Friends Throw Baby Shower for Ada Choi

Ada Choi (蔡少芬) and husband, Max Zhang (張晉), will be second-time parents soon. Their friends organized a baby shower in anticipation of the couple’s baby’s arrival this spring. Currently 8 months pregnant, Ada was glowing with excitement and her belly has visibly grown in her last trimester.

The Zhangs, including Ada’s soon-to-be 2-year-old daughter Zoe, dressed in green to match the theme color of the baby shower. The 3-tier cake was also green and topped with a teddy bear while vanilla cupcakes were served for the guests. The park where the shower was held at was decorated with green flowers and white umbrellas.

Ada had hinted earlier that she is currently carrying another girl in her second pregnancy. Ada wrote on her Weibo, “Our good friends organized a baby shower to celebrate the arrival of the latest addition to the Zhang family. Thank God and my friends for their love and the wonderful weather! We enjoyed ourselves immensely!”

Good friends, Monica Chan (陳法蓉) and Kitty Lai (黎美嫻), were also at the shower. Afterward, Monica wrote on Weibo, “I would like to send my blessings to wish that the baby grows up quickly, healthily, and becomes a filial child. I also wanted to mention that Ada is an extremely beautiful pregnant lady!”

Aside from a new addition to her family, Ada will soon launch a baby apparel line, in which she and a friend had invested together. Although Ada has halted filming, she continued to make media appearances and attend mainland Chinese shows earlier this month.


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  1. Ada still look so good pregnant! Wishing she’ll have a safe delivery!

  2. Kitty Lai and Monica Chan also look very pretty in the simple pics above.

  3. Congrats to them and when did Ada hint that she was going to have another girl?? I was hoping that she would have a boy instead since she already has a girl. But as long the baby is healthy then that is the most important thing. A big congrats again and nice to see Kitty and Monica again.

    1. Well, the ‘green’ color is supposedly a hint that it’s a girl…at least that’s one theory… (in Chinese, there’s the saying 紅男綠女, which is literally translated as ‘red boy green girl’ – remember how in those old TVB Singer Anniversary Galas, they almost always had ‘red’ represent the guys team and ‘green’ represent the girls team?). Also, if I recall correctly, I think either Ada or Max may have hinted at the baby being a girl previously on their Weibos because I remember one of them referring to the unborn baby as ‘小小湯圓’ (‘little little rice ball’….as we all know, Zoe’s nickname is ‘little rice ball’ so the speculation is that ‘little little rice ball’ refers to Zoe’s soon-to-be younger sister….)

      1. Oh ok, thanks for the info! I guess I am really westernized because I have always thought of pink as being a girl and blue for being a boy. I don’t go on weibo so did not know what they referred to their unborn baby as. If that is the case, then it is most likely a girl. I thought they were going to have a boy fo sure.

      2. @HeTieShou: No worries….Lol! For all we know, we could be completely wrong…they could be trying to throw us (or the Media) off! :0)

  4. I remember Ada and Gigi were really good friends. I hope they can stil remain friends even after they have left the showbuz. Ada looks radiant…so happy for her! It’s good to see Kitty Lai again!

    1. Yes, Gigi and Ada are still good friends from what I can tell — they still share the same faith and are all part of the same Church group (藝人之家, which is known as Artists Christian Fellowship in HK). Back during Gigi’s second pregnancy, she and Ada often chatted on Weibo – after Gigi had her third daughter though, she hasn’t been as active overall, probably cuz she’s busy taking care of her children and her brother’s business so haven’t heard from her much.

      And yes, definitely nice to see Kitty again (though it hasn’t really been that long, since she is part of Ada and Monica’s ‘7 sisters’ group, so pictures of her often show up on Ada and Monica’s weibos… LOL).

  5. Gosh! Kitty Lai! I will always remember her acting alongside Tony Leung, Sheren Tang in New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre.

    1. Yammie lam was supposed to get that role back then, not Kitty… I think Kitty got lucky and people still remember her in that role, although I thought Liza was better.

      1. Never like Liza acting. Always the same kind of acting. In fact I stop watching drama with her in it.

      2. It is down to a matter of opinion… I think Liza is a great actress. Kitty’s acting is ok, but not that great. It seems like she is only remembered for that role only…I wonder if it is because of the role and her acting??

      3. I thought Yammie was supposed to get Sheren’s role but due to scheduling conflicts it didn’t work out? At least that’s what I had read…

      4. Anyway…yes, HSDS 86 was awesome! Still one of my favorite TV series to this day….I’ve rewatched that series so many times already, I practically have it memorized by now….haha!

        Everyone did great in that series actually….one of the best casted JY series I’ve seen (outside of LOTCH and ROTCH of course).

    2. Haha, me too! She looked so pretty there. I liked her Zhao Min. Glad to know that there are still people who remember the TVB dramas of the 80’s and 90’s.

    3. I did not like any of the artistes in the “New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre. I guess those artistes were fairly new vs. the veterans in the original. I always remembered the old one.

    4. Yes, me 2, I still rewatched the HSDS 86. Tony and Kitty is my favorite couple, love their chemistry in there.

  6. Waa, that’s Monica chan? In a glance I thought she was Vanness Wu in glasses.

    Ada still look so youthful. She and Gigi lai, didn’t aged much.

  7. If one throws a baby shower before birth, does one also throw 1st mth celebration too?

    Not too sure about those practices.

    1. I think baby showers are western traditions while 1st month celebrations are Chinese traditions. I never heard of baby or bridal showers when I was young in Hong Kong. People just adopted those shower celebrations from the west.

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