How Jun Ji Hyun Stays Fit

After giving birth to her second son in 2018, Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun went on a hiatus to take care of her family. Following her guest appearance in the second season of 2019’s Kingdom, she will be making a full comeback next year. Ji Hyun, who is turning 39 soon, is still in great shape for her upcoming TV series, Mount Jiri. In an interview with “W Korea,” she shares her secrets to staying fit.

The actress believes the key to maintaining her fit physique is exercise, so she never took a break from working out during her hiatus. Ji Hyun likes to attend Pilates at least three times a week, with an hour of aerobic exercises before the start of each class. Prioritizing fitness first, she will then organize the rest of her schedule accordingly.

She said, “I wake up every day around 6 or 7 a.m. to exercise. Just like how we depend on breathing to survive, exercise is like breathing to me.”

Ji Hyun believes that without determination, she won’t achieve good results. Her persistence and positive mentality have inspired her fans.

Source: HK01

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