Jacqueline Wong Basically Tells “KenNat” Shippers to Stop Dreaming

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Jacqueline Wong Basically Tells “KenNat” Shippers to Stop Dreaming

Earlier this week, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) and Tony Hung (洪永城) dropped the sad (yet expected) news that they have split, ending their two-year relationship. While their breakup was met with sadness, many other fans vocalized their desire to see Natalie hooking up with Kenneth Ma (馬國明) for real.

Natalie and Kenneth have been close friends for many years, and their close friendship on and off screen often led to rumors. When Natalie was still dating Tony, there was gossip about Kenneth trying to get in between them. At the time, Kenneth and Tony happily played along with the rumor, telling everyone that they were love rivals.

This love triangle died down after Kenneth was revealed to have gone to dates with Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎), which was confirmed.

Attending an event yesterday, the Deep in the Realm of Conscience <宮心計2·深宮計> actress was approached by reporters to comment on the resurgence of “KenNat” shippers, all asking Kenneth to ask Natalie out.

“Why would I be jealous?” said Jacqueline. “If I am, then I am not a good woman. I do understand where the fans are coming from, but fiction and reality are two very different things.”

She then stressed that she and Kenneth aren’t exactly in a relationship, and she would not consider Kenneth her boyfriend yet.

While doing an interview yesterday, Natalie broke down into tears when she was prompted with questions in regards to her breakup with Tony, which is rumored to be due a third party.

Jacqueline said, “I read her interview, and my heart goes out to her. I’ve experienced a time when people would write negative things about me, too, so I understand what she’s feeling. She’ll recover from this fast. I know it.”

Source: Mingpao

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3 comments to Jacqueline Wong Basically Tells “KenNat” Shippers to Stop Dreaming

  1. kaykay408 says:

    Don’t know if it’s the translation or this girl is low key throwing shade at Nat Nat for saying “when people would write negative things about me too…” And then pretend to play the good woman role. Get outta here she’s so fake. Go KenNat!

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    • stargirl replied:

      No, I don’t think she is throwing shade at anyone. She’s basically saying the truth without sugarcoating it, which is quite nice for a change. When she states the “negative things about me”, she’s alluding to the false rumours by the media about her being the third party in Vincent’s marriage (which is 100% fake) and how she was misleadingly portrayed as a seducer and a woman without principles. Cheers to Jacqueline for keeping it real and also giving Natalie empathy and support.

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  2. bubbletea says:

    “But fiction and reality are two different things.”…… as quoted by Jacqueline Wong. If only the daydreaming netizens will wake up to that quote and reality

    Netizens need to let these people choose their own partners. These celebs do not need delusional fans choosing a mate for them.

    I remember just because Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin had good chemistry in the Kiss dramas, the fanatics were so wrapped up in the fantasy that they are, or should be a couple in real life that some were bold enough to spread the nonsense that Joe and Ariel were married, for real. Some still are shipping Joe and Ariel and they hate her real husband Charles. Sad part is, these are grown women, and some men too. Leave Natalie and Kenneth alone. Let them date who they like or love, not who the fans want.

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