Jennifer Shum Lost Trust in Benjamin Yuen; “I Already Gave Him Many Chances!”

Jennifer Shum (岑杏賢), Tracy Chu (朱千雪), and Toby Chan (陳庭欣) arrived at the premiere of Louisa Mak‘s (麥明詩) very first movie, L for Love, L for Lies Too <失戀日>. Although it was Louisa who was starring in the movie, the media surrounded Jennifer and asked her many questions about ex-boyfriend, Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪).

Regarding Benjamin winning the Most Popular Male Character award and thanking her in his acceptance speech, Jennifer awkwardly said, “I’m touched by everyone’s acceptance speech and as his friend, I’m happy for him.”

On whether or not she would go on a date with Benjamin again if he called to ask her out, Jennifer expressed, “I would answer if a friend called me but he’s too busy! Right now, we’re both very comfortable – we still keep in touch. [Will you two give each other another chance?] This is a good question and I’ve asked myself this before – how many more chances will there have to be before it’s finally enough? I’ve given him a lot of chances already and once there’s no trust in a relationship, friendship is the better way to go. I know everyone is concerned about us and want us to reconcile. But this is between us and only we know what’s best.”

As it has only been a little over a month since the two separated, Jennifer hopes that everyone can give them a little more privacy.


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      1. @janet72: Totally agree with you. He seems quite arrogant (in my opinion) after becoming more popular with the hit series AFWFW. While Ruco, Nancy, Grace, Philip thanked their co-stars in their thank-you speech, I don’t remember Ben thanking his co-stars at all in any of the 3 awards show. A lot of netizens feel he doesn’t deserve to win the Most Popular Character award at TVB Anniversary awards…I totally second that !! He was 1 of the least likeable character in AFWFW. I even preferred the villains or supporting actors (Feng Chun Mei, Feng Ha Moon, Yam Yam, Xiu Zhi, Philip Ng etc) more than his role as Nga Lo.

      2. @lml1977 actually there are MANY more actors who deserve the award more than benjamin. his acting is so STONE even when Grace Wong’s character died, he had hardly any emotion. But when 猫仔 died, i cried buckets.

  1. She used the words trust and chances. So does this mean he cheated on her or she could not bring herself to believe he didn’t cheat on her?

      1. @janet72 But you don’t use Trust and Chances if he is merely neglecting her. Ever thought maybe she is clingy also? Could be a lot of reasons from both sides. If they’re happier apart, better for them.

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