Jonathan Cheung and Crystal Fung Get Steamy for New TVB Drama

Jonathan Cheung (張頴康) and Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) have a lot of explaining to do.

The TVB anniversary drama The Man Who Kills Trouble <解決師> will be premiering tomorrow, October 14th. To hype up for the big day, TVB has been releasing trailers and behind-the-scene interviews of each cast members.

One teaser in particular highlighted the relationship between Man Sir (played by Jonathan Cheung) and his subordinate Ace (played by Crystal Fung). The duo are part of the OCTB unit of the Hong Kong Police Force, which specifically targets organized crime. Playing a couple, Jonathan and Crystal had to film a dating sex scene in the shower—it’s possibly the most vivid and intimate scene that Jonathan and Crystal had to do in their acting careers.

“I was shocked,” said Crystal in an interview. “I didn’t expect [TVB] to show this scene so soon!”

The Miss Hong Kong winner shared that she watched the trailer with her boyfriend. When that scene came about, both of them reacted by shutting their eyes.”

“We were completely not prepared for it,” she said. On asking how her boyfriend felt about the scene, she said, “He’s trying to convince himself that the girl on TV is someone else who just looks like me. He then decided to play a gam to calm himself, haha.”

She joked that when the full scene airs on TV, she will have to make sure that she will behave and be a good girlfriend.

It wasn’t a particularly easy scene to do. Crystal revealed that both of them had to put in a lot of safety precautions in place. “We had a lot of tape on. Jonathan Cheung was very professional. He helped me hide the important areas. We shot the scene all night. Our skin was wrinkly. We drank a lot of water.”

The shower isn’t the only intimate scene. There is one other.

“There will be a bed scene, but it’s a very romantic one,” she said.

As for Jonathan Cheung, who is married to Angie Mak, said, “My wife said she didn’t care, but she sounded very awkward. I’m guessing she does!”

The Man Who Kills Trouble also stars Vincent Wong (王浩信), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), Sharon Chan (陳敏之), Kelly Cheung (張曦雯), and Eric Li (李天翔).


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  1. I was watching the trailer and didn’t expect the scene to go for as long as it did haha. But looking forward to this drama. (:

      1. @potatochip Right?? It went on for so long I expected it to fade out way earlier, but nope… and yeah, under all that water and likely a few takes for different shots, it must’ve been uncomfortable and awkward.

  2. His arm looks so awkwardly draped over her shoulder.

    Unless they can execute it right, I think TVB should avoid these types of scenes altogether.

    1. @oystergirl agree, they should avoid all together. Unfortunately, TVB has more kissing scenes now aday AND they all look awkward af lol. Even in that drama with Joel and Selena. Their bed scene was cringy xD

      1. @jjwong It always ends up looking so fake and unnatural.

        I get that they’re trying to be more open and progressive, but it’s a bit counter intuitive when the actors are obviously uncomfortable and reluctant to fully immerse (which is the case with a majority of these “raunchy” shots).

        For some reason, mainland actors seem to appear much more natural when acting out intimate scenes, so I wonder if TVB actors are perhaps more conservative or if they are just that bad. lol

      2. @oystergirl All kissing scenes by TVB artists all look bad. Maybe they just don’t know how to kiss. But with cameras and people around its understandable and because they’re conserved.

  3. I am surprised her DOCTOR bf let her do the scenes. I remember on a youtube clip she was stressing on how she can’t really do kissing scenes because that requires emotionals per the bf? lol..Now she’s doing intimate scenes w/kissing? What a crime!! hahaa LOL….

  4. Kissing scenes r just awful for sanitary reason. I don’t know how many real life couples actually enjoy kissing but imagine Al that germs in someone’s mouth that’s not even ur other half

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