Han So Hee Will No Longer Pay Back Mother’s Debts

After finding fame in The World of the Married, Korean actress Han So Hee was revealed to have been carrying her mother’s debts for many years. Despite So Hee paying off the debt prior to her acting debut, her mother secretly took out more money from loan sharks under the actress’ name.

Her mother reportedly borrowed 85 million Korean won between 2018 and 2019, and promised to pay KRW 2 million per month in repayment. When she disappeared due to inability to pay back the money, the loan sharks began sending warning messages.

The actress’s entertainment company also issued an official statement earlier, criticizing Han So Hee’s mother for using her daughter’s name, even when she was a minor, to open bank accounts and to borrow money. Aside from taking out loans, her mother was involved with creating fraudulent documents. The company also stressed that it has been proven in court that the loans had nothing to do with the actress herself, and that Han So Hee will no longer be responsible for repaying any debts.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. About time!!! Dont understand the culture of kids having to pay for their parents’ debts….She is not the first…It is fraud!!

  2. In Asian culture, kids end up paying for their parents’ debts either out of guilt or filial piety. Even if The debt is not due to gambling, kids sometimes help to pay for household debts (mortgages, expenses etc). And this also happens not just in Asian culture…

  3. Excuse me, don’t understand that type of culture where the child has to pay for parents debts, why and since when? Is it the law? How are they responsible for these debts, why can’t parents pay for their own yet in this case and I feel sorry for her that even as a minor she’s held responsible by these loan sharks to take over the payments of these debts? So much is wrong with this? How is that possible, it’s so wrong Why should their child be handed down their debts before their own just when they’re starting off in their lives, what a way to start your own life that’s rough. Besides all those years she paid, guess mom is not going to pay her back even if she could. Mom is just satisfied her daughter is paying for her debts but where is the money going and why did she have to make a loan with these loan sharks for one thing. It seems as if the mother no matter what so long as her daughter is paying, she don’t care, she’ll continue making more debts, there’s no stopping the mom, you mean it’s ok to keep racking up more debts, nothing to stop her? Really, seriously? I’d like to see her daughter be successful in her career but at this point in her life she doesn’t owe her mom nothing, at least financially. Mother needs to stop or just go to jail, get therapy, is she gambling it away or something? Does she even have a job, where’s the husband/or dad in all this, shouldn’t he help out or share in it like his daughter is? It’s really disgusting. But then again, sounds like another drama in progress.

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