Him Law and Eliza Sam Deny Love Rumors

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Is Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Him Law’s (羅仲謙) relationship in trouble?

A recent tabloid report claimed that Him is planning to dump his 33-year-old girlfriend, Tavia, for The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時II> costar Eliza Sam (岑麗香), who is the same age as the 28-year-old Him. The reports then went on to claim that Tavia, who is also starring in The Hippocratic Crush 2, was extremely jealous of Him’s close relationship with Eliza and constantly visited Him on set to “guard” him. It was also said that Him and Eliza “immediately acted unfamiliar with each other” when Tavia appeared, and that Eliza “avoided to look at Tavia in the eye.”

As expected, rumors of Him cheating on Tavia with Eliza turned out to be fabricated. Yesterday, the cast of The Hippocratic Crush 2 – including Tavia, Him, Kenneth Ma (馬國明), and others, turned up at Tai Hang, Causeway Bay to shoot a Traditional Chinese wedding scene between Yat Kin Tau (Kenneth) and Yu Jai (Tavia). Him, who portrays the onscreen couple’s good friend Onion, was their groomsman.

Tavia did not seem at all perturbed by Him’s rumors with Eliza, and she happily agreed to pose with Him for press photos.

Asked if her romance with Him was on the rocks, Tavia exclaimed, “What nonsense! I don’t understand why the tabloids had to write it like that!” Tavia insisted that she and Eliza were good friends as they share the same sense of humor.

“We are happy together,” said Tavia when she was asked if she trusted her boyfriend. “He is deserving of my trust, and also Eliza. Since they say Him is interested in Eliza, I must say that I am too!”

“Thanks for all the concerns!” said Him when he was interviewed on the set of The Hippocratic Crush 2. “The reports are not true, but I expected something like this would happen. It has not affected my work.”

In regards to the rumors of Tavia “guarding” Him on set, he clarified, “That day there was another press release that contradicted that tabloid magazine’s claims. Tavia was there that day because she had a scene to film.” Him commented that Tavia is a “generous girl” and insisted that the tabloid reports will not affect his working relationship with Eliza. Him believes that his rumors with Eliza will die down soon, saying, “I rarely go out unless I am working, so this is the only time when the paparazzi can snap pictures of me. Eliza and I will be a couple in the drama, but I will not have any intimate scenes with her.”

Eliza was not surprised when she heard about her rumors with Him. In a phone interview, Eliza said, “I’m used to these kind of rumors! I remember I had rumors with a bunch of my male costars when I filmed Sniper Standoff <神槍狙擊>. It was frightening at the time because I was unfamiliar with how the entertainment circle worked, but now I am used to it!”

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

39 comments to Him Law and Eliza Sam Deny Love Rumors

  1. Mindy says:

    haha obviously this is complete bulls$*t!

    why do reporters make up crazy stories and expect people to believe them??

    I support tavia and him! although i like her with kenneth more 😉 lol

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    • Clementine replied:

      Because some people are very naive and tend to believe in everything that is splashed across the media as legit ‘news reports’ lol. That’s how reporters/magazines get to earn their dirty money.

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  2. yeungforlife says:

    i think him and eliza would make a cute couple 😀

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    • Agnes Tan replied:

      you are right

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    • sel_fi_wu replied:

      much better match than tavia and him

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      • CL replied:

        totally…i think it is a make up story…Him would be scare to break up with Tavia…he want to keep good image!
        But I so much want him NOT to go with Tavia…He can go with anyone, just not with mama Tavia!

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    • claire replied:

      Exactly, good looks couple 😉 TVB producer should pair up them more in future series to catch young viewers, he3x.

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  3. sel_fi_wu says:

    him and eliza are both young and make better couple than him and tavia. i don’t mind if him really fell for eliza. it’s not like he and tavia are married. he’s not attached to tavia for life yet and is free to pick his choice if a prettier and younger person such as eliza comes along.

    tavja has to accept that him is young and is famous among girls which means he has lots of choices, and should be ready to let him go anytime 🙂

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    • Coco replied:

      Oh we will find out eventually. o.O

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    • Clementine replied:

      “him and eliza are both young and make better couple than him and tavia” – lol, that’s a very good reason……so the the young should just stay away from the old, and the old stay away from the young. Then all couples would seem a better match almost close to perfect, right.

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    • Lyle replied:

      Hmm not exactly, if Him did actually leave Tavia for Eliza which I highly doubt would happen then he would get a lot of hate. Being young is not an excuse, honestly 5 yrs difference is not a big deal, if you think about it Tavia and Him are quite compatible personality wise, they’re both blunt, same sense of humor, goofy, and really easy going. By looks they may not look like a match like Jimmy and Ruby did or Justin and Britney cause personality wise they’re different they grew up but with Him and Tavia they’re like the exact same person.

      What you said about Him leaving Tavia cause of age is the same situation with Joyce and Marco where he married a much younger girl but look at him now he’s hated by almost everyone for his decision. Most fans are just angry and annoyed by the fact that one is older than the other which is on the woman’s side and that they’re not compatible by looks and totally ignore their personality, which makes them shallow. True attraction and love is way beyond looks and since we’re all old enough to make comments on here then we should have the maturity to understand that.

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      • sel_fi_wu replied:

        won’t hate him. anyone can see why him would leave tavia after meeting eliza. eliza is younger, mire natural and isn’t likely to settle down soon and will give him a good time to enjoy his youth! whereas with older sister tavia who’s already in her 30’s she has more baggage and biological clock ticking and with her him has to settle down earlier besides eliza does look more down to earth and youthf naturally. him can do better than the much older tavia who will reach 40 in a few years.

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      • sel_fi_wu replied:

        tavia also sounds over protective based on the article. young guys don’t like being chained, the more she gets jealous too easy, the more him will feel restless and easier for prettier and better girls to steal his heart. watch out tavia. You know what happened to theresa’s body and career after fighting with him. both got beaten.

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      • Lyle replied:

        This article is not reliable facts on Him and Tavia’s relationship, I;m sure you know how the media loves to make one of the person in a relationship feels desperate when in reality they’re not. If he leaves her over age than that would make him shallow, Him is reaching his 30’s in just a couple of years it’s really not a big deal. Personality over age and looks at any time. There are a lot of girls that are younger and easy going but Him can’t date them all can he? Just because of news fabricated by the media makes you believe they’re not happy together than you’re just being naive like the media wants you to be. Many tvb co stars click but they don’t date, one must have that exact spark of chemistry to move their relationship into a romantic one like Him and Tavia did, age is not important to them but apparently it is to superficial fans who fantasize about their favorite celebs being together so they bash Him and Tavia’s relationship cause age is the only excuse they can come up with.

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      • Lyle replied:

        Leaving a woman for another woman is such a cowardly thing to do no matter what the excuse might be and saying Him should leave Tavia over age difference is as ridiculous as saying he should leave her because fans don’t like them together. Fans have no saying in another’s relationship and nor should it affect them sure some despise them together but them being together is not affecting anyone else but obsessive fans who ships a celeb with another celeb like, they would hate the one they’re together with because in their crazy minds they’re getting in the way of their favorite celebs getting together, it doesn’t work that way in reality.

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      • Clementine replied:

        sel_fi_wu you truly believe in everything you read in articles lol Perhaps too gulliable.

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      • Yen replied:

        That’s why it’s a good step that Bosco took when he broke up with Myolie!
        He is good looking with lots of $$$ and SHOULD be with someone YOUNGER and PRETTIER! and ya, with LESS MAKEUP on the face!

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    • CL replied:

      totally with you

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    • Jessica replied:

      This comment is ridiculous and illogical.

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  4. Exo jern says:

    i’m all for eliza and him as a couple. they look better together!

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    • sel_fi_wu replied:

      agree. tavia is too old for him. won’t be angry at him if leaves tavia for eliza.

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      • Clementine replied:

        You make it sound like it’s a crime being ‘old’/’older’? Since you’re so bias and discriminative in that way, it’s okay and acceptable for Him to only date and marry younger women?

        All your comments attack her age- some sort of phobia you might have…lol

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      • Yen replied:

        My bf is younger than me 6 years and we are happily together!
        Just wait when Myolie dating someone younger than her and see how Sel_fi_wu respond will be!

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      • Clementine replied:

        lol @Yen, guess it’ll be a complete 360 turn- applauding Myolie for being such strong feminine powers in captivating/seducing a younger man, while at the same time blasting other female artists’ who are in relationship with younger men because that’s how bias works lol.

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      • Clementine replied:

        ** for having such

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      • dd replied:

        >guess it’ll be a complete 360 turn

        360 turn….think about it.

        360 degrees is one full revolution and you’ll end up facing the same way.

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      • Yen replied:

        Actually my comment is directed to Sel_fei_Wu.
        I mean he kept mentioned that Tavia is OLDER than Him Law.
        I just want to see how he responses when Myolie dating someone younger than her!
        Then he/she must say-AGE IS JUST A NUMBER!

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  5. Kathy Chan says:

    I recalled when reporters reported rumor of Him & Tavia a yr ago then both of them denied agressively. But turn out to be true. So watch out!

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  6. TVBFanatic says:

    I’m waiting for the news story that will now link Christine into the picture with Him… not only interfering with Tavia’s relationship and Eliza’s attempt to steal him, but also dissing Aaron at the same time 😛

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  7. Jeff Fan says:

    Tavia is going to 35 soon. She needs to date quick and settle down. It takes several years since date to marriage. I can tell she is going same road with Maggie Siu, waste her young age for Ekin. Look at her now?
    Woman can not wait as they need kid when younger than 38. Biological clock is ticking on her. Go the road map as Ada Choi or Gigi Lai

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    • Clementine replied:

      “she NEEDS to date quick and settle down” LOL?? Need?? Who is to say she needs to when it’s her choice and her path in life lol. She’s turning 34 soon, if she wants to have children, then obviously settling down sooner would be quite reasonable. But technology is so advanced now and still is advancing, I don’t think having children would be a big of an issue relative to settling down later on in life. But even so, why rush to settle down just to have children or whatever? Or why settle down because of the 5 year age gap between her and Him…? If something is rushed, most likely the outcome wouldn’t be great.

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      • 939393 replied:

        I agree. Relationships shouldn’t be rushed as it’ll only turn out to be a recipe for disaster. It’s better to take time to understand each other rather than rush into marriage. And yes, technology is so advanced now. Just look at Carol Chu. There are even rumours of her trying for a second child!

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    • May replied:

      I think Jeff Fan is just saying that if kids are in the horizon….Tavia better get going! Yes, tech is getting more advance….but it still doesn’t make it any easier on one’s body/self to have kids at an older age.
      Any thought that woman age faster too…and after having kids! Boy is mama Tavia going to look like grandma too. 😛

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    • Yen replied:

      And how old is Charmaine’s?!
      And is she dating anyone yet?!
      And she doesn’t even look her age! I thought she is just in her early 30’s!
      Nowadays, it doesn’t matter how old u are but how well/nice u look!

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  8. Quynh says:

    Man, I can’t believe some people want Him to get with Eliza because they look “compatible”….such shallow thoughts!

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    • 939393 replied:

      I agree!

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  9. AhQue says:

    At least tavia gives better bl0w jobs..

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  10. notasaint says:

    Before this article came out there was another magazine that published news of the same day. Tavia was actually there on set to film a scene with Lawrence, Tracy, Eliza and Him. So to say that she specifically took time out to come visit and watch Him is completely fabricated.

    If you look at the pictures from the day, there are picture of them talking and laughing with each other. Seems normal to me. Couldn’t sense any tension. The other magazine actually said they were enjoying themselves whereas this magazine said the completely opposite.

    Secondly, there are people out there who thinks this story is true and totally happy for Eliza and Him. They actually believe that Eliza has a high chance. LOL. I find it funny because, its not the first time Him and Eliza have worked together. They attend events together, they have been in series together, they know each other. If anything was to happen it would of happened already. Yes they are both good looking and age is compatible, but no need to go bag out Tavia to make you’s feel a bit better that Eliza has the capacity to steal other ppl’s bfs and nag a hot guy.

    Thirdly, there is always ppl out there who don’t support the tavia-him coupling. there are actually a lot of supporters also. their celebrity friends have acknowledged and accepted this relationship. they tease this couple. the media teases them too. they too have accepted this relationship.

    Fourthly, you make it sound like Tavia has nothing good about her. Ugly, fake nose, old, menopausal… wth… there’s more to her. She’s funny, traditional, mature, independent and quite pretty which is what Him Law probably likes. If its just about looks, I’m sure he can get any girl. And i dont think Tavia is clingy like his ex-gf Teresa Fu who has trust issues. Tavia seems to trust Him a lot despite all these rumors, and she never questions him about it so maybe that’s why his comfortable in a relationship with her, coz a clingy gf can be quite a dilemma for most guys. She’s independent, and she probably has tamed him to let go of his flirty and partying days, and maybe she is the one that can make him settle down (think about all those wedding and family talks he has in his interviews) – he seems to be influenced by Tavia to mature.

    Relax, they’re just dating. They might not marry each other. Just having a bit of fun. But who knows, Tavia could be the one. There’s no explanation why. Only Him can answer that. If Him doesn’t choose Tavia, not like his gonna choose you so why sit there and curse them to break up. Sad haters.

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  11. notasaint says:

    and 5 years gap difference? what century are we in!

    how do you know their personalities don’t match? Him has become more mature lately and Tavia has always been the happy-go-lucky optimistic fun type. And they’re both virgos.

    If those geniuses out there trying to work out their compatability just based on looks (yes some ppl are very superficial out there), they weren’t ‘compatible’ or they ‘don’t suit each other’ just based mainly on the age factor, well I’m sure the couple would know and they wouldn’t have lasted longer than a fling. its been over a year, almost 2 years now, so i’m sure if they weren’t compatible they would have broken up already………… they’re comfortable with each other, be in for the body, the looks, or their personality – whatever it is between them, it works for them so they’re still together. you think they will breakup because you start writing all these negative articles and bad press, and haters going to forums and their weibo and writing hate msgs, do you really think they give a crap about what some randoms say??? i don’t think so.

    continue saying how ugly tavia is, continue saying how pointy and long her nose is, continue saying how old she is, continue to say she’s desperate, and wants to settle down with any random guy. continue saying that Him is in it for fame and money, and his a cheater, continue saying that you can’t wait for him to hit her fake nose, continue to say his a crap actor, continue saying he looks more compatible with Eliza or Teresa or Christine or Mandy……

    At the end of the day, they don’t give a crap and they are allowed to be together if they want to, and they don’t need your permission.

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