Joey Meng Laughs at Her Husband’s Infertility Jokes

Nearly twelve years of marriage, but still without a child? Truthfully, Joey Meng (萬綺雯) has always wanted to have children. About five to six years after her marriage with My Date with a Vampire <我和殭屍有個約會> screenwriter, Chan Sap Sam (陳十三), Joey considered having children. However, after Joey joined TVB in early 2012, baby plans were immediately swept to the sidelines. “I still have some goals I want to reach in my career, so no plans yet!” cried Joey.

Is it really because for the sake of your career, or is it because Sap Sam is impotent? With this question, the My Date with a Vampire star laughed out loud, “Haha! I don’t think he is!”

Joey and Sap Sam met on the set of ATV’s My Date with a Vampire television series in 1997. The couple formally started their relationship in April 2000; seven days later, Sap Sam proposed to Joey. They married four months later.

After her marriage with Sap Sam, Joey decreased her drama output. Her last work with ATV was the legal drama The Men of Justice <法網群英>, which was produced by Gary Tang (鄧特希).

After months of negotiations, Joey finally signed with TVB in early 2012 for her television comeback. Her first TVB drama, Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!> is currently airing on TVB Jade. Her second TVB drama, A Change of Heart <好心作怪>, is scheduled for a late 2013 release.

Joey revealed that Sap Sam has been her biggest supporter in her television comeback. “We talk about everything. He is very calm, comprehensive, and he gives me very good advice. He is my biggest supporter. When TVB wanted to sign me, he was the first person who told me to try it out!”

Although the couple has been married for twelve years, they are still as close as a pair of budding lovers. What is the secret recipe for long-lasting and effective communication between married couples? Joey smiled, “I think it is the trust we have for each other. Oh, and of course, you need to be smart as well. I am pretty much a tech-illiterate, and I am a very clumsy person. I always drop my phone and break it, but every once in a while, my husband would buy a new phone for me. When he knew that my new drama was coming out, he bought a new television set for me so I can watch it!”

Joey explained that she first heard of her husband’s recent gossip report through a friend, who woke her up with the news in a very early morning phone call. Joey told her husband that he was “photographed,” which shocked him. When she explained that the reports were about his impotency, he laughed and said, “Wow! That really scared me! I was so scared that they caught me hugging a girl or something!”

Sap Sam is not bothered by the rumors. Joey said, “Let’s treat it as a way to help me promote my drama. He’s my husband, so he has to face the consequences!”

Joey Meng Receives “Special Treatment”

Joey and former ATV colleague, Alice Chan (陳煒), roughly joined TVB at around the same time. While Alice is stuck with performing in secondary supporting roles, Joey gets to receive star billing treatment in big-budgeted TVB dramas. Could it be that Joey’s contract with TVB is more superior than Alice’s?

“No one knows about the details of my contract, other than those involved. Also, [our contracts] cannot be compared. The details of my contract aren’t as great as they seem. My only requirement is to be able to choose my projects. I don’t want to do the same roles over and over again. I want to try out new things!”

Inbound Troubles is currently airing on TVB Jade. A comedy drama about Hong Kong’s changing social culture, Joey portrays a social worker for new Hong Kong immigrants. She stars alongside Roger Kwok (郭晉安) and Wong Cho Lam (蔡芯).

The premiere episode of Inbound Troubles aired on Monday night with average ratings of 31 points, peaking at 33 points. The drama is also Wong Cho Lam’s first major scriptwriting effort.


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  1. Compare this to Michael Tse’s wife. I don’t see her husband going “Mental retard” you know what I mean? Anyway she actually looks better on screen than in pictures. Enjoying her performance in Inbound Troubles.

    And err wasn’t she more famous at ATV hence her so called special treatment?

    1. But the difference between Joey and Michael’s wife is that Joey is the actual celebrity so she would be better at handling these things. I’m certain that Michael Tse is better at it than his wife too.

      Joey needs to gain weight tbh, she was so scarily thin in MOJ and I think it makes her features too sharp.

      I definitely think Joey is more famous than Alice. Because never even knew about Alice until she joined TVB, while I’ve known Joey since my childhood.

      1. I feel that Joey’s small and sharp features make her look young. I know who Alice is but I always had the impression that Joey had more star power compared to Alice. Alice looks quite ordinary, like a typical office lady in HK.

      2. She has more star power for sure. If I recall, she was a pretty big hit because of her height and looks.

        After that, she starred in My Date with a Vampire, one of the rare ATV Series that actually managed to beat TVB ratings at some point I think. It was very memorable to say the least and it started a mini-skirt trend too.

        There was also a lot of news about her husband’s family dying one after another while he continuted to write MDWAV. It was almost like it was a curse of some sort and he stopped when Joey injured herself pretty badly on set for MDWAV3 cause at that point they were taking it pretty seriously.

        It was big, and it brought the leads alot of attention whereas Alice didn’t have that kind of publicity nor star power.

      3. Really? I think Joey is the one the looks more ordinary. But perhaps it’s because Alice has all the hyped-up scenes from Friendly Fire.

  2. This series is funny with their mainland accent. Angela Tong nostrils is so big. New faces, love it.

  3. Love her!

    By the way, Wong Cho Lam (蔡芯)? LOL, that’s his character’s name!

  4. When she explained that the reports were about his impotency, he laughed and said, “Wow! That really scared me! I was so scared that they caught me hugging a girl or something!

    HAHAHAS! Her hubby so funny!!

  5. I think she should have already had kids since she was away for awhile. It is going to be hard now that she is back… Isn’t she 40+? It will be even harder if she waits longer.

    1. She’s 42 years old, She can do it or conceived by way of a gestational surrogate.

  6. Joey Meng is a layer of makeup. She is slimmer now than when she filmed 我和殭屍有個約會.

  7. Joey is more well known than Alice so it shouldn’t be a surprise if she starts off with lead roles while Alice is supporting.

    Other than that, they’ve been treating Alice really well too. When she first entered tvb, they gave her a lot of interviews and put her on a lot of the game shows so that the audience gets familiar with her. They also gave her a role in the sequel for War and Beauty too.

    Anyways, really liking Inbound Troubles!

  8. Joey Meng, one of my favorite actresses from ATV and Miss Asia pagents.

    i wished she moved over to TVB years ago, she would have been No:1 fadan on TVB really quickly like Esther Kwan did…

    1. I used to love her very much too. Can’t explain why, prolly her sweet face, cute voice or just the little mole on her face that sets her apart. Most of the characters she plays are also lovable.
      Nice to know her husband and her have a very loving relationship without all those scandals.

  9. can i know, does it really a must to have “children” if woman got married and if no children, does it mean she lacks “happiness” or will be look down by “conventional society”? which mean, if a couple getting marry, they must complete to cycle with having kids?

    1. It’s not a must to have children if you’re married but I personally feel that every woman, if possible, should experience motherhood either via actual pregnancy and childbirth or adoption. Being a mother myself, I feel that nothing warms your heart more than when your child comes to you and gives you a hug/kiss out of the blue.

      1. thats “childhood” cycle only feel lovey….what if the kids enter teens and then “mess up” and cause headache (u know what i mean-edison chen type)?

        we should be more understanding towards those couples that cant experience motherhood (due to productive problem) & more women are marrying late now or staying singles

      2. Yes, being a mother also means being there for your child through each stage in life and assisting them whenever possible. I understand that a child may go astray and “mess up” in older years but in order to minimize this from happening, a parent should instill good values in your child at a very young age.

        Further, I also understand that it is not always possible for every woman to bear children for whatever reason, which is why I said in my original post that “every woman, if possible should experience motherhood….”. IF POSSIBLE are the key words.

      3. Most (though not all) would’ve wanted children when they get married. It’s like another step to the progress of a relationship. Those who don’t like having too many would choose to at least have one, unless they have problems conceiving and to avoid more questions or ‘save face’ would choose to say they’re not ready to have kids.
        However, whether or not a couple has children is not important if they have reached an understanding. Who cares what others think or say? It’s your marriage and your husband/wife. Whether or not you want to have kids is up to both of you.

  10. Haven’t started this series yet but will definitely give it a try for Joey and to see Wong Cho Lam’s work as a first time scriptwriter.

  11. Wong Cho Lam’s comedy is quiet funny. Also I remember Joey as being cute looking with a very good figure but I think Alice is better-looking,facial features more defined.

  12. I’ve watched a bit of the first episode. It was just passable to me, not that funny but she is really looking great for her age.

  13. I love Joey Meng from her ATV days … the gambling series plus my dates with vampire and also her school girl series about a ghost professor.

    Alice chan – i knew of her but don’t really care for her the way I do with Joey and her news.

    Joey is definitely an asset to tvb. She wasn’t raised by TVB so she’s fresh for us ..

  14. Joey Meng is new to TVB eh? Have never heard or seen her before. So far, I don’t really like her…but maybe she will prove her worth later down the series. TVB is taking a risk by screen fresh faces as lead roles. Only time will tell if it backfires them. All I can say is, it’s a nice pace of change (Alice Chan coming in, Jason Chan as lead, more Ruco Chan leads, etc), but I’m honestly not digging Joey Meng, for now.

    1. She was never at TVB but she was the top actress in ATV at the hey days her most famous work would be My Date With A Vampire. She is a capable actress and so far she is doing way better than a lot even if her voice is still annoying. She;’s not fresh new face. Anyone acquainted with HK dramas specifically ATV will know her. And when ATV was at their best in scriptwriting, TVB had no chance at all. They’re lucky ATV is a complete mess.

      1. Lol.. when she was a sweet, young thing, her voice come across as cute, not annoying to me. Haven’t watched this series, but I did watch her acting in the movie ‘Fairytale Killer’ – luckily I don’t find her voice grating on my nerves yet.

  15. I’m not familiar with Alice Chan but I remember Joey Meng. I watched a few of her series when I was young. She’s quite famous.

  16. It feels quite strange seeing Joey Meng in TVB dramas now, after those years of watching her in the vampire drama.

  17. Alice was also in My Date With A Vampire, the third installment of the series. Besides that the only other work I’ve seen of hers was Wise Guys Never Die with Nick Cheung which wasn’t that good, I wasn’t too comfortable with all the sex scenes but hey it was directed by Wong Jing so that was expected.

    I have yet to start this series but will watch for Joey’s sake.

  18. The script is totally disastrous. He’s better acting and wearing women’s clothes then putting pen to paper. There is no point of view to the storyline. It’s like a “cheap fill in the slot” TVB production. Equivalent to ASTRO ‘s hopeless production. In fact it’s like a circus, look at Big Ears, she can’t act to save her life. Disastrous.

    1. You mean Inbound Troubles? I disagree. I had a good laugh watching it and Roger is awesome.

  19. The script is totally disastrous. He’s better acting and wearing women’s clothes then putting pen to paper. There is no point of view to the storyline. It’s like a “cheap fill in the slot” TVB production. Equivalent to ASTRO ‘s hopeless production. In fact it’s like a circus, look at Big Ears, she can’t act to save her life.

  20. I wonder why people think that a man without offspring MUST be impotent. At least, the wife isn’t the one being blamed to be unable to bear a child. I wonder if it’s especially the chinese mentality that a married couple should be able to produce a child, the sooner the better but not being pregnant before the wedding night. A child after the 1-year-anniversairy would be perfect. If people really think that you should try your hardest to fulfill this standards, it would be pretty sad because the greatest success for a couple should be love and respect for each other.

    1. I think to some extent, that may be true. The Eastern hemisphere places more emphasis on tradition then the West does but this is probably a result of how two sides branched out in history.

      The Age of Enlightment started in Europe where a period of open mindedness and pushing boundaries led them to rapidly develop and conquer the world. Further back in history, Asia was significantly more advanced but certain schools of thinking eventually led to a more stale period of growth, especially in China as it was a stable power for a very long period of time. As a result, to this day they’re still playing catch-up in innovation and technology. Both have their merits though but I do believe, as an example, if you want a good education it’s no surprise people send their children to Western countries if they can afford it.

      I don’t think anyone can really stop the pregnant before the wedding night thing? The church preaches no sex before marriage and such but I don’t think anyone really listens to “that song” anymore. There’a certainly a line drawn between the older and newer generation though. People had such large families because they didn’t think as much as the present generation would. I’m pretty certain they didn’t think back in the day if one child would cost $3-4 million HK, how many could they afford. It was more like, if it happens it happens type thing granted there were also lesser safe sex options as well.

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