Gillian Chung Gained 20 Pounds for New Role

Gaining 20 pounds, Gillian Chung’s (鍾欣潼) shocking new figure was suspected to be tied to hormonal fluctuations and distress from her divorce. In May, the 40-year-old singer/ actress was almost unrecognizable with a much fuller face and torso when she appeared in Chinese variety show Doki Doki Love <怦然心動20歲>. However, her manager Mani Fok (霍汶希) assured that Gillian is well and she secured a lot of new job opportunities because of her fuller figure.

In the entertainment industry for over 20 years, Gillian wanted to challenge herself with a new role that required her to gain significant weight. She forced herself to eat until she threw up. As Gillian’s weight gain coincided with her divorce, leading fans to mistaken that she was suffering mentally and physically from the split.

Revealing the details behind Gillian’s rapid weight gain, Mani said, “After Gillian accepted the ‘fat girl’ role, EEG wanted to keep this a secret for a period of time, so Gillian can finish filming and quickly lose weight again before making public appearances. However, the filming was delayed two to three months, and there were invitations from a variety show so the company didn’t want to waste so much time and allowed Gillian to continue making public appearances.”

As many people felt that Gillian looked cute with her new fuller figure, additional work  opportunities have poured in. It is estimated that Gillian pocketed over 1 million Chinese yuan within three months. “We organized four live shows, three commercials and mall performances. We also let her start filming another movie that was accepted beforehand,” Mani said.

With Twins’ 20th Anniversary concert coming up next year, Gillian will definitely slim down to her previous size by then.

Playing Matchmaker for Joey Yung?

In addition to managing Gillian’s work, Mani has been attempting to play matchmaker for Joey Yung (容祖兒), who is currently having baby fever. The 40-year-old star visited Leo Ku’s (古巨基) home and spent all her time playing with his son Kuson Ku earlier. Though Joey possesses a straightforward and cute personality, she remains single because her status as “Queen of Cantopop” can intimidate a lot of her pursuers from approaching her.

Source: Oriental Daily

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Gillian Chung Continues to Battle Hormonal Weight Gain

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  1. Uhhh. Anyone buy the story from the manager? Unless EEG has been taking all of her earnings I’m pretty sure Gillian is well off enough that she doesn’t need to take on such a demanding role to get fat… At least no one is fat shaming her. She is still a beauty.

    1. @bubbles23 for someone who once tipped a young male Livestreamer more than 40,000 yuan, this story is so unbelievable. She must be paid a huge amount to be willing to take on such role. So what are they going to do next, announce later that the project is cancelled?
      Don’t see anything wrong if she really has hormonal change or anything other real reason.

      1. @bubbles23 her company is probably lying. Why would Gillian gain a bunch of weight for a role when she had always had issue with loosing weight? Throughout the years, Gillian’s weight fluctuate so much so likely it’s her thyroid.

      2. @bubbles23
        I bet she is then… why can’t she just admit it? There is nothing shameful about suffering a medical condition. It can kill her if she leaves it untreated.

  2. I read some time ago that she was gaining weight for a movie with a similar concept to 200 Pounds Beauty (if it’s true, I wanna watch!!! lol)

    1. @linda
      honestly, why would they cast a 40 yo woman as the lead for a movie about a girl’s strive for love and dreams? i think something along the lines of the last cinderalla with the twist of a fat chick in addition to hardship of finding a mate at an older age.

  3. Honestly, she doesn’t ever “have” to gain weight for a movie – No one really has to these days due to body suit and makeup. I think this was just an excuse … Not saying she doesn’t actually have a role as a “big girl” ,but it gave her an excuse. I actually admired her more when they just admit it was a hormonal issue, there’s nothing wrong with that. Not sure why it’s a big deal to deny.

  4. She is 5’3″ and was under 100 lbs before.
    Being 5’3″ and 120 lbs is actually considered under weight.
    Metabolism also slows down after your 20s and she’s 40.
    I don’t see anything out of the inordinate here.

    1. @jesspepperwang
      I think it depends as my aunt is in her 60s, had 5 kids and rarely exercises but is very thin. She eats a lot too. It is depends on your genes. My 100 year old grandma was never fat and she rarely exercised too. But then again she did not eat much. She had good longevity genes though.

      1. @hetieshou Your aunt is an exception and I am stating a general rule. I don’t think anyone should body shame a 40 yo woman who is within her weight range. In a previous article I said I work out 6 days a week and 3 hours a day and I have a 24″ waist at 34. I eat a whole medium pizza as a snack as well. But I know I am the exception and not the rule because 90% of people don’t exercise nor can they eat that much.

      2. @jesspepperwang
        I know but I don’t know why people think that just because anyone is in their 40s means that they have to be fat or chubby. I am around her age and I am still small. My sister in law is older than me and her too and she us very thin. But then again, we don’t eat much and we try to exercise. A big part of it is in your genes too. Some can eat a lot and not exercise much but they don’t get fat. Some can eat very little but get fat very fast.

  5. I would say she looks pretty normal for a 40 yo woman. I recall I had a friend who said fat people are just lazy and eat too much” Low and behold she’s big now and said ” I just can’t lose the weight”.

  6. Surprised a wealthy business person doesn’t try to hook up with Joey, that means I still have a chance haha 😛

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