Heidi Chan: “Money Can’t Buy True Love”

Casino tycoon Alvin Chau‘s (周焯華) wife Heidi Chan (陳慧玲) and lover Mandy Lieu (劉碧麗) both gave birth to baby girls recently. Although Heidi appears to be outwardly calm over her husband’s affair, she has been making pointed remarks targeted at Mandy. From remarks such as “I’m the only Mrs. Chau”, Heidi challenged Mandy to take her “things” if she can.

In May, Mandy gave birth to a baby girl in London. Mandy was suspected to have tipped the media about the birth, in a move to provoke Heidi, who was still pregnant at the time.

Heidi gave birth via Cesarean section on May 30, coinciding with Alvin’s 41st birthday. Since giving birth, Heidi has shared the baby’s photos on social media, eager to flaunt her pampered status to Mandy, who was reportedly “banished” to England and forbidden to return to the Hong Kong/ Macau region for two years.

After consulting an esteemed geomancy expert, Alvin and Heidi named their daughter Damiana (周善潼), hoping the baby will be a kind-hearted person. The baby has defined facial structure and closely resembles Alvin.

Alvin Chau Splurges on Hospital Expenses

Alvin splurged on the hospital preparations for Heidi. He reserved a VIP hospital room on the 37th floor, overlooking the lush hills and mountainous scenery. The room was also large enough to accommodate a living room, dining room, and guest room. The cost of the room is approximated to be about $20,000 HKD per night.

Alvin accompanied Heidi in the hospital overnight and personally cut the umbilical cord. Enamored with his daughter, Alvin was unwilling to put Damiana down.  Touched by her husband’s affections and concern, Heidi expressed, “My husband loves his family most. Money cannot buy true love!”

Heidi also expressed that when Damiana turns one month old, she will hire a photographer to take the baby’s photos.

Source: East Week

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. LOL, yeah money might not able to buy true love, but it definitely did buy her “blind eyes and stupidness”

    Idk what to say but like she clearly knows that her husband always out playing with women and cheating on her, but she puts a blind eyes and decide to stay with him. That show how stupid she is, like she is willing to tolerate all that and doesn’t even mind his own man cheating and be with another man unless he comes back home and put the family as first priority smh.

    Like honey, that ain’t true love either.

  2. Let us see how long this facade lasts for. I don’t believe that Heidi is happy as she says she is. It is one thing for your husband to have another women on the side, but for him to have another acknowledged family is a different matter. She probably requested Alvin to publicize all the attention she is getting from him to save face and parade in front of Mandy.

  3. This is sad, real living 21 cent example of how foolish women can be in deluding themselves with meaningless gestures.

    It’s not a matter of who your husband loves honey.
    I’s an ongoing competition of who can keep official empty title, and get the most favours and lavish gestures out of the douche. What continue leading this farce of an existence?

    “My husband loves his family most. Money cannot buy true love!”
    (1) Honey, if he loves anyone at all, he would at least consider and respect how you/the family would feel before going to screw around. Messing up many other people’s lives (your own kids’ included) for his own selfish gratification purposes is love?

    (2) It would be interesting to understand her definition of ‘true love’ – that empty wife title is true love? Throwing cash to appease and placate is true love?

    Bestowing some attention of a newborn is love (even as he had sired another baby without your knowledge outside at the same time?).

  4. Most people in hk support heidi, while the people from mandy hometown defend mandy.

    1. @sandy

      Are there camps supporting either?

      I think both women are equally pathetic, though legit wife is a sadder case since she was his team-mate at his side fighting up the financial success ladder. (Alvin Chau was not wealthy to begin with when she met him).

      What is there to defend Mandy about anyway? She will perpectually have the title of homewrecker and shameless mistress (and this will follow her child) regardless of the cheating dude’s part in it.

      Both women are losers in the equation. To continue in this toxic battle, they will forever be emotionally poisoned.
      Letting go is healthier for themselves.

      Other than the money – he’s NOT worth it.

  5. It is certainly buying him sex with a pretty lady and a wife who refuses to leave with her head held high. What was the quote? I rather die standing up than live kneeling, or something like that. Why is she giving the mistress the sarcasm? Her husband deserves all the sarcasm as well. It is obvious he wants one wife, one mistress. Obvious the mistress is sticking around hoping the wife leaves, the wife doesn’t want to and so is waiting for husband to tire of the mistress. meanwhile all the children will learn each have half brothers or sister or what nots and the husband? He walks free from blame by either woman.

    I can understand neither not wanting to let go for whatever reason but I am wondering how much more insult each woman can take before they will see he is a jerk and not worth the effort? I bet it won’t be the mistress because she IS the mistress. Mistresses have no rights, her daughter a bastard child. No status. Nothing.

    1. ““My husband loves his family most. Money cannot buy true love!””

      He loves his family so much he sees a need, an overwhelming calling to have a second one and he makes no effort in hiding the other family. This is a man with so much love he really sees only his own need. Is this that sort of love I want as a wife? Nope. As a mistress? Why not.

      1. @funnlim agree, money cant buy true love,but money can buy a cheat,that is what alvin did to heidi, he loves his family so much that he continue to cheat and having a baby with the mistress,thats what i called money can buy true love.

      2. @funnlim:

        The dude respects neither woman. He’s just having his cake, and eating it too. Both women are sad cases, if they choose to spend the rest of their lives in this battle.

        They have a choice – walk away and be independent.
        There’s no win-win for either women = they end up emotionally scarred (including their kids watching this circus)

        = Heidi is deluding herself at this point, because reality is too cruel to confront
        = Mandy is hanging on for dear life, but not sure what her future will be and with the permanent stigma of homewrecker and mistress (even for her child.

        Common element – money.

        Legit Wife – much sadder and unfair situation than mistress, because she was team-mater fighting alongside to build his empire, only to land in this situation now that he’s made it.

        But successfully keeping away one bee does NOT mean life is peaceful thereafter = there will be other bees. The problem lies with her cheating husband.

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