Jacky Cheung Urges Others to Not Rely on Luck; Must Work Hard to Pursue Dreams

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Jacky Cheung Urges Others to Not Rely on Luck; Must Work Hard to Pursue Dreams

Jacky Cheung (張學友) is one of the most well-rounded and likable artistes in Hong Kong. Few artistes have achieved the level of success in their entertainment careers as Jacky, while also staying grounded and continuing to lead a steady family life. Deemed as the “God of Songs” and one of the “Four Heavenly Kings”, Jacky has had a successful singing career. Even though he is widely known for his vocal range and singing, the 57-year-old has also acted in many films and boasts an extensive filmography as well.

Jacky also maintains a stable family life with May Lo (羅美薇), whom he married in 1996. The couple has two daughters.

In addition to his career and family, Jacky is also known for his warm demeanor and loyalty to friends and fans. After Anita Mui’s (梅艳芳) passing, her family revealed that Jacky had secretly paid for the hospital bill costs for his good friend. Furthermore, he shows his appreciation for fans by always attempting to keep his concert ticket costs low. Although 57 years old, Jacky has no intentions of stopping. His upcoming concert tour, A Classic Tour <A Classic Tour學友.經典世界巡迴演唱會>, consists of 15 shows and will begin this month.

Most Beginnings

In a previous interview, Jacky candidly advised fans to pursue their aspirations, but to also manage financial necessities first. Though it is important to have hopes and dreams, it is important not to neglect and give up everything to chase after one’s dreams.

This advice perhaps stems from Jacky’s own modest upbringing. Although Jacky did not receive any formal training, he joined the 1984 singing contest and won first place among more than 10,000 contenders. Afterwards, he was signed by Polygram Records, now Universal Music Group, and released his first CD. Though officially a “singer” at the time, Jacky did not let the premature sensation of success get to his head and stayed grounded, choosing to continue working at his job as a reservation officer at Cathay Pacific.

His career, however, was not completely smooth-sailing. In 1987, Jacky’s popularity declined and he turned to alcohol. His excessive drinking caused a setback in his career, but he successfully rebounded with a series of hit songs, including popular love song, “Loving You More Every Day” <每天愛你多一些>. Jacky attributed this turn of events as luck. However, he encouraged others to not depend on luck. Rather, it is through hard work and knowledge can one finish the race.

“In life, the most important thing is to make the right choice. Each thing that you do is a choice,” the superstar said.


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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

6 comments to Jacky Cheung Urges Others to Not Rely on Luck; Must Work Hard to Pursue Dreams

  1. llwy12 says:

    Words of wisdom from my forever idol! 🙂

    By the way, after reading the Chinese version, this article was kind of oddly translated. Just to clarify for those who might not know, those 15 shows are the very last shows of Jacky’s 2 year long concert tour — he will be returning to the HK Coliseum for his final farewell and the first show will start 1/11, with the last show on 1/29. Of course, as a super fan, I can listen to him sing forever and never get tired of it (lol), but I’m also glad that he will finally get a chance to truly rest after 2 years of touring…though knowing Jacky, he will probably be working on his next project sooner rather than later. 🙂

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    • jjwong replied:

      @llwy12 What chances or how can I get his last shows tix? I’ve no luck in getting on any medium to buy his tix early on

      Happy New Year btw!

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      • llwy12 replied:

        @jjwong Happy New Year! 🙂

        Unfortunately, it’s too late to buy tickets anymore. Tickets went on sale back in October for all 15 shows and already sold out long ago. The only “legitimate” place to buy them online was via urbtix but the link doesn’t even work anymore (I just tried going in and it says the site no longer exists). There is possibility of getting tickets if Jacky decides to add shows, but I highly doubt he will, as he’s very strict about this stuff (he designs his schedule a certain way so he can get sufficient rest as well as still spend time with his family while touring…plus with HK ones, the schedule at HK Coliseum is pretty tight). My advice would be to monitor his concert website (I’ve included the link below) and see if any shows get added between now and end of the month, as they will always include the link for where to buy tickets as well as dates when tickets go on sale (scroll to bottom of the page for the latest dates).

        Official concert tour site: http://www.umusic.com.tw/artist/jacky/#

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  2. vodka says:

    i’m glad Jacky came when canton pop was at its highest peak, all the golden song of that time in current time nothing can be compared to the 90’s songs. Even though working hard indeed is what we must do achieve our goals, but the sad fact is in today era canton pop is dead, very minimal exposure, anyone barely mention canton songs anymore beside the golden era. Its fading out.

    Jacky please keep singing for us as there’s is no other that can replace you and your golden hits it never gets bored even till now. I have a spotify playlist just dedicated to Jacky and the list of song is long lol.

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  3. wenwen says:

    I love Jacky, he is the best!!! I went to his classic tour concert in Sydney and it was amazing! the environment was so warm and his performance was spectacular, all the golden songs he sang…omg speechless!
    it’s very hard to find singer like him now days, he is the real god of songs

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  4. mike says:

    Respect to any celeb that donate/secretly pay for a cause, they are not after fame and PR. JC sounds like a real nice human being.

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