Jolin Tsai Drops Symbolic “Lady in Red” MV

Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) music videos have always been a big-budget spectacle, and in her latest effort “Lady in Red” <紅衣女孩>, she continues to push her creativity to endless bounds.

The music video stars Jolin as the title character, a bride-to-be. She is about to marry Edison Wang (王柏傑), not knowing that the groom has been having an affair with her close friend, played by Dee Hsu (徐熙娣). Upon realizing that Jolin has discovered her relationship with Edison, Dee tells Jolin that she’s always had everything she’s ever wanted, but this time, it is finally her turn to offer Jolin something that she used to own.

In a rage, Jolin murders Dee and dresses her in her wedding gown. She then frames Edison for being the murderer.

“Lady in Red” is violent and gory, and has become a hot topic online. Jolin told her fans that she’s happy to be able to try something new, and hopes her fans had enjoyed the music video. “I truly want to thank the director for writing such a fun script. We all had so much fun! Thank you to the production team for their hard work, and I also want to thank the two movie stars for their support. Doing a horror film is much more fun than watching a horror film!”


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  1. Love it! Her music, the video, the styling, everything! She’s strikingly beautiful as well, and the music is eerie!

  2. Did he rape her in one of the scenes?
    This MV is amazing and scary to watch. It is a keeper.

  3. I never thought she could sing, so can’t say I’m a fan. However, i do admire her for her versatility. she tries to change it up and reinvent herself every time. kind of like madonna of taiwan.

    1. @coralie Not of fan of hers or this song but this MV is visually attractive and I like the idea that the character took a different approach then the usual ran away in tears after being been hurt.

      1. @bearbear just watched the MV. surprisingly, i actually really like it. she’s a much better rapper than a singer lol. you’re right; it’s stylistically very attractive, but the theme is so gory & horrific. the contradiction works really well together for nice shock value. i’m seeing a general trend of gfs avenging themselves with criminal activities though. kind of disturbing, but interesting, i.e., tiffany young’s teach you.

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