Jacqueline Wong’s First Ever Scene was with Kenneth Ma

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Jacqueline Wong’s First Ever Scene was with Kenneth Ma

TVB’s fresh new couple Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) earned some “real money” by doing a 2018 countdown event together. It’s definitely something that they wouldn’t mind doing again, with Jacqueline saying, “I really hope the pay slip would be a surprise, haha.”

When speaking about their New Year’s resolution and wishes, Kenneth said, “My wish every year is to be healthy and for my family to be as well. Maybe some people would think that it’s too cheesy, but that is really what’s most important to me.”

Jacqueline said, “I think so too. Also, another important thing is to be happy. I want everyone around me to be happy, and to be able to have opportunities to try new things.”

Truthfully, 2017 was a year of new beginnings for Jacqueline. She earned her first role as second female lead, had a huge supporting part in an anniversary drama, took part in recording some songs, and even tried dancing.

Kenneth, who has a romantic storyline with Jacqueline in Deep in the Realm of Conscience <宮心計2·深宮計>, said, “When Deep comes out, I hope we would get more opportunities to film commercials together, or maybe perform on stage together. I would really like to perform overseas, like in North America or Australia.” Jacqueline added with a laugh, “We are all in need of money.”

At the mention of working with Kenneth for Deep, Jacqueline said, “He’s definitely a very good partner to work with. He’d give you everything he’s got. I remember the very first scene of my career was with [Kenneth] for The Hippocratic Crush II <On Call 36小時 II>. (Kenneth: “You played a patient.”) I was a last-minute replacement of another actress, so my very first acting scene was with him. I wouldn’t exactly say I was a fan, but I really enjoyed watching his shows. When I was given the rundown and found out that I would be doing my scene with him, I got very nervous.”

Though rumored to be dating, Kenneth and Jacqueline never gave a direct response about their relationship. Kenneth said, “We don’t need to specify anything because we all know what’s going on.”

Asking if they would tie the knot in 2018, Jacqueline said, “Haha! Wouldn’t that topic be a bit too distant in the future?” Kenneth added, “It is pretty far. (So dating first?) We’re getting to know each other.”

Source: HK01.com

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  1. passingby says:

    Don’t think they’re dating. Plus Jacqueline is rumoured to be very high maintenance so Kenneth is prob not what she’s looking for, more likely a tycoon or rich second gen.

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  2. 1piscesish says:

    Just saw a video on YT a few days ago saying they’re rumoured to have broken up. Jacqueline apparently dumped Kenneth for a rich 2nd gen.

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