Is Natalie Tong Upset by Kenneth Ma Dating Roxanne Tong?

The new, budding relationship between Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) took everyone by surprise, especially since the actor was alleged to have held a long-time admiration for his godsister, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠). Both Kenneth and Natalie were single at the start of the year, and their mutual friends tried to set them up. Just when Natalie was considering possibilities with Kenneth, the actor surprisingly announced he is now dating Roxanne.

Natalie Was Considering Kenneth

Although it was always speculated that Kenneth saw Natalie as more than just a friend, she did not take an interest in Kenneth all these years. It was only until after his breakup with Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎), subsequent TV King win, and continually increasing popularity that Natalie began seeing him in a different light.

An insider revealed, “In the past, Natalie did not think Kenneth was right for her and always just viewed him as a friend. She only sought him out when she needed help. Kenneth dotes on her and often willingly helps. However, in the past six months, Kenneth is becoming more and more popular. Natalie eventually saw him in a different light and felt that he was a good catch. The duo’s group of friends, which consists of the ‘siblings’ from A Fistful of Stances <鐵馬尋橋>, wanted to help set them up and often made plans to gather as a group. The ‘Fistful Siblings’ thought the two actually had a chance of getting together! That is why when it was suddenly announced that Kenneth is dating Roxanne, they were all surprised! Natalie thought she had him in the bag for sure!”

When Kenneth and Roxanne announced their relationship through Instagram, Natalie did not like Kenneth’s post and did not post any congratulatory messages. She explained that she does not always give likes to her friends’ social media posts and urged others not to read too much into her online behavior.

When asked about her feelings regarding the relationship, she simply said, “It doesn’t really matter to me. The most important thing is that he and his mother like her.” Natalie’s seemingly bitter response further fueled the rumors.

Kenneth’s Mom Praises Roxanne

Although dating for a short time, Kenneth and Roxanne seem to be quite serious with each other. When interviewed separately, both were full of praises about one another. Roxanne even expressed that she viewed Kenneth as a marriage partner, seemingly staking claim on the diamond bachelor.

Kenneth’s mother is also approving of the relationship. When she was asked about her thoughts of Roxanne, Kenneth’s mother described how the actress had offered to help out in the kitchen during dinner preparation. Mrs. Ma said, “I like her. I think she is quite pretty and very bright and straightforward.”

Source: Weekend Weekly

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Natalie Tong On Kenneth Ma’s New Romance: “I Expected It”

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  1. The man is in his 40s he should be able to date/marry whom ever he likes with out approvals from anyone, including his mom, man up, mama’s boy.

    1. @seriously I’m sure like most people if KM really feel the woman he loves is worth it he would marry her regardless of parents’ approval or not. Only if you’re not sure or have strong faith/trust in the relationship that you will listen to other’s opinion.
      Generally, Asians have different values and place importance on filial piety so most will try to find a match that their parents approve of.

      1. @bizzybody lol that’s a dumb stereotype, if anyone has to match their love life to their parents liking due to filial piety, that’s a huge red flag! Punt, you got a loser.

  2. Kenneth is only dating Roxanne not married so Natalie still has a chance… leave it up to fate.

    1. @hetieshou The article didn’t really paint her in a good light. It sounds like Kenneth is always like an afterthought to NT and serves as a back up only. If I’m KM or his mum Roxanne would be a better choice too as she seems to appreciate KM from the beginning.

      1. @bizzybody
        Good point and Natalie never seemed to like Kenneth much in that way. It sure feels like he is just a spare if her other relationships do not work out. Kenneth deserves way better. I agree that Roxanne is a better choice. Roxanne’s parents like Kenneth and I think Kenneth’s parents like Roxanne too. I always felt Natalie and Kenneth are more like friends or siblings, not a romantic couple type.

  3. Natalie claims most girlfriend-able, girl next door, hence she should be able to find the right one in no time. Always thought of KM and Natalie as sibling like as they claim they are.

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