Joyce Tang Ends Love Triangle with Derek Kwok

Since the broadcast of Beauty Knows No Pain <女人最痛>, Joyce Tang Lai Ming gained recognition for her “ugly” character, Bibi. Her career picked up again, filling the void in her current love life. Three months ago, Joyce finally ended her three year relationship with Derek Kwok Jing Hung, who has a daughter with another woman.

Derek finally got married with his mainland girlfriend, giving his daughter legitimacy. The family recently moved to a new home. On August 17th, the family were spotted at an arcade center with their Filipino maid. Derek did not wear a face mask on that day, indicating that he was ready to acknowledge his relationship with his wife and daughter openly and become a “good man” again.

Joyce and Derek’s Dating Timeline

In 2007, Joyce announced the end of her nine-year relationship with ex-boyfriend, Marco Ngai Chun Kit. Half a year later, during the filming of War of In-Laws II <野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶>, Joyce and Derek’s dating rumors started. The pair were teased on the set of The King of Snooker <桌球天王> for dating during work hours. Their relationship became a known secret within the entertainment industry. Tabloids also photographed Derek entering Joyce’s house in Clear Water Bay .

Joyce and Derek’s dating relationship was brought to the media’s attention in March 2008. The pair attended TVB producer, Tommy Leung Ka Shu’s elder daughter’s wedding banquet. Liza Wang Ming Chuen uploaded a group photo taken at the wedding, in which Joyce and Derek shared an intimate embrace.

In September 2009, while Derek was dating Joyce, he was also involved in a relationship with a woman in China . Tabloids revealed that Derek even had a nine month-old daughter with his mainland girlfriend. On the girl’s Chinese visa, Derek’s name was entered for the father’s information. Joyce may not have been aware of Derek’s other relationship. When confronted by the media, Joyce said, “I have always been single!”

In February 2010, Joyce and Derek attended a TVB director’s wedding together. During the group photo session, Derek turned his face away from Joyce. Deflecting the media’s attention, the pair pretended that they “broke up.”

Despite the exposure of his illegitimate daughter, Derek continued to date Joyce. In February 2010, Derek was photographed wearing a face mask and visiting Joyce’s apartment in the middle of the night.

In May 2010, Joyce and Derek may have ended their three year love relationship.


Jayne: It was a big scandal when tabloids published photos of Derek with his mainland girlfriend and daughter, while still linked with Joyce. I actually thought Joyce split from Derek in 2009, right after news broke.

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  1. i feel really sorry for Joyce as I’m sure both Marco and Derek broke her heart. But I am surprised that she was still with him since the rumors with the mainland women broke out, and of course, in the end he picked that woman most likely because of the daugther. Hope she finds her true man soon! i really liked her in beauty of pain and hope she gets more recognition for her acting soon.

  2. Can’t believe that Derek two timed on Joyce. My opinion of him gone down liao.

    Poor Joyce. Twice unlucky.

  3. I never knew that Derek and Joyce ever dated. I feel bad for Joyce and hope that she will find her guy soon. I thought that she would be able to find happiness after she broke up with Marco, but really sad to hear this. I wish her the best and hope that she will find happiness in love soon…

  4. Wait… the woman is his ex-wife (that means they reconciled) or a new wife?

    Because when the daughter was born (Derek photographed taking her to registrar office), the tabloids said it was his daughter with his ex-wife.

  5. Yeah, there was this confusion about whether he reconciled with his ex-wife, or he got a new wife.
    Feel so sorry for Joyce, first after she dates Marco Ngai for 9 years, he cheats on her with a 20 year old mainland girl. Many thought that she deserves better and will find someone soon. Then Derek came along, and we thought that he would treasure her. Looks like we were wrong. And how wrong we were, now he marries a mainland girl whom he has a daughter with.

    Well then, they’re both not worth it, really wish her all the best, and for her to find someone who is truly good to her…

  6. Sehseh, I was a little confused as to whether the woman who had Derek’s daughter was his ex-wife or new wife. Earlier tabloids referred to her as his ex-wife, but the current article from Sudden Weekly referred to them as unmarried earlier.

    How long has Derek been married and then divorced? I have a feeling that perhaps his ex-wife was a completely different person than the woman in the above photo.

    I sense the relationship is more complicated than meets the eye. Perhaps the daughter was unplanned? If the woman is not his ex-wife, perhaps derek met her after dating Joyce in 2007. It would difficult to say who is the third party then.

  7. well – at least he’s taking responsibility with his daughter …

    that’s the best i can say. if i continue, i’ll curse him out.

  8. We cant be sure that Joyce didnt know that he already had a girlfriend in Mainland and also a daughter. I dont feel sad 4 her at all.

  9. Jayne, I do think that’s his ex-wife… they do resemble the same person, just a little plump after child birth. Also in the past tabloid, he didn’t deny that the mother of his daughter is his ex-wife.

    He once revealed that he was very depressed while filming Taichi Master, that was the time he divorced.

    I wouldn’t say Joyce is the 3rd party – clearly he was divorced when he met her, but he have lingering feelings toward his ex-wife – or else there won’t be a daughter AFTER a lengthy separation.

    I can only feel sorry for Joyce – she either have bad luck in men, or bad choices.

  10. what’s up with guys and mainland women (sometimes) being the third party.

    this is disgusting.

  11. Hope Joyce will find someone great eventually. Her break-up with Marco broke my heart & now this….So sad!

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