Jessica Hsuan Sprains Ankle While Looking at Phone

On December 11, Jessica Hsuan (宣萱attended a promotional endorsement event for a makeup brand and revealed she sprained her left foot while descending a step on the streets. It was her first time spraining her foot, and fortunately, a passerby helped bring her to the bonesetter.

“This is a good example to let everyone know not to play with phones at night,” the actress said. “That night, I was playing on my phone going down the stairs, missed a step, and then I heard a loud crack. I always see people sprain their ankles, but I never experienced it myself. It’s really loud as if the bone split.”

Coincidentally a lady was passing by and heard the loud crack, so she approached Jessica to ask if she was all right. “I said not really because it really hurt,” Jessica expressed. “She was so nice, her daughter was on the next street, so she called her over, and together they helped me over to the next street to get treated by the bonesetter.”

Although the bonesetter told her she would need five to six months to recover, Jessica could not rest her ankle. She needed to fly frequently for work, thus the swelling never went down. “I went to a western doctor after two weeks to do an X-ray, and thankfully there were no broken bones or else I would have been in a cast,” she shared.

In addition, her friend recommended her to a doctor who uses acupuncture and Tui Na to heal her. “The doctor used a lot of strength to push the affected area to get rid of my blood stasis, it was so painful I kept screaming, good thing I was the last patient of the day, I was able to scream freely,” Jessica said.

She believes it’ll take some time to recover as the area is still blackened, thus she is not flying anywhere for Christmas. “I will be in Hong Kong – I won’t fly anymore, I’m afraid to,” she lamented. “If I go on vacation again, I’m scared people will scold me because I go pretty often. Actually, there’s someone who asked me if I wanted to go to Japan, but the last time I told my friends I was going to Japan they said ‘Again?’”

However, she will be traveling to Guizhou next month to start filming for Back to the Past <尋秦記>. Hence, she is worried her ankle would not be fully healed yet to handle the action-heavy scenes. Fortunately, the crew is willing to accommodate her and will shoot simpler scenes for her first.

Source: Oncc

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  1. Guess she must be looking at her phone intensely checking out her Mr Right. According to previous article,Jessica Hsuan uses Feng Shui to Find Mr. Right. She is getting desperate nowadays. I don’t blame her, she is almost 50.

    I think it will be really hard to find someone who wants to marry her at that age. I have non asian friends and coworkers who have asian gfs, they live together instead of marriage. The guys usually tell me once you hit a certain age, it’s best to just live together, less risky that way. She should just try to find another foreigner to take her, they are not that picky.

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