through the cracks. In this series, Felix played a smart-mouthed player with weak martial arts skills who tended to use his wit to pull himself out of danger. A different side of Felix rarely seen in other roles! Believe it or not, that’s my second favorite Felix role after Kwok Jing in “Legend of Condor Heroes.”

I think it would be refreshing to see Felix in a comedy, playing against common public perception of his personality.

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  1. Can’t wait to see this! I hope it will not disappoint! Felix does have potential to do comedy. He seems to possess a sense of humor when he talks.

  2. Remember Michael Miu’s very funny interview where he talked about Felix? That he himself worked in so many series, so many characters and still can’t be compared to Felix’s ONE character Kwok Jing where one role established his popularity until now. I thought Michael was very candid and very funny and he was right. One role to rule them all!

  3. @funn lim

    Michael Miu’s Chor Lau Heung came really close but of course definitely didn’t surpass Felix Wong. Haha

  4. I’ve seen Felix Wong did some light-hearted series in ATV. I didn’t find him especially funny.

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  6. Felix actually has done a comedy like role before. Do you guys remember the series “The YOung Wanderer” made in 1985? Felix played a playboy type of character that was really funny. That is one of my most favorite series of Felix ever and one of the funniest roles that he has ever played.

  7. “One role to rule them all!”

    Just wanted to say: nice LOTR quote by the way, hehe

  8. I just saw Gun Metal Grey trailer and sorry to Jess’ fans, she was a nuisance. Her hair, her acting, everything. Why her?

  9. Love Felix. And the first episode of GMG was quite good as well. If Felix wants a comedy, TVB just have to deliver!

    ^Agree with Funn. Not a fan of Jessica in GMG either. Not a fan of her generally though.

  10. advo says:
    “Love Felix. And the first episode of GMG was quite good as well.”

    Advo, I’ve watched 1st episode too. Felix still has the “IT” factor.

    Funn, agree with you that Jess character is somehow a rather annoying.

  11. Can I ask; is she playing his ex wife? Or relations? Gun Metal Grey is Life. Damian Lewis was fantastic and whimsical and very different tv series. GMG takes on some aspect but Felix is a bit more intense. If you haven’t seen Life, do watch Season 1. Fantastic series.

    What’s the Bowie series that follows Mentalist? I saw a trailer and I was thinking all those gestures and all are way way way too obvious. Whilst I thought Mentalist was over the top, TVB’s version just made it darn obviously over the top.

  12. Funn, Bowie series copies Lie To Me.

    If you have Astro Fox channel 710 watch it. Season 2 premering 14 November.

    Would say some TVB series have mixtures of Criminal Minds, CSI, Mentalist, The Good Wife & etcs all thrown into one. 😉

  13. What’s the Bowie series that follows Mentalist? I saw a trailer and I was thinking all those gestures and all are way way way too obvious. Whilst I thought Mentalist was over the top, TVB’s version just made it darn obviously over the top

    Every Move You Make. It’s an indirect copy of Lie To Me but executed in a disappointing shabbier TVB way in term of cases explanation, cases difficulty, characters development and scene breakdown, cinematography, themesong, ending themevideo, props and settings and some more. But it’s actually watchable and enjoyable if you have something to keep you watching. LOL.

  14. I find ‘Every Move You Make’ more engaging than ‘Mystery of Love’.

    Agree that gestures are way way too obvious. Only criminals in EMYM are that obvious in their gestures. Criminals in DIE, MOL, FH, were never like that. 😛

    But, like Masaharu, I still find the series enjoyable and entertaining despite the very obvious gestures.

    I’ve not watch ‘Lie to Me’, ‘House’, ‘Galileo’, or ‘The Mentalist’. So, judging the series by itself, ‘A Great Way to Care’ > ‘Every Move You Make’ > ‘Mystery of Love’ in terms of enjoyability.

    One thing EMYM is better than MOL is that the police are not as useless. In MOL, every case is solved by Kingsley. The police all seem stupid. Even some testing of the evidence is done by his lab instead of the police force own Forensic Department.

    But, in EMYM, even though Bowie is the expert and he figured out most of the cases, his team members actually give their opinion and have their own ideas. Also, as the series progresses, the team members as a whole become better at reading people and not just depend on Bowie.

    But, for the hopeless romantics who love lots of personal relationships and romance in their series, this series is not for them. There’s not much focus on the romance in this series. It has romance and family relationship, but, they did not take over the series, which I find is good. Actually, I think the series focus more in family love than romance.

    ‘A Great Way to Care’ is just enjoyable as a whole. I think it has well balance storyline with the plot of the characters’ personal lives and the plot of cases getting equal standing and equal attention.

    EMYM is more heavy on the cases while MOL is more heavy on the romance.

  15. EMYM tried to balance the cases with Bowie’s family life but it could be more enjoyable if the balance shifted to the other characters personality development. A family oriented series + cases series is an odd balance to me since family argument isn’t my cup of tea, but that’s my personal opinion only. LOL.

    The last case actually fairs quite well with decent acting although I’ve seen too much of the psychopath issue from other TV series or movies that I didn’t get as affected as other viewers. I enjoyed the series because Kristal Tin is fresh and Bosco is surprisingly “ying”.

  16. As much as I like Tavia and her pairing with Raymond, I have to admit, EMYM was more engaging than MOL. I think the plot was slightly better and the cases better thought out and more realistic than MOL. I found the scene where Kenneth and guys were trying to catch the remote controlled plane in MOL to be especially ridiculous because they could have just removed the bag of money and saved themselves the trouble. But the whole reading of expressions thing in EMYM was too obvious at times and it was a slight copy of Lie to Me (but then so was MOL). All in all, I found EMYM to be quite enjoyable especially after the vacuousness of CBML.

  17. TVB series is always family orientated. The cases serves the family drama, not the other way around.

  18. Ahh yes Lie to Me. Frankly didn’t quite like the original series. A bit too much.

    The Mentalist like I said a bit too far fetched.

    A great way to care follows House MD in so far as the style but none of the substance. Frankly they’re very different series but House MD is to me rules for the fact the main character is so darn annoying and yet somewhat likeable.

    Mysteries of love follows the style but not the substance of Galileo, in retrospect but frankly again ALL TVB series tend to concentrate on the family dramas at the end of the day. The rest serves the family drama, not the other way around.

  19. @ Masaharu.

    This is one of the few series I wish could be longer so that they can develope the other team members more. I think Bowie’ family story is ok. The family drama makes viewers understand Bowie more and feel for him more. I’m just sad that this cannot be done for the other characters as well due to the short length of the series.

  20. Hehe, when you compare any “case” series with MOL, MOL will lose! The series’s cases are so dump, only Ace’s last one is ok. The polices in MOL are useless, only can run and follow Kingsley’s words and yes, have a policewoman just to love Kingsley and cry cry cry after the break. Useless. Kingsley is the prof. of physics but what he did including physics, chemistry and everything. Just like the forensic bureau went vacation together.

    Personally, I think MOL is only used to boost Tavia as a pitiful Cinderella in love, who is wrongly broken by a so-called prince charming and SLM’s family is so annoying to watch. Bad series.

  21. Fox: I like your description about Tavia’s character. The writing can be faulted but personally I’m quite disappointed that Tavia takes on the character using the overacting cuteness style.

    Many people are criticizing Aimee but she’s not that bad to me. Yes she struggled at crying or intense moments but she fairs quite well in her cute characters. I don’t mind her at all. She’s cute and has improved not to be overacting cute. She has good chemistry with Bosco, Bowie and Susan Tse in EMYM.

  22. Kidd: This is the area that TVB always failed at and not to my liking. I don’t know if you have watched a mainland series with Fiona Sit and Chen Kun where Fiona plays a sickly girl. These two are the main characters but whoever executed the series did quite well in balancing the development for other characters as well. Many U.S. TV series also take the approach of making each character or team member develop.

  23. Funn Lim says:
    November 1, 2010 at 10:09 pm
    Gun Metal Grey is Life.

    Funn, have to agree that this years TVB series are all 100% plagiarizing.

    Boo to TVB.

  24. I think TVB has to plagarize because they are running out of ideas. Back in the days, when there weren’t that many stations making series, TVB had less competition and more ideas. However, through the years, many countries and companies are now taking over and thus making it harder for TVB to make anything original, but it has to be good too?? I am not sure if that is even possible for TVB anymore. I think sooner or later, they may have to adapt more novels by Liang Yu Sheng, Huang Yi, Gu Long and other non JY writers in order to get something decent made. They may even remake a novel that has not been remade for a long time or something that has not even been adapted yet. I think that would be cool, but then again… TVB is known for making stupid and unreasonable changes that really pisses the avid wuxia readers off, so I wonder if there is even any hope left for TVB???

  25. Huang Yi has some more novels to be adapted. BTW, I hope they’ll adapt the new authors’ novels more than the famous 5 because the new authors’ novels are more dramatic. My hope to Cang Hai of Feng Ge :).

  26. It’ll be interesting to have TVB adapting other popular novels rather than the overused and overremade classic adaptations. However..is the wuxia relevant anymore in HK TV viewers’ eyes?

  27. Well, Huang Yi also wrote some novels which are modern (Science Fiction, such as 超級戰士 (Super solider) or 大劍師傳奇 (Legend of great knight) or the Ling Du Yu series.

    His huge novel Bian huang chuan shuo is said to be adapted by TVB, but I guess no because the novel is too huge. Hehe, all 3 Huang Yi’s adaption series only can bring 1/10 the content and character of the novel into the series.

    Among the new five authors, I think Sheng Yue’s novels are the most dramatic, but I like Feng Ge the most among them. Well, their novels are easier to adapt, but as they are Chinese, I dun really think TVB will do that. HuangYi and Louis Cha are HKer.

  28. I don’t think wuxia will ever lose favor to the viewers if it is a good story that has not been adapted before, or has not been remade for a very long time. It’s just that I think TVB and China as well as any other company keeps on remaking the same old stories over and over and over again. In fact, if JY did not ban TVB from remaking his works, I bet they would continue to do so. Therefore, maybe it was a blessing that they are now prohibited from anymore JY remakes. Thank goodness because I am sick of the same old remakes over and over again.

    I don’t think TVB would not do Bian Huang Chuan Shuo due to the length.They did Da Tang Shuang Long and boy is that novel long(the longest one that I have seen anyways)… However, the adaption is of course not accurate and you can’t really blame TVB since the novel is really really long.

    Gu Long also has some really good novels that have never been adapted or remade for a long time. I think if TVB can produce a good adaption then there would be some hope for them.

  29. for some reason, i only like tvb’s wuxias remakes. they are pretty good about making it fast pace. sucks that we don’t have good actors/actresses filling those roles.

  30. @Fox

    I don’t think the nationality of the author is a concern of TVB. TVB will be more concern whether the author has a large enough fanbase or not. ‘Face to Fate’, ‘The Four’ and ‘A Strike At Heart’ are based on Wen Rui An’s novels and WRA is a Malaysian. ‘Lofty Water Verdant Bow’ is adapted from Liang Yu Sheng’s novel and LYS was China born. Gu Long was a Taiwanese.

  31. @ kidd: Wen Rui On established his career in HK like Louis Cha and Huang Yi. Moreover, Liang, Wen, Gu, Jin and Ngor are famous 5 in ancient wuxia novels. You can see tat TVB made more adaptions from Wen than Ngor and Liang (dun talk about Jin and Gu because they are more famous than the rest 3, especially Jin). The nationality affects TVB and the fanbase, too.

    Huang Yi’s novels are made more than the ppl in their ages, because he lived and worked in HK for a long time. Some of his stories took HK as background.

    @ HeTieShou: Yes, Da Tang is damn long, but nothing compare to Bian Huang. Fuyufanyun is very long, too and when I read it, I can’t hold my laugh at how TVB edit it. Like they are just using some names and then build a story themselves. Poor Hon Pak, he is the spirit of Fuyufanyun (pre-story is Fan Yun’s) but in the series, Fung Hung Lit (a smaller character) stole everything, even Mung Yiu – Hon Pak’s love.

  32. @ Fox

    The reasoning you give does not show that nationality affects TVB’s decision. It just shows that HK fanbase affect TVB’s decision. Why don’t talk about Jin and Gu? You are saying nationality affect TVB’s decision. If that’s the case Jin’s and Gu’s nationality will affect TVB’s decision too but they obvious did not. Fanbase and popularity of the novels are the driving force in TVB’s decision.
    You said Wen Rui An established his career in HK. So, he has a large fanbase in HK. Could it be this reason that TVB adapted his novels more? HK audience has always been the top priority of TVB since TVB revenues come from advertisers. If TVB doesn’t adapt the novels of your choice authors, it’s not because they are Chinese. If a Chinese nationality author able to have a strong following in HK and hugely popular, I’m sure TVB will consider adapting his novels too if TVB have to pick a new author to adapt. As for nationality affecting fanbase, that’s another argument.

  33. You can see that if compare Jin to Gu, Jin has more adapted series than Gu. Liang is more famous than Wen, but TVB dun make a lot of Liang’s novels (only 2, if I rmb rite) while this number to Wen is about 4 (Boyee 2 times, Sidamingbu 1 time, Chukot Chiang Ngor – based on Sidamingbu 1 time).

    Ngor only have 1, it’s the Flute something I dun rmb rite, have Lawrence Ng in his young age.

    Then if the nationality dun affect, why TVB dun make adaption of someone else in wuxia field but Huang Yi only :)?

    It’s better if TVB becomes more open but dun be too creative. They have good materials on hands, and edit them to a “can’t understand why”. Such as The Four, Wen made a system of good cases in his Sidamingbu series, but TVB choose to do it themselves and dun have any relationship to the cases in Sidamingbu. Lucky that they dun let Mo Ching to run like Taiwanese once did.

  34. @ Fox

    I only remember 1 adaptation of Boyee. Do you included the Patrick Tam series? I thought that series was adapted from the legend of Lai Bo Yi and not the Wen Rui An novel. There was a real person called Lai Bo Yi who was a famous fortune-teller.

    As for Liang’s adaptations, don’t know. Maybe copyright issue? ATV did produced some LYS’s adaptations before. So, maybe copyright still with them?

    As for Huang Yi vs others. Well Huang Yi, together with Wen Rui An, Jin Yong, Gu Long and Liang Yu Sheng are the big 5 wuxia novelists. So, adapting HY’s novels instead of others was actually quite logical.

    I agree with you on the creativity of TVB’s scriptwriter in their recent adaptation though. I know it’s hard to adapt such a long series as FYFY. But, still no need to make it so unrecognisable. Poor Hon Pak. Even girlfriend taken by Fung Hang Lit.

  35. No. There is one more with Alex Man :). FTF is the second Boyee of Wen Rui On which is adapted.

    Huang Yi is after Famous 5. He was a Jin’s follower, then he made his new own way. Huang Yi has a huge knowledge on historical based on his time in HK art museum. He is said to be dad of wuxia’s science fiction.

    I have just found out that Hunter’s Prey is an adaption from Huang Yi’s novel, too. Maybe both are not famous (novel and series) so nobody really rmb it.

    Lol, I dunno but I have to say that Liang’s novel is very boring. Actually, TVB changed a lot in Lofty water verdant bow. In the novel, Gam is a semi-villain guy and not that “naive”. He can’t love Lai Shing Nam because Shing Nam is too similar to him. Lee Sam Mui is a soft gentle girl, and in the series, she is not.

    BTW, in LWOLAP Fung Hung Lit’s wife is “taken” by Lung Fan Yun (the daughter of the woman in the forest, acted by Kwong Wah in the series). Hon Pak’s 2 girl friends is taken by FHL. Both Bik Wan and Mung Yiu are Hon Pak’s. Fung Hung Lit is merged with Pong Ban’s successor (the monglian prince). FYFY is the wost adaption because they kept like zero in the novel to the series. ASITP and TOB are a bit better, at least in TOB 2 main chacs’s chac is kept, the ones who are changed are Li Sau Ning and Yuk Chi.

  36. I know. TVB’s LWVB is actually HSDS+LOCH imho. Lol. Gam Sai Wai looks like a smarter version of Kwok Jing more than novel Gam Sai Wai. To be honest, I have not finish reading the novel. Just the first few chapters. But, I know what Gam Sai Wai should be like based on the summary I read on an ATV adaptation of the novel starring Savio Tsang.

    On LWOLAP. I know about the merge of Fung Hang Lit and Fong Ye Yu. (I didn’t say ‘Even girlfriend taken by Fung Hang Lit’ because you said so. I know about this way before). I actually wrote it in my previous post but deleted the sentence before I submit because if want to take about other changes, it will be a long list. Many interesting and important characters were left out including favourite Ling Jin Tin. But, leaving out the Lou Gau Sect story is understandable since they want to focus on FHL and HP. I think they connect Fung Hang Lit and Chui Mong Yiu because Fong Ye Yu did have interest in Chiu Mong Yiu. Since series FHL is the combination of FYF and FHL, CMY and series FHL has some connection.

  37. I’m watching a very old TVB series now called ‘Five Easy Pieces’. So far, I find it more engaging that the current TVB series. This series was initially planned to be a long running series that follows the lives of 5 friends from teenagers to old women. But, it was aired at the same time as the equally engaging ‘Fatherland’ from ATV. ‘Fatherland’ managed to snatch a lot of ratings from TVB. At that time, TVB also planned to rise the advertising price of on the slot. In order to have bargaining power, they needed a good showing of the ratings. So, this series was cut short and TVB got Johnnie To to quickly produce a series that can get the ratings back. So, they produced ‘The Shell Game’ in a short period of time, getting ratings guarantee Liza Wang to lead.

    I wonder if the script of ‘Five Easy Pieces’has been completed or they wrote as the series aired. If they have the complete script, I hope TVB to remake this series.

    Such a waste. It will be a great series.

  38. @ Fox

    Sorry for sounding rude earlier. From your post, I know you read a lot of wuxia novels and a lot more familiar than me about wuxia novels. 🙂

  39. @ Kidd: I forgive you (kidding :p).

    I agree with you on Mr. Gam in LWVB. Actually, I fell asleep after reading half of the novel, too. Liang is definitely not my gou^t. Among famous 5, I like Wen the most, dunno why. Maybe his writing type is similar to me.

    When I was small, I often watch series without knowing the actors, the producers, the firm and the original novels (well, when I’m small, I only watched the ancient series).

    TVB series recently fail to get my attention. I’m not really interested in any series. Now, there is no more good scripts. All the scripts are like Korean-ish and Taiwan-ish. I’m not fan of these types.

  40. Gun Metal Grey received absolutely zero recognition at the TVB Anniversary Gala which caused uproars between the Gun Metal Grey cast and TVB.

    TVB politics at it again. I must say, I hate Mona Fong and 620.

  41. @pandamao – GMG got one tiny teeny recognition. GMG was mentioned by MC Jin in the rap segment of the program.

  42. i really like the couple Michael Miu and Jessica Hsuan much, i have aready watched 2 films they have played together like Dicey business and Gun metal grey, i love this couple very much and hope they will play together in another film

    1. Just agree… Luv this couple so much.n wait further for their anoyher film.

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