Hubert Wu Leaks Details of “The Exorcist’s Meter 2.0”

Starring Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞), and Moon Lau (劉佩玥), The Exorcist’s Meter <降魔的> was 2017’s surprise hit. At the 2019 TVB Sales Presentation held last month, TVB confirmed that it will be producing a sequel of the show, an announcement that was also confirmed by screenwriter Ruby Law (羅佩清), who said the sequel will be “more exciting.”

Hubert Wu leaked more details of the show in a TV interview aired this week. He told host Luisa Maria Leitao (黎芷珊) that the sequel will start filming in mid-January, and will follow what happened to Siu-ma’s childhood friend Ho Jai, who apparently died in a drowning incident when he was 8 years old. His adult self was then used by the rock spirit as its external body.

Careful to not spill too many details, Hubert was asked if his role in The Exorcist’s Meter 2.0 will be a villain. “I wouldn’t say a villain, but definitely a tragic character,” he said. “Everything I do is out of my control. Deep inside, I am not a bad person, it’s just that I’ve been through many unhappy things.” Would he be the main antagonist to Kenneth’s protagonist? “We will be against each other, but also help each other out a little bit.” He also added that he won’t be playing a couple with Moon Lau, sharing, “We’ll be enemies!”

Many fans voiced out their disappointment that Hubert will no longer reprise as the rock spirit, but he said, “His mission is over, and I do hope to be able to greet everyone with a brand new character.”

As for whether or not the sequel will be called The Exorcist’s Meter 2.0 or The Exorcist’s Meter: Crossroads <降魔的之十字路口>, Hubert laughed and said, “I don’t know! Everything is still very much in its early stages from what I know.”


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    1. @m0m0 Hugo Wong is going to be history. With his latest scandal I think he will be sacked by tvb sooner than later. Just look at the example of Nathan Ngai. He was accused of groping his co-star and promptly got sacked. No one will want to work with a scum like him and no one will want to watch his dramas too.

      1. @passingby Seems like bye bye bye for Hugo Wong. He might be frozen but not fired, depending on his network with the TVB bosses. He won’t be leading in any TVB drama anytime soon, since TVB now have a sizeable lineup of male actors with cleaner image.

      2. @sehseh
        Maybe not since Hugo’s messages of an affair with married actress was exposed online and all over the news. He just apologised and has gone from strength to strength in lead roles…

    2. @m0m0 are you serious? He looks so dodgey, and his latest scandals have proved it! He is just as bad and cheap as he looks!

  1. Aww dangit why cant he play a double i like it when he’s spritual Rock hope mandy and kenneth will be a couple in this sequel cant wait for it to come out

  2. Hubert Wu has a good voice but his appearance and his acting is not appealing. I doubt he’d get so many opportunities in tvb if he didn’t have a rich family to back him. That’s what I hate about tvb – there are so much more deserving actors.

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