How Philip Lee Proposed to Myolie Wu

Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and boyfriend Philip Lee (李乘德) officially announced their engagement on November 6, at a party where Myolie celebrated her 36th birthday with friends and family. Myolie was in tears when Philip popped the question, and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips.

The former TVB actress, who also owns a bridal studio, said she will be holding their 50-table wedding banquet at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong hotel on December 28. The reporters called up Myolie for a brief interview, and the happy bride-to-be was very willing to share more stories about her engagement.

Myolie said she and Philip have very compatible personalities; it was to the point where Myolie knew him so well that it’s hard for Philip to surprise her. But Philip, determined to give Myolie an unforgettable proposal, did manage to shock her in the end.

She said, “I told him that I’m pretty clever and aware when it comes to these things, so he has to do something where it’s impossible for me to guess. One time, he had me look at a lantern slide he made. The slides consisted of all the pictures we took together, and the last picture was a ring.”

Myolie initially thought that Philip had not prepared the ring yet, but he surprised her with the engagement ring inside a rice cooker. She said, “Before I could even react, he was already in tears.”


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  1. Isn’t the old saying about ‘rice is already cooked’ mean they aready slept together and/or there’s a bun in the oven (pregnant )? Hrmmmm…. wonder the significant of their ‘rice cooker’ lol. Anyways, congrats to them.

    1. @jjwong they are already so close…饭已经很熟.

      selena li will be one of the bridesmaid and she has dated Philip. I don’t like selena either…she looks rather vain.

  2. I don’t personally know this couple but I have a bad feeling about them. It feels a little bit rushed. I also read somewhere that her family doesn’t prefers Bosco over Philip. He supposedly lives in her luxury apartment, kicked her sister out of the house because he wanted to be the man of the house, and drives her car. He also has dated Selena Li and Kelly Cheung.

    1. @purplexstraw he moved into her luxurious unit instead of the other way? other than having a bit of looks, he doesn’t have assets…no house, no car. what does myolie see in him?

  3. What does he do for a living anyways? The articles says he’s an entrepreneur. Thats rather vague. Yeh..he has dated Selena Li and Kelly Cheung. All of them, including Myolie are beauty pageant girls. So basically sums it up he likes pretty girls. Hahah!!

    1. @shimmerstars “entrepreneur ” is usually a fancy name for second generation rich kid who doesnt really work but has loads of moolah to dabble in assorted businesses.

      1. @isay Bingo for your translation. lol. But is he a second rich generation? Now media covers the other side of this guy, seems shady now. And the mention from Myolie that she think he had not prepared real ring yet when showed pictures is much more shady!!!! Meaning he cant afford a grand ring or what?

        Just hope she already saw all his cards at hands….

    2. @shimmerstars having the occupation of an entrepreneur is better than nothing. he goes for women in dresses. that sums it all. all he needs to do is look loving in front of the cameras.

  4. He dated Selena Li before. And Selena is also one of Myolie’s girlfriends in her bestie group. I have a cript in my mind for you TVB.
    Myolie needs to be careful with her bestie. To me Selina gives off the feeling of a home wrecker for some reason, or at least a third party. Kinda like “hao po”.

  5. A very sweet proposal. It’s not extravagant but still very thoughtful. Simple and sweet.

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