Joey Thye Has Another Studio That Keeps Her Limited Edition Figures

Joey Thye (戴祖儀) loves to collect. She has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to sharing her love for toys and games. She has two large studios dedicated to hosting her collection of limited edition Hot Toys and figurines.

While one studio is dedicated to her Hot Toys merchandise, the other is dedicated to what Joey describes as expensive “artful pieces” of limited edition figurines and paintings. The collection includes art pieces released by Hajime Sorayama, Astro Boy collectibles, Medicom Toy collectibles, and a limited Doraemon collection from Uniqlo.

She most recently unboxed a Sorayama sculpture, known as the Classic Robot SURF, released in July 2018. Only 500 sets were produced, priced at $1,200 US dollars at release. The figure is now worth US$12,000.

From renting the studios to purchasing limited editions, Joey is spending at least a million Hong Kong dollars to manage the collection.


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  1. Those toys are ugly, except Doraemon. Then again, I’m not a collector so have no taste/eye in this.

    It’s kinda sad (can’t find the right word) that these toys have a nice roof and spacious room while lots of HK-ers’ house is only as big as tin can :/ But then again, her money, her career, her life, her stuff, her earning… still… /endsoapbox ha

    1. @jjwong
      I agree and most of the toys are so ugly besides Doraemon. I collect some toys too but nicer and cheaper ones as I cannot afford these luxury items.

      It is sad that regular people do not even have a decent living space but her toys get a nice space. Having money versus no money truly makes a difference. No wonder everyone wants to make big bucks.

  2. You guys know nothing, lol! Kubricks are popular with collectors. Her Hot Toys collection is actually very impressive.

  3. Have no clue who she is 😛 but she got nice legs and a nice collection, and yeah the Hot Toys figures are spendy…

  4. Im guessing shes renting the space rather than buying a whole apartment just for toys. Still a bit of a waste in my opinion.

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