Hawick Lau Grateful For Father’s Upbringing

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With Yang Mi (楊冪) pregnant for eight months, Hawick Lau (劉愷威) will soon become a father. He is excited to welcome a new member into the family and has been thinking about his important upcoming role as a father. In a variety show, Hawick reflected on the experiences with his own father, Lau Dan (劉丹), and how he has seen him as a heroic figure since childhood.

Although Lau Dan is a renowned Hong Kong veteran actor, Hawick did not receive any favoritism after joining the entertainment industry and had to learn from his own setbacks. When directors scolded Hawick and when he experienced a deep plunge in self-esteem, Lau Dan did not act as a protective barrier. Thus, there was a certain amount of pressure and anxiety in their relationship throughout the years.

Despite Lau Dan’s stern character, Hawick knew his father was full of warm paternal love within. Hawick is grateful for his own upbringing, which included a lot of space to develop his own individuality. Although his self-esteem had been knocked down several times, the challenges helped him learn how to thrive. Hawick expressed, “I’m truly proud to have a father like him. He allowed me to understand how to deal with difficulties and how important different experiences are. He showed me that as a real man, I need to be more relentless with myself and take care of my family.”

Almost a father himself, Hawick pledged to be as independent and hardworking as Lau Dan in order to support his family. This had been his goal since childhood after hearing of a dangerous incident his father had experienced. Once, when Hawick was four years old, Lau Dan suddenly lost his consciousness and fell off a wire fence while filming. He was too tired due to not having slept for days. Fortunately, Lau Dan did not suffer any major injuries from the fall, but the doctor later informed that he had been close to being paralyzed. From Hawick’s perspective, his father always stood strong and mighty like a hero.

With the baby’s date of birth lurking close, Hawick admitted pondering daily over what kind of life and teachings he should give their newborn child. He expressed what he would like to tell his child the most, “There will be many different experiences in life. No matter how sweet or bitter things get, I hope you will have a generous heart to bear and feel everything. Every experience is a piece of property that others cannot give or take away from you.”

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Hawick Lau Grateful For Father’s Upbringing

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  • 11 comments to Hawick Lau Grateful For Father’s Upbringing

    1. tayna says:

      A talented and wise family man … wait … and handsome too. What else can you ask for? HOT!!!

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    2. Panzer says:

      He sounds like he will be a great dad.

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    3. pandamao says:

      Over the years, Hawick has grown on me despite not watching a single of his mainland dramas. At first I thought he was another Nicholas Tse, born with a silver spoon. Now, I look back and see how both Nicholas and Hawick both had to work equally, if not harder, to achieve what they currently have.

      Very proud of the two of them and look forward to seeing them mature. 🙂

      Login or Register before you can reply to pandamao
      • jayne replied:

        Hawick’s rise in Mainland China was not easy, but his personality likely contributed to his success. When he left TVB to go to Mainland, he was at the lowest point in his career, so glad he was able to turn it around so remarkably.

        He appears to be a very optimistic person and carries himself well in interviews. He also has a protective side towards Yang Mi and he’s obviously madly in love with her.

        I find Nicholas Tse to be harder to read, as he is so curt with reporters. He has business acumen and is well-respected in the industry. His manager, Mani Fok, does an extremely good job in spinning a very positive image of him.

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        • HeTieShou replied:

          Yea, I remember the struggles that Hawick went though to get the success he currently has. At first I thought he would get favored because his dad is a veteran actor. I guess I was wrong in that sense,but is good to be able to achieve your success yourself instead of relying on connections or others.

          I am so touched to know how close he is to his father. He is so extremely lucky to have such a sweet and great father. He must be proud of his dad just like his dad is proud of him.

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        • jayne replied:

          “Yea, I remember the struggles that Hawick went though to get the success he currently has. At first I thought he would get favored because his dad is a veteran actor.”

          Hawick was favored by TVB after he graduated from the company’s acting training class. He was given immediate opportunity to star in the long-running “A Kindred Spirit”, in which his dad, Lau Dan, had a major role.

          In contrast, Ruco Chan, who also graduated in the same acting class, had to truly work from the grounds up with minor roles that had one or two spoken lines.

          It was likely “A Kindred Spirit” that gave Hawick some recognition in Mainland China when he shifted his career focus there. Hawick’s connection with Lau Dan made his name more recognized among viewers and a boost in his early career. However, Hawick’s success in Mainland China is largely a result of his own hard efforts, especially his study of the Mandarin language and improvement in acting skills over the years.

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    4. Best says:

      Lau Dan is a very good actor. I can’t believe he’s 71 years old. Hope he get an award this year.

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      • meg replied:

        cant believe hes almost 40!

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    5. Iris says:

      I just learned a few weeks back that Hawick was classmates with a cousin of mine back in Canada. My cousin describes him as a very low-key person. Hawick indeed earned his success through hard work and dedication.

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    6. Jstorch says:

      One of the few humble and charismatic artistes, I don’t know what it is about him but he’s extremely likable, he seems very well grounded as an individual and an actor. He def deserves where he is today.

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    7. azndoraemon says:

      Hawick and his dad are more authentic.

      Nicholas and his dad are more complicated to read.

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