Him Law’s Daughter Helps Him Get Through The Day

Hard at work for the upcoming TVB drama Armed Reaction 2020 <陀槍師姐2020>, Him Law (羅仲謙) hasn’t had much time to spend with his two month old daughter, Little Pearl. In fact, he doesn’t even have much time for himself either.

“For the past three days and nights I haven’t had much sleep,” said Him. “I think I only slept a total of ten hours the past three days. But my wife has been sending me a lot of pictures of our daughter. I immediately feel more awake after seeing them.”

At almost two months old, his daughter still has irregular sleeping cycles. Whenever Him gets off work, his daughter would usually be sleeping. When it comes to hands-on quality time with his daughter, it really isn’t much. “I’m actually afraid that she won’t recognize me!” said Him. “I also have facial hair, so my family won’t let me kiss her face. I’ve resorted to kissing the bottom of her feet!”

Him shared that his daughter recently went through a minor fever. For the first time in his life, Him finally understands why parents are always so anxious about their children. “Although it was a minor fever, I was worried all day. I was told that babies usually don’t have fevers in the first month of their life. We immediately took her to the doctor, who couldn’t find the cause. The fever’s gone now. I finally understand why parents are always so worried.”

Armed Reaction 2020 is an action-packed series, and Him will soon have to prepare a large-scape action scene requiring him to jump down from the eighth floor. While he will be having a body double, a portion of the show will be completed by himself.

“I have to be more careful, so I don’t cause my wife to worry,” he said.

Speaking about his first Father’s Day that is coming up, Him said he will be working that day. As the baby is still an infant, the father-daughter interactions on Father’s Day won’t really apply to him until a couple of years later. He’s looking forward to the day when he can finally celebrate the day with his daughter.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I really don’t understand why TVB needs to rush for every drama to be done filming in such a short time and overworked every single artist…

    1. @vodka right? And they dont air the drama until like a year or two after done filming. Why must they overwork artists to the point where they dont even have enough sleep if theyre not in a rush?

    2. @vodka I’m guessing they squeeze every drop out of the time the contract signed with artistes is still valid. That way even if pay per episode increased it will only affect new series.

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