Joyce Tang Spotted With New Love Interest

Thirty-five-year-old Joyce Tang Lai Ming has experienced uneventful love relationships in the past. Joyce dated Marco Ngai Chun Kit for nine years and Derek Kwok Ching Hung for three years. The men married and became fathers recently.  Pitifully becoming a “leftover woman,” Joyce finally met a new love interest. Yesterday, she was spotted dating a forty-year-old man outside the entertainment industry. The man even had keys to Joyce’s house! It appears that their relationship was advancing quickly!

Joyce and a middle-aged man were spotted shopping together at a supermarket in Tsim Sha Tsui. Although Joyce laughed lively, she referred to her male companion as a friend only. “We went to the supermarket because we needed to purchase some groceries for a friend’s home-cooked dinner. I needed someone to help carry the grocery bags!” (You were linking his arm?) “It’s my fault. I link arms with both men and women!”

When asked why her male friend was driving Joyce’s car and had keys to her apartment, Joyce explained, “I was in China. Since my car broke, he helped take my car to the auto mechanic. It would be odd to ask him to leave my car keys in the mailbox, so I requested him to leave the keys inside my home!” During the discussion, Joyce was protective of her male friend, “Please don’t scare him! It is very difficult for artists to meet people outside the industry! If you scare him away, then there will not be further development!” (Was he the wealthy second generation?) “No, he is a normal Hong Kong citizen.”

Reporters informed Joyce’s ex-flame, Derek Kwok, that she was spotted with a new love interest. Sounding surprised, Derek said he did not know anything about the matter. He sent his blessings, “I wholeheartedly wish Joyce happiness forever!” (Does Derek wish Joyce will get married quickly?) “You have to ask her. I just want her happiness!”

Source: the Sun

Jayne: Joyce’s response indicates that she may be in the early dating stages with her male friend, cautioning the press to not scare him away.

I’ve always found Joyce’s features to be very pretty. She has aged well and does not look like she’s 35 at all. No signs of wrinkles and skin looks very firm.

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  1. If she is dating him, CONGRATS to her and I wish her happiness this time since she deserves it after 2 failed relationships with artists. Maybe she is better with someone outside the circle? Wish her the best and glad that Derek sent his good wishes as well.

  2. I really hope she’s dating! It was so sad how she and Marco Ngai broke up, I really thought they were going to last. But it looks like she found someone seeing how she’s really beaming in that photo!

  3. Congrats her, wish Derek won’t never be asked about her anymore as she has a new love now.

  4. I felt so bad for Joyce when Marco dump her for that China girl, so I am glad that she finally found love again. Hope this time it will last.

    1. You can’t know who is wrong in a relationship. You also can’t know what Joyce did to let Marco dump her.

      1. no matter who was in the wrong, 9 long years for 2 people to be together and then split up its a sad thing..

      2. Yes, but don’t call Marco’s wife “that China girl”.

      3. lol you are going to have to address jayzemine about that fox ;P

  5. Glad to know that she’s moved on!

    I miss watching Joyce onscreen and she hasn’t had a memorable role since War of In-Laws II! It’s a pity she was never promoted to lead actress back then. She’s easily better than Myolie, Linda, Kate, and Fala.

    1. Yes i think she can definately act better then Linda, Kate and Fala…sometimes these Ms Hk/ Ms Internationals annoy me..

      She WAS good in War of In laws..

      Wish her all the best with her new love.

    2. She had quite a role as Bibi in Beauty Knows No Pain. She received praises for her portrayal too although Angela Auntie did get more limelight. Haha.

  6. Rather strange both men she dated both men got married after breakup with her and have children. Is she the Asian Jennifer Aniston?

    I didn’t think she aged well.

  7. I’m glad she’s finding happiness again.

    It’s so sad when you’re dating other artists and your break-up becomes so public.

    I’m amazed that she’s been in two long term relationships and she’s only 35! I thought she was in her 40’s!

  8. Actress and rich man again. Why always we are just friend.

  9. Joyce doesn’t look like she’s aged much in the pictures above. Her friend doesn’t look 40 either lol I really like her response, actually. Joyce must be into serial monogamy and perhaps marriage might not be her thing rather than taking issue with the male parties.

    It is always awkward in the early stages of dating LOL in my own experience I’m the one that’s usually guilty of calling the other person “just a friend” even after several dates. Hey, the feelings aren’t quite there yet, ya know? Joyce, I wish you all of the best luck!

  10. 40 is not middle age, I’m just saying. Reporters talked to the ex? For what, these reporters just try to create situations out of nothing.

  11. Joyce tang is gorgeous. I mean who else could carry off that hair she had in “Armed Reaction”?

    Again, she has a unique look about her, amazing bone cheekbones

    1. I think she has good features, but bony cheekbones does not equate to aging well. Having a bony face structure makes your face age faster. One of my friends used to think that Vivian Chow was really pretty, but recently saw a new picture of her and was disappointed that she has not aged well… It is because Vivian Chow also has a bony structured face which looks nice when you are young, but the downside is that you look older than your age when you age.

      1. Yeah cos the skin starts to sag and you need the extra fat to keep the skin taut.

        However, I still think Joyce has aged very well.

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