Gregory Lee Dating Chinese-Korean Model; New Love Gives Him Strength

After last June’s scandalous break up with Shirley Yeung (楊思琦), who was rumored to be pregnant with Andy Ng’s (吳帥) baby, Gregory Lee’s (李泳豪) world fell apart. Unable to accept that their 9-year relationship was suddenly over, Gregory was photographed crying on several occasions over the heartbreak. As reported by Oriental Daily, it took Gregory several months for the pain to heal, with the help of his new romantic interest, Miki.

At the beginning of 2012, Gregory met 25-year-old Chinese-Korean model, Miki, through their mutual interest in drift car racing. Gregory credited Miki in offering him guidance, giving him strength and allowing him to find happiness again.

Although  Miki and Gregory have not met each other’s parents, their relationship appeared to progress on a very positive note. Miki knew how to read Chinese, thus she was aware of the circumstances under which Gregory and Shirley broke up. Gregory revealed, “She (Miki) has been reading the newspapers and realized that I have been under a lot of stress. She is very understanding about my situation. However, I reiterate that I am a man and do not wish others to perceive me as being very pitiful!”

After Shirley announced that she gave birth to her daughter, Miki immediately sent an online message of encouragement to Gregory. Miki wrote, “Everyone has this type of past experience! Tossing and turning, unable to sleep at night while countless memories flash in your mind. The past you, the past me, and the past us….” Despite the reminder of his past heartbreak, Miki’s message urged Gregory to move on in life.

In addition, Gregory denied that he was pursued by 2010 Miss Hong Kong 1st Runner-up, Sammi Cheung (張秀文) earlier.

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Jayne: It’s great to hear that Gregory has found Miki, who appears to be a very understanding an supportive woman.

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  1. all the best to Gregory. He was really crushed by the breakup with Shirley Yeung. Glad that he is moving on.

    1. although he doesn’t have a successful career or rich, but his got a nice face better than Andy Ng!

      1. Appearance is not the first thing which mature woman is looking for.

        A smart lady will choose a man with a good character.

      2. Exactly, a man with good character will automatically be responsible for mistakes done. Besides that, he will do whatever it takes to lessen the pain of the ones affected. In this case, Shirley and her family members.

      3. Agree, that face and looks are not everything. I think that character and personality are way more important. Guys seem to value looks more than girls do in general.

  2. Shes Korean and Chinese mixed but looks Japanese to me 😛

    1. Yea, she does look Japanese. One of my friends is Korean and Chinese mixed too, but look a bit of each.

      1. The girl looks like a member from a jpop group eg AKB48 lol

    2. The Japanese and Korean people are a similar people. The original Japanese were believed to have crossed into Northern Japan via Siberia (known as the Ainu) but there was a larger influx of people from a land bridge that connected Korea to Japan (Ryukyu people). This later influx brought many of the traits you find in japan today (horse riding, water farming, etc…). So it is no surprise that Japanese and Korean look so much alike.

      1. oh enough with this history stuff. i can tell the difference between korean and japanese and chinese and so on. no one needs to sit down for a lesson on why we Asian look alike and what not

      2. Well, you don’t always look what you really are. Some are Japanese but look Chinese while some that are CHinese look Korean and so on…. ONe of my friends is Vietnamese and European but many thought she was Japanese.

      3. Darren – so can I. Each race has their own markers. Thai, Japanese, Chinese, for the most part are very easy to tell apart. I was only explaining why Korean/Japanese look similar.

      4. Actually I thought it was quite nice of TVBFanatic to share interesting info to us 🙂

  3. Attractive mixed asian girl who’s supportive/understanding and likes motorsports? That’s quite a nice combination. Gregory will forget everything in no time. =D

      1. Greg and Shirley don’t match because both are drama king and queens. Understanding girl will suit a drama king better LOL

    1. That is fast since others would take years to move on. I am glad that he has moved on and best of luck to him in his new relationship. Hope that he is happy this time around and will have a happy ending.

    2. @funn, was thinking the same thing myself. I hate to be cynical but I think the Chinese-Korean girlfriend is getting great expose for the this. If things with Gregory goes haywire later down the track, the public already knows little bit about her and I am sure this will not hurt her future endeavour to be an actress if she decides to do it….free publicity is better then no publicity.

    3. Could you please stop using my name?

      I expect him to grief for the next decade since he was so “heartbroken” and “devastated” by the loss of “the love of his life”.

    4. Agreed! He sounds so devastated etc but after six months jump to new boat. Probably wont’ be judgemental toward him if he wasnt crying and get so dramatic

  4. wow tht was fast.. wth hs crying to media n alll. i expect hm grief for at least a year…

  5. you have to wonder how much he really loved Shirley…maybe it’s true that the relationship was long gone and it was only him living in a ‘dream world’ thinking Shirley would take him back. All that ‘crying’ seems such an act just to make himself look like the victim when in fact being stuck in a no hope relationship, Shirley was more of a victim!

    1. I think Greggory deserve to be happy too. While I agree that I initially thought it would take him longer to recover, I am happy that he has moved on already. Staying in the past wouldn’t help. Besides, it was Shirley who dumped him so I don’t see why he should wait.

    2. I still think that Gregory is more of the victim since Shirley is one that broke his heart and left him first. Regardless of how much he did love her, after what she had done,I think he would think again about whether she really deserved it??? I think he thought closely about it and realized that since she has moved on, then why can’t he?? What is the point of him wallowing himself in self pity?? He is just wasting his life and time. I am glad that he thought it through and moved on a lot faster than many would think. Regardless of how much he did love her, it is all the past now… I think I would not think as highly of him if he did not move on so quickly. Shirley surely did so why can’t he??

      1. Because just few days ago, his brother still claimed about Gregory’s unhealed hurt.

      2. Well, his brother seems to be the one that is overracting and not really him anymore… Who would want to believe anything that his petty and attention seeking brother says??

    3. How do you know if that girl is not a rebound? Even Greg wouldn’t know.

    4. Yes, I’ve also have the same thought as Cloud. The relationship could be a rebound.

  6. LOL, it’s really hard to satisfy people. He mourns and gets criticized for not letting go. Now he moves on and people question his love for his lying ex-gf.

    Congrats Greg. you def. got the better outcome in this incident. This girl is so much better than your cheating ex!

  7. Ah typical guys, all of that crocodile tears hehehe. If he can cry that much last time i think it would take more than a year to move on to new relationship. Only more than 6 months?? Hmmm,,, so much about love.

    Sometimes i think lOve only exist after marriage. Before that it is more like ” i like you”. That’s why divorce more hurtful than break up? .

  8. What exactly do the public want from Gregory? When mourns they say he needs to move on and when he moves on they complain why so fast. Shirley has clearly moved on (100x faster than Gregory).

    1. She decided to move on and it caused to the scandal of the breakup, so can’t say that she moved on faster than Gregory as it took her 9 years to move on :).

      1. Cloud,

        It may seems like Shirley was staying with Greg and family on a F.O.C basis but during that time, Shirley earns more than anyone else in the family and the reason for shirley to stay Greg is uncertain meaning we didn’t know what was the prior arrangement until she had to stayed with him and family for 9 years. There could be a possibility that Shirley and Greg were planned to wedding thus staying together to save money is understandable or maybe it was Greg’s idea that Shirley to stay with him so he can be with her 24/7. When a couple were in a relationship, we can’t really judge who is relying on who more.. I agree Fox above that not only Greg was hurt that time during the break up, Shirley too hurts as much as Greg does when he refused to marry her?

      2. Even if she was really a free-loading, she spent 9 years with him. All of her youth. During this time, if she only care for money, Gregory wouldn’t be the best, no, good choice. She also has emotions if not she can’t stay with him for 9 years.

        Veejay, glad to see you agree with me.

  9. He might be moving on too fast or maybe she is just a rebound?

  10. Cheers to Gregory for moving on.

    The most important lesson is growing up, take the pieces and walk.

    Sometimes, a rebound is what a person needs after going through a terrible breakup. Who knows that might be true love and will result in marriage? Nothing is impossible.

  11. GREAT now everyone moved on.
    Hmm… hopefully that twin brother does the same thing too!

  12. wow i’m so glad Greg has moved on! Hope he find more love and happiness with his girl Miki 🙂

  13. honestly i am not a fan of either this guy or that ex who had a baby recently. but whatever it is, this dude seems like good kid unlike who blasts his b/f’s ex g/f like hes the BF himself at least this one try to keep stuff to himself. GOOD luck w/this cute young girl if that ex really dumped him good then hes lucky to have find another whether its rebound or whatever.

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