Hu Ge: “At Forty, I Stand”

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“I think I am a very lucky actor,” professed the Shanghai-born Hu Ge (胡歌), who will be starring in the upcoming romantic drama film, Diva<DIVA華麗之後>. “Although I am blessed with many opportunities, I still believe my acting needs a lot more polishing. I sometimes think about how much longer this luck would last. When I was younger, I could maybe still use my face to earn a living, but when I grow older, the advantages I have had before may eventually become disadvantages.”

A Second Chance in Life; Love Can Wait

After surviving a near fatal car accident in August 2006, in which his good friend and colleague died, Hu Ge’s perspectives in life matured. The accident left a very visible scar on the corner of his eye, reminding him that life may end at any instant.  Hu Ge became a workaholic, devoting most of his time to filming dramas and movies, writing books, and organizing charity events. His perspective on love and devotion also changed, as he no longer believed that they are necessary in life.

“I do not need to date anyone in my life right now,” said Hu Ge. “Being an actor is different. Whether you are doing a comedy or a tragedy, every time you act you are already devoting your emotions to your partner. Your feelings in drama are usually more extreme than in real life, with more fluctuating and concentrated emotions. You may possibly go through a person’s lifetime in only three months’ time. When you return to real life, you would feel exhausted and lost. I grow nervous when my girlfriend would watch my films, and she would say, ‘Hey, did you say that exact same line to me the other day?’”

However, Hu Ge’s main reason for staying single is because he found maintaining a relationship to be hard work. “What would happen to me if I do get a girlfriend? I’d imagine it’ll just be like my previous relationships, ending in a breakup. I also think dating is a very tiring thing for actors, as it oftens result in a long distance relationship. Although we can text message and call each other everyday… I still find it to be very tiresome.”

Hu Ge Denies He is Gay

Hu Ge’s bachelor status has generated a lot of gay rumors for the actor. He laughed, “When I first debuted, someone was suspicious of my sexuality. When I went to promote in Taiwan, our company’s Taiwanese employees even told me that a lot of them thought I was gay! I told them that it’s impossible, as I love women too much! I don’t mind these rumors anymore. They can say it all they want. I know I’m not.”

Hu Ge Admires Director Jia Zhangke

Turning 30 years old in September, Hu Ge expressed that his career has just begun to take flight. He did not agree with the Confucian phrase “At thirty, I stand,” which indicates that a man should reach his successes by the time he turns 30 years old.

Hu Ge argued, “In ancient times, people can marry and become parents at 16 years old, and then become grandparents by 30 years old. The same thing cannot be said today. In today’s age, it should be, ‘At forty, I stand.’ Many people are not even married by age 30! There are still many others who are still contemplating on what they should do for the rest of their lives.”

Nevertheless, Hu Ge still holds the belief that reaching 30 years old is a turning point in his life. “Before turning 30, I believed I should act for a living. Now that I have reached 30, I believe I should act for my dreams.”

In 2001, Hu Ge entered the Shanghai Theater Academy with a focus on performing arts. His outstanding grades earned him a scholarship to study film directing at the Central Academy of Drama, one of China’s most prestigious performance colleges. Due to various family reasons, Hu Ge decided to forgo the scholarship and stay in Shanghai to complete his education at the Shanghai Theater Academy, finally graduating in July 2005.

Acting was never Hu Ge’s first choice. Although he aspires to be a director, Hu Ge believes that directing is not something that can be achieved in one step. Currently working on the script of his new drama, Shua Xin 3+7 <刷新3+7>, Hu Ge admitted, “I originally wanted to direct Shua Xin 3+7 as well, but due to our tight schedule, and my lack of experience in directing, I gave up on that plan. I still have plenty of time left to try and learn new things.”

Hu Ge deeply admires the works of director, Jia Zhangke (賈樟柯), whose unconventional directing style has attracted much critical praise internationally. “Although a lot of Jia Zhangke’s works can get a bit tedious to watch, he is really the only one who dares to use those filming techniques. I truly want to make similar inspirational films in the future, but I wish to take things slowly. I can’t deal with several things at the same time. I still have not done my best in my acting career yet!”

Hu Ge On His Character in “Diva”

In Diva, Hu Ge portrays a blind massage therapist who falls in love with “JY,” a famous pop star from Hong Kong portrayed by Joey Yung (容祖兒). Although it was Hu Ge’s first time portraying a disabled person, it was not his character’s disability that attracted him to the role.

“My character is a foil to Joey Yung’s diva character. In certain aspects, she can be considered as a blind person herself – when she stands on stage, she can’t see anything in front of her. Everywhere else below the stage is pitch black, even to the point that she can’t see herself clearly,” Hu Ge stated.

In fact, Hu Ge believed that his character is actually an imagination forged by JY’s subconscious. “Although she is glamorous, famous, and stands on the most extravagant stages, she has lost her own life.  She needed a way out and a person to talk to. In the film, most of our encounters are coincidences. Maybe those scenes are merely inventions of her mind because she really wants to be with someone who does not mind her appearance and her fame. She needs someone who can understand her and take her away from the stage.”

As one of mainland China’s most promising young actors, Hu Ge’s passion for the performance arts can be felt and appreciated by many. Setting out to fulfill his dreams in producing and directing, Hu Ge has given himself another decade to reach for higher aspirations. Millions will be watching and eager to witness his successes.


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15 comments to Hu Ge: “At Forty, I Stand”

  1. jayne says:

    An inspirational read…it is refreshing to read about Hu Ge’s dreams in life, after he was given a second chance in life when his friends died in the car accident.

    His desire to chase dreams in life reminds me of Vicki Zhao when she spoke about directing her first film.

    Hu Ge and Vicki’s dreams are to leave a more lasting legacy in the performance arts, to have greater control and ability to shape the outcome of their own artistic works.

    I hold great admiration for Hu Ge after reading this interview.

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      I agree and have liked Hu Ge ever since he debuted. I love him as Li Xiao Yao in Xian Jian. His first series ever is Pu Gong Ying which translates to Dandelion but I have not seen that yet. I think Hu Ge learned a lot after his accident and is encouraging others to cherish life and everything as well as everyone around you.

      He is still young so has plenty of time for love and career. He once dated Ariel but I guess it did not work out so they just remained friends. You guys should read more of his books. I was just reading them the other day and you learn so much more about him. Maybe I will translate if I do not get too lazy.

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  2. jayne says:

    In a separate interview, a reporter pestered Hu Ge and asked him multiple times whether he was currently dating anyone. Hu Ge humorously swore that he will be impotent for the rest of his life if he lied about being single currently.

    I found that to be quite amusing…hehe he has his playful side.

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      He is very playful. I think it is pretty confirmed he once dated Ariel Lin. Some do like being single. Many fans are hoping for a Hu Ge and Wallace Huo pairing since they do look like twins sometimes apart from being very good friends.

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  3. Hannahh says:

    Hu Ge is hot! Love watching him. Wish his dream come true!

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  4. dd says:

    I wonder if Hu Ge is left-handed or right-handed

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  5. Khanh says:

    Seriously I just love hu ge!
    He is just amazing at what he does as a actor.
    He is like perfect couple with all his co star. Truly amazing

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  6. Khanh says:

    I really want hu ge and Liu shi shi to be together. They are such a cute couple. Pretty sure they both said they are like brothers/sisters

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      Well, like you said they are more like brother and sister so how can they be together in that way??? But since they are not truly biological siblings, it can be possible… However, whoever they choose is up to them.

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  7. elin says:

    a great intervew… clearly hu ge has dreams n inspirations…

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  8. nikichan says:

    I love Hu Ge with Ariel. As a huge fan of them, I am glad at least they did had a relationship although it was short =( Maybe it is just me but I still think Hu Ge likes Ariel.
    Anyhow, I hope to see them both happy regardless of whoever they choose to be with.

    Great interview btw.

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  9. Hannah says:

    Interesting read.

    Hu Ge looks better now in comparison to his early years.

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  10. Jack says:

    Nice article. Hu Ge isn’t my favorite actor but I have a lot of respect for this guy.

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  11. jjzappel says:

    from the title i thought he was 40 years old n still handsome…

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  12. YangGuo says:

    I love this guy ever since Chinese Paladin, In Shao Nian Yang Jia Jiang he was my favourite brother. I wish for him the best of success in years to come.

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