Joyce Tang Increases Cup Size and Confidently Bounces Around

TVB artist, Joyce Tang (滕麗名), had earlier signed on as a spokesperson for a breast enhancement salon. Before shooting this advertisement, Joyce had undergone three months of breast enhancement treatment to present a tight and busty effect.  In order to fulfill the meaning behind this advertisement which was “bouncing up,” Joyce donned a sexy black bra and pants and jumped wildly on a trampoline for the advertisement.

After filming wrapped, Joyce smiled and said, “Wow, actually jumping on a trampoline can be very challenging! Furthermore, it had to be matched with several elegant poses. Fortunately, I had already practiced for three hours prior to this so even if I am required to elegantly jump up one level’s height, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.”

Joyce was initially worried that she might accidentally exposed herself while jumping on the trampoline. She revealed that before this breast enhancement, if she was required to film sexy roles, she would have to spend time to add padding or tapes to create the illusion of an “increased cup size.” However, now that she has successfully enhanced her chest, she would be rid of such troubles in the future. Joyce smiled and continued, “After shooting this advertisement, I discovered that my body looked much better, even carrying off and filling up a bra perfectly. My initial worry that I might accidentally expose myself while jumping in a bra also completely disappeared. It was an unduly worry as there wasn’t even a single slip-up. I felt extremely confident when doing any movements!”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. She must have been flatter than a cardboard box because if that are her new breasts then they did a bad job. It looks small!

    1. FanWen,
      Joyce looks like a decent B cup to me. She’s a beautiful lady, big boobs or not. She has very nice slim legs.

      I found the commercial to be a little cheap though, asking Joyce to bounce around to make her jiggle….

      1. B cup in Hong Hong measurements right? But it shouldn’t matter how big her chest is. It looks better than those Lang Mo’s with the fake implants! As long as one is proportional, it shouldn’t matter how curvy/slim they are.

    2. Agreed. That must be why Marco cheated on her. He couldn’t stand her flat chest any much longer. Kidding…but seriously her new boobs are really small too.

  2. Agree, Jayne – I hope the fee paid to Joyce was worth all the jumping around for it!

  3. in other pics she actually looks like she has a belly…

  4. May I just say..

    “Joyce Tang Increases Cup Size and Confidently Bounces Around”

    What an awesome title! I MEAN IT! Confidently bounces around.. made me imagine her skipping, bouncing…

    1. @Funn Lim:

      Thank you, thank you for your compliment! LOL! *Waves hand like Laughing-Gor Michael Tse*

      Heehee not that I want to praise myself but I thought it’s such an apt title too! 😀

  5. Is this the same breast enhancement that Tavia did 4 or 5 years ago?

    1. @Vivien:

      Not sure! But I was wondering whether it’s the same breast enhancement salon as Elanne Kong’s Slimfit.

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