Grace Wong is the Complete Opposite of “Ophelia” in “OMG, Your Honour”

Grace Wong’s (王君馨) portrayal of her character, “Ophelia” in OMG, Your Honour <是咁的,法官閣下> has been much praised and is a heated topic of discussion among viewers. The drama has entered into its final week, with Ben Wong (黃智賢) admitting to Grace that there is a third party in their relationship and brutally said, “Even when we are most intimate, I’m still thinking about her!” Grace slapped Ben and hurtfully walked away. Grace’s acting is once again the center of attention.

Discussing the scene during an interview, Grace expressed, “That statement is one of the most difficult things to hear on this earth! The meaning behind that line is similar to saying he never loved me. This was said to me not by a boyfriend, but by my husband. This is someone that you thought you could rely on for the rest of your life. This definitely caused my character to break down completely. I told the producer that any woman who heard this would push the man off the cliff!”

Ophelia is not a likable protagonist. Grace admitted that she found the character and her actions very difficult to understand. “Actually, I spent a lot of time trying to understand Ophelia. She is someone that is irrational and I found that I am very different from the character. For me, I would never have a flash marriage. I would take my time to fully understand the man first before getting married.”

Reflecting on the character’s complexity, Grace shared, “Ophelia’s way of thinking is very different from me in real life. She is very emotional. Because I’m Christian, I can leave a lot of things to God. Everything is in God’s hands. But you can’t assume Ophelia is Christian, because she doesn’t have a pillar of support, so she is likely to commit suicide. Or, because of Ben’s abandonment, she would try to find love in someone else simply to fill the empty void. Even the scene where she kissed her female friend, it’s not because she is a lesbian, but rather because she lacks love.”

Grace has also learned to treasure her relationship with husband, Daniel Chang, even more. “Portraying Ophelia has made me appreciate my marriage even more. Although we waited for 12 years, my husband and I developed a very strong foundation. We are very stable. We also have the priest’s counseling. I believe we will continue having a good relationship until the end.”

Source: HK01

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  1. She explained make plots that I didn’t understand. For some reason, I can never differentiate her from her on-screen characters. She so natural with her roles that it’s appears to be her natural personality.

  2. Just saw the last episode. Ended before it began. Story is an absolute mess. What does it want to show? I gotta say though I love the character of Paul. What’s the name of the actor again? I will say this is his breakout role for me. Never liked him in the past but as Paul (that workaholic with no life- called Paul right?) he shines.

    And May Chan deserves a nomination. Justice for her even if her character had no justice and a stupid TVB token line “Hopefully she will learn from this mistake”

    Oh dear! Poor girl will die in prison.

    1. @funnlim Are you talking about Hugo Wong as Michael who works a lot with Louisa Mak in the solicitor firm?

      I am just at Episode 19. So I still need to catch up a few more episodes before I can judge on this series.

  3. I dislike every single character in this show. There wasn’t a logical progression with the series and everything was “resolved” in the last episode. It’s a shame because everyone can act in this drama.

  4. I think what bothers people about the plot is that the expectation was a fully fleshed out story, but instead we got a kind of slice of life. I didn’t like the plot too much, but it’s obvious that effort went into the script, because the characters are pretty multi-dimensional. Ophelia was amazing even if it’s hard to sympathize with her cold, condescending exterior.
    The characters are easy to relate to and understand, even if their thoughts aren’t spelled out in their actions. Personally, I’d choose fully developed, relatable characters over a fully developed plot any day, but both are important.

  5. I’ve always liked Grace dating back to when she competed in The Voice. However, it seems she lost way too much weight recently which makes her look a bit unhealthy. I wish she’d add a few pounds. She’s a good actress hope she will get an award for this.

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