Has Yoyo Chen Filed for Divorce?

By on December 5, 2018 in NEWS

Has Yoyo Chen Filed for Divorce?

Thirty-five-year-old Vincent Wong (王浩信) and 37-year-old Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) have been married for seven years. Their marriage has been shrouded with rumors of divorce and Vincent flirting with other women. In May, it was believed that Yoyo had completely lost hope in the relationship and had suggested divorce.

Yoyo, who had also posted cryptic captions on her Instagram numerous times, seemed disheartened. Some captions were: “By forgiving, you set yourself free,” “An important decision is more important than a hundred times worth of effort,” and “With age, you realize that happiness is an attitude.” However, Vincent has always deflected these rumors and stated that their relationship has not changed.

It is thought that Yoyo is already living separately from Vincent and has already started filing for divorce. Vincent was witnessed going to church with his Fist Fight <兄弟co-star Philip Ng (伍允龍) in hopes of receiving spiritual guidance. Apparently Vincent had invited Yoyo to attend marriage counselling with him, but Yoyo had firmly declined. When asked to comment on the situation, Vincent smiled and said that these are all rumors and that he has no further response.

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  1. cutie777 says:

    I hope the news is not true it will be sad especially for their daughter too.

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    • kaykay replied:

      @cutie777 Actually, on the contrary, I hope that they are finally getting a divorce. It seems like they’ve been unhappy in their relationship for so long and I believe that it’s more damaging for them to stay in a relationship than for them to separate. It’s also very unhealthy for a child to grow up in an environment like that. I believe that they could amicably separate and still love their daughter the same way. Yoyo deserves happiness and I just don’t feel like Vincent is fully available to provide her with that 🙁

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