Jackie Chan Did Not Trust Wife; Saw Son 6 Times in 6 Years

International superstar, Jackie Chan (成龍), was a workaholic in his professional acting career. Known throughout every corner of the world, Jackie forged his incredible success at the expense of his family. For many years, Jackie only saw his wife, Joan Lin (林鳳嬌), and son, Jaycee Chan (房祖名), once a year. At one point in time, Jackie did not even trust his own wife, claiming he had been betrayed by too many women in the past!

Joan Lin Willing to Be an “Invisible” Wife?

Born in an  extremely poor family, Joan quit school at 12 years old to support her family. As a child laborer, she had worked on a farm under strenuous work conditions. In her teenage years, she worked as a dancer at a nightclub. Due to her beauty, Joan starred in her first Taiwanese movie when she was only 19 years old. Joan’s acting career spanned a decade in which she starred in 70 films.

In 1982, Joan became pregnant with Jackie’s son. Retiring from acting, Joan nursed her pregnancy in the United States. Jackie did not spend time with the pregnant Joan until several days before their son, Jaycee Chan, was born. At the time, Joan and Jackie were still not married yet.

Joan asked Jackie, “My son is about to be born. On the birth certificate, I do not know what to write as the father’s name.” Jackie replied, “Then put down Chan Kong Sung [Jackie’s real name].” It was at that moment that Jackie agreed to get married with Joan, much to her delight.

No Time For Family

In his youth, Jaycee did not get to see Jackie often due to his busy work schedule. Jaycee revealed that at one point in time, he only saw Jackie 6 times in 6 years! Furthermore, Jackie was often romantically linked to numerous actresses, due to his warm demeanor.

Ironically, it was Jackie’s extra-marital affair with actress, Elaine Ng (吳綺莉), in 1999 that brought him closer to his wife and son. After the scandal, Jackie flew to the United States ready to sign divorce papers with Joan Lin, who was extremely disheartened.

Joan and Jackie worked out their marital differences, in which their marriage took a better turn. Joan successfully won Jackie’s trust after his scandal with Elaine Ng. Joan said, “He (Jackie Chan) said I was too good. He said that he never treated me well in all these years. He was always wary and did not trust me. Always fooled by women in the past, he said that he lacked trust in women. He thought I was the same type of woman not to be trusted. It was not until the scandal that made him realize who treated him the best.”

Recently, Jackie celebrated Joan’s birthday in a high-profile manner with Jaycee. It was apparent that the family’s relationship has improved in recent years. Jaycee distanced himself from Jackie’s frequent rumors, stating, “It is best that adult problems not be left for us to deal with! I learned from my father to never allow myself to get too tired, making sure to enjoy life happily. In the past, I only saw him 6 times in 6 years. He worked too hard!”

Hong Kong tabloids reported that Jaycee frequented nightclubs and dated many hot girlfriends, including being linked to Fiona Sit (薛凱琪) and a Japanese model recently. However, Jaycee denied the rumors, maintaining that he has been single since 2006.

Sources: Ming Pao, 21CN.com

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Jayne: Why work so hard if there is no time to be spent with family? Many people work long hours for their loved ones, yet ironically, they never have enough time for them. Jackie was rumored with many women in his early marriage with Joan Lin, including Bridgette Lin and Teresa Teng.

As for Jackie’s claim that he has been fooled by many women in the past, he’s learned to not put in real emotions while with them?

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  1. He’s an awesome entertainer, but a bad husband and father!

    1. I don’t know about awesome entertainer and yes a selfish human being.

      1. Right, his first few movies were fine.
        But he never change.
        All these years churning out the same old movies same old style.

      2. Agree. No matter how busy, only once a year is unbelievable. There is never a good enough reason for this.
        And yes, he is BORING.

  2. well, long hours of working defines the passion and dedication he has for his job.
    Especially when you’re famous in show business, personal time and family time is “meant” to be shorten.

  3. lots of $$$ but no love. glad that he realized that family is important.
    i never really see picture of Joan before , she look so pretty in her early age.

    1. she did look pretty in her early years. Also, she spent most of her time in the USA when she was PG with Jaycee and stayed there until 2007. So, I don’t want to hear about Old Customs about China women. She lived in American for goodness sakes. She is not and old fachion women. AT ALL just stupid.

  4. “Furthermore, Jackie was often romantically linked to numerous actresses, due to his warm demeanor.”

    I doubt it was his warm demeanor. He was a bad father, a bad husband, even a bad adulterer. But people change, they grow up and in his wife’s case, the years of waiting is not wasted. I believe they had an arrangement, because if not why would she live in US far far away from an obvious “itchy” husband? Luckily Jaycee is still young, Jackie is still alive and so he can mend his ways and be a better father. No doubt he probably treated his friends better than his own family, immediate or otherwise. It isn’t a choice as in fame vs family, but character.

    “As for Jackie’s claim that he has been fooled by many women in the past, he’s learned to not put in real emotions while with them?”

    Fooled or not, he was and still is married when he willingly let women who threw themselves at him to throw himself back at them. He is trying to make himself sound sort of a romantic fool in love. Any woman would have left him ages ago rather than put up with his behaviour. But I suppose her mindset must be the same as Tom Jones’ wife; as long as he knows how to come home, and who is Mrs Chan, it is ok. An affair is just an affair if it doesn’t involve the heart.

    I wouldn’t have been able to be so darn gracious about that. Jaycee may look like his father, but I hope he doesn’t grow into like his father. His son seems more sensitive, even if a thousand times less successful.

    1. I totally agree with you on this. Jackie is a bad father and husband. And seriously, his movies are not so great anymore. More like he’s been making B-grade movies lately.

    2. I agree with you Funn.

      He is a great entertainer and I feel proud of his accomplishments as an Asian, but his personal life and behavior leaves something to be desired.

      Joan, maybe she’s from our mother’s generation… where women are more traditional and tolerate their husband openly fooling around.

      Maybe Jackie really gives them a lot of material comfort in order for both Joan and Jacyee not to mention anything bad about him even though he is openly womanizing. After all if they are just a mother and son, if they didn’t have Jackie’s support, they would be very poor things indeed!

    3. Jackie is my idol! Married and still gets to sleep with all these young hot actresses. When he’s too old like he is now, he can go back to that old trusty wife. Best of both worlds! Fantastic!

    4. Jackie Chan is the selfish type of guy so therefore he end up with the selfish type of woman. As for Jaycee time will tell.

  5. Jackie Chan USED to be a great entertainer, as in, back in the 80s and 90s. Rush Hour was probably his last great work.

    1. Every star’s popularity does not last long. And choices in making films changes in time. I’d say his last great work was Drunken Master 2.

  6. I would hve left ages ago.. how cn one stand it. am baffed

  7. that just confirms that jackie chan had a lot of women whilst he was married with Joan Lin. His a womaniser. and Joan’s the type that would rather turn a blind eye than to lose a husband

    1. Probably due to money reason that Joan is willing to turn blind eye to Jackie’s illicit affairs.

  8. I ran into Jackie in 1996 very late at night in melbourne’s chinatown as he was coming out of a restaurant. He had a bodyguard with him and 2 blonde ladies of the night, 1 on each arm.

  9. Joan Lin stayed married to him for nearly 3 decades, never making a noise, let him do his thing, work for his career, while she took care of their child away in US, and this guy said he never trusted his wife? I’m appalled.

    1. Selfish jerk of course. If the wife doesnt care, i am sorry to say this i think she just LOVES the $$$$ and the STATUS. come on, this guy is an adulter and he’s ugly too like that can be mended overnight? plzzzzz..once a cheater, always a cheater. Just like all those politician wifes who never divorce their husbands over affairs. Its the MONEY N STATUS i am sorry to say. LOVE?? pheewwww…

      1. They’re actors and they can play their roll really well.

    2. Jackie Chan is no good but Joan Lin can play the game too. It takes one to know one.

  10. It’s a shame that he learned so late in life what joy there can be from a family. He’ll never regain those lost years, but hopefully he can still enjoy the future.

  11. must be the money..his wife must be veryvery extremely comfortable with the monies he provided for her to be able to stand all his nonsence…i remember seeing her movies but i am more of a fan of bridget lin then,,can’t imagine a pretty girl and a well known taiwanese star then could tolerate all his ways if not for the money money money

    1. it is for money, and she must have not really like him that much. She does not care that she is not around. only see him once a year and get a lot of money, i guess she does not mind that kind of life.

  12. I can almost assured he would not take a bullet for his son, or his wife. It is beyond ridicule to see his family once a year, only Tiger Woods would be proud. If Jackie Chan was black, it is almost a given that a lot more women would come out and spill the ugly. I do not think he wants to get involved in his family. Jackie should get involved in more directing and advising which he has a lot to give. Anymore more main actor role from him is just trying to stay in the game.

    1. i think he only marry his wife to legalise his son and they must have a pact that she should not be part of his life and he hers except for the money of course…or else how can she not join her husband when he is on location am sure he can afford to fly her and son there when the son is small and later during the school break..utter nonsence seeing his family once a year only..not as if he cannot afford the flight ticket sigh sigh

      1. I totally agree. Jaycee said Jackie wanted his mother to get an aboration. I have that interview somewhere on my computer. Oh well……

    2. Who said climbing the monkey tree was easy. Jackie Chan is the monkey with the grind from above. The rest of the monkey looking up can only see asshole.

    1. I agree with you there. He will say anything to get attentions. Even tell his wife he loves her. He said in an interview once he didn’t he liked her. Well he changes what he says from interview to interview

  13. I do not believe that Jackie has changed. His wife let him get away with it, he will do it again and keep doing it. No way are they a happy family. And as for Joan she is stupid. oh and ugly

  14. OK Jackie said he didn’t trust his wife, because of other women. wow….thats an understatement. She first of all should not have trusted him. He was the one having the affairs. Wonder why he didn’t really trust Joan. Maybe she gave him reason to. Like she has a companion they say hummmmm????? wonder about her …..

  15. Jackie Chan is such a jerk. His wife should divorce him and take half his money. His son actually looks quite like him but better looking.

  16. Come on people, he will never change. He has millions you don’t think all of the young ladies will go after him. oh YES. And as for his wife, yap I would have left him years ago. And I can’t believe a mother would put up with the way Jackie treated his son. WRONG. Well Jaycee said in a interview she beat him. Good mother huh?

    1. Why leave him when you can get all the freedom (since he dont even bother with her & kid) & all the money?

      1. She should leave him and take half him money. He’s worth millions and I’m sure any judge will rule in her favor given his high publicized extramaritial relationships.

      2. i like NP’s comment too.
        IF she divorces him, she can try to get 1/2 his fortune too so why stay??? hahaha LOL….you can easily grab his money that way too hahhaa…who needs the status of being mrs? hahha i guess we can say she’s TRULY IN LOVE? hahhaha LOL…phewwww whatever hahaa

  17. Warm demeanor ???…lol…
    He’s just a lousy womanizer , adulterer, bad actor & irresponible father!
    I think if he dont have all this money & power, his wife & son would have left him years ago.

    1. Yes, you are 100% rite! Does this world has any woman who doesn’t like a man’s money??

      Money buys everything. Without money, any woman with brain will never let HIM to sleep with her?

  18. I don’t think they sleep together. And she doesn’t have a brain. Stupid, he said in his secret hide out that he sleeps on the sofa in front of the TV. Don’t know where she was. However, I do wonder about her, so many days away from him with out sex, HUM HUM HUM, like I said I wonder about her. And yes she could get his money.

  19. OK this is what Jaycee said in an interview. WoW. And did this happen in the US
    Jaycee Chan reveals he was often punished as a child
    Posted: 14 April 2010 1657 hrs

    Photos 1 of 1

    Jaycee Chan (left) and father Jackie Chan (right).


    inShare0 4


    TAIPEI: Jaycee Chan, son of action superstar Jackie Chan, has revealed that he was often physically punished by his parents as a child, during an interview on Taiwanese television host Zhang Fei’s variety show.

    Zhang, recalling an interview with the elder Chan 28 years ago, jokingly asked Jaycee Chan if his father ever beaten him using the “Snake Style” or “Drunken Fist” (the kungfu star’s trademark martial arts moves in his iconic earlier films), but was taken aback by his reply.

    “My father uses ‘The Hulk’ style,” said the younger Chan.

    He explained that his father once lifted him up and threw him like comic book superhero ‘The Hulk’ to teach him a lesson. His mother, former Taiwan actress Lin Feng Jiao, immediately went to her mother-in-law to complain about her husband’s actions.

    As a result, Jackie Chan, 55, was never allowed to physically punish his son again. Unfortunately for Jaycee Chan, his mother turned out to be even stricter and often punished him.

    “When she was at the mahjong table, she would use the tile holder to beat me, in the bed room, she would use the clothes hanger. And one time in the kitchen, she even hit me with a rolling pin,” said Jaycee Chan.

    I think who ever said she didn’t have a brain was right. I guess it is the money. Now I can see why she let Jackie treat them the way she did. She is off her rocker.

    1. Asians tend to discipline their children, not with advise or just a few slaps on the buttocks or hands. When I was a young girl my older sister chased me around the house with a cane. A cane is standard, in Malaysia, whether the rattan version or the feather duster version. Nowadays of course rarely seen in big town city, which explains why I see a lot of spoil brats. Fathers tend to use belts. It looks like a violent thing but frankly done right it is not abusive. As far as I am concerned the older generations grew up being chased around with canes and belts and they grew up with stronger sense of self worth and humility. A typical joke in an Indian family that comediens loved to say is how their father would slap them if they said something rude or bring home bad results. I laughed whenever I heard such jokes but in a way it is still true. And these are the children who grew up perfectly normal.

      Jackie’s way is too much but maybe Jaycee didn’t explain it right. Jackie probably went through worst in his childhood during his apprenticeship.

      Oh clothes hanger, yes that is when there’s nothing else on standby. And these are children who grew to respect their parents.

      I do not oppose a bit of physical discipline, because I hate to see children crying for something in public being totally spoilt brat and their beautifully made up mothers says gently in English “Don’t be so naughty.. boy boy stop, it is wrong…” whilst some typical housewife would just give the death stare and the boy just shut up.

      1. I agree. Kids nowadays are so spoiled because they arent’ disciplined! Words wont’ get to them!!! You got to beat them to shape. Beat them when they bad is not abusive! I was beaten a lot when i was a kid and even sometimes got hit when i was in college!!! My goodness. But ofcourse through that i know what humility and respect are!

  20. Funn Lin I feel sorry for you. And will keep you in my prayers. God did not mean for children to be abused like that. Yes punish them but don’t beat them to death. That is just wrong. I agree children should be punished but not the way Jaycee and you where puncished. Good Lord. Help them.

  21. OK
    Feng-Jiao Lin More in 2007 back to Hong Kong from LA Ca(good old USA) If you look up divorces in 2007 Feng-Jiao Lin is listed as getting a divorce. Is Jackie Chan really married to her? Hummmmmmmmmmm

  22. AH retiring from actions films now not retiring from actions films because of all of the fans statements. I bet if all of his fans said to leave his wife he would. Make up your mind Jackie

  23. If Jackies wife would keep him happy(you know what I mean) he would not go looking somewhere else, but he does. And Jaycee said he sleeps with her every night. No he does not. Hes never around. And JC is the only star I know that is on the internet more than anymore, even american star. HE is really into hisself isn’t he. JC only loves himself and I do not believe anything he says, even when he said he loves his wife(NOT) he said it because he was infront of alot of people and told his wife and the crowd what they wanted to hear, he changes what he says alot.

  24. “Jackie did not even trust his own wife, claiming he had been betrayed by too many women in the past!” that’s his conscience talking lmao

  25. If Jackie really loves his wife he would not have cheated on her. She is so stupid. And the picture here is when she was young. Have you seen her current picture(fugly). And Jackie is getting old I am sure he is still looking for a sweet young thing. They said he was worried about his wife when the affair came out about his daughter wow right afraid his wife would take all his money.

  26. Chan was next romantically linked to former Miss Asia Elaine Ng, with whom he was rumored to have a baby daughter named Etta Ng Chok Lam (born in 1998).
    Ok it was said that Jackie said she got him drunk. OK every married women with any smarts knows that if a man is drunk he cannot perform his manly duties. LOL…what a joke he is. And as for his wife I just laugh at her

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