Fred Cheng, Stephanie Ho Plan to Move in Together

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Fred Cheng, Stephanie Ho Plan to Move in Together

Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) and Stephanie Ho (何雁詩) fell in love through their mutual passion in music. The singers grew close and started dating after collaborating in the theme song for Married but Available <我瞞結婚了> earlier this year. However, their relationship has been met with allegations of infidelity, as Fred was said to have been two-timing while still engaged to his girlfriend of three years, Beebs.

Though branded as the third party, Stephanie maintained her faith in Fred and has voiced her support and trust in the 33-year-old singer. Admitting their dating relationship in April, the couple is reportedly in the heat of their romance and are already planning to move in together. Stephanie was recently spotted out shopping for furniture for their new home.

Earlier, Stephanie had moved out of her parent’s home and in with a friend, in hopes of more privacy and quality time with her ex-boyfriend Wataru. However, she soon found that the presence of another person was still inconvenient for bringing her boyfriend for visits.

With her new relationship with Fred, Stephanie hopes to find a private love nest. Initially, the 24-year-old set her heart on a 1400-square-feet apartment. However, the monthly rent of $35,000 HKD exceeded what Fred could afford. Despite her wealthy upbringing, Stephanie was willing to make sacrifice to accommodate Fred, opting instead for a 700-square-feet apartment.

Source: East Week

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