Joyce Tang Unlucky in Love for the Third Time; Boyfriend French-Kisses Another Woman

After dumping less-known star, Derek Kwok (郭政鴻) last year, Joyce Tang (滕麗名) who used to be a magnet for attracting bad love cheats, finally found someone worthy in March this year. Joyce’s new boyfriend, 40-year-old Matthew Chu (朱建崑), appeared to be a stable and mature man who worked at Canon under the sales department.

Initially thinking that a boyfriend outside the entertainment circle would not be as heartless as her previous famous ex-boyfriends, Joyce was proven wrong when it was exposed that her new love Matthew was nothing short of a jerk either. Matthew had allegedly seen that he was able to effortlessly court Joyce without splurging on anything lavish. Thus, he continued to date Joyce unsuspectingly behind his other steady girlfriend of many years, enjoying a serial dating life swarmed by two women!

Last Tuesday, on August 23rd, Joyce’s boyfriend Matthew accompanied his official girlfriend for Happy Hour before leaving and locking lips with her in a taxi. The duo then alighted at Matthew’s residence in the Hung Hom district and stayed there for the night.

Last Friday, on August 26th, Matthew forked out time to accompany Joyce for a meal, singing karaoke and holding hands, clasping fingers with Joyce while shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui. However, they did not spend the night together.

The following Monday, on August 29th, the reporter showed Joyce, who tragically became the third party, a photo of Matthew locking lips with his official girlfriend. Upon seeing it, Joyce’s eyes brimmed with tears but she held them back, put up a strong front and said, “There’s nothing wrong!” Joyce completely denied that Matthew was her boyfriend. Alas, there’s nothing more painful for a woman than falling into a love trap once, twice and for the third time now!

Caught Red-Handed

On August 12, 2011 at 8 PM, Joyce Tang’s boyfriend, Matthew, drove a white BMW and appeared in Happy Valley. The woman sitting beside the driver was not Joyce but Matthew’s official girlfriend of many years. Dating two women at a time but having no vigilance, Matthew parked his car near “Laughing Gor” Michael Tse’s (謝天華) residence and alighted with his official girlfriend. The couple browsed in a convenience shop nearby before making their way back to the BMW. Inside the car, the duo smoked and chatted, laughing from time to time. However, no intimate movement was spotted yet.

Last Tuesday, on August 23rd, at approximately 7 PM, Matthew left his office in the Hung Hom district and took a taxi to cross the causeway. Matthew then alighted in the Central district and walked over to the pub nearby to meet his official girlfriend. At approximately 9 PM, Matthew, his official girlfriend (who was donned in office wear) and another middle-aged lady left the pub together. The trio later went to a nearby lane and puffed some cigarettes. After smoking, both of them bid farewell to their companion and left.

Although there were a handful of taxis to take, Matthew didn’t want to pay for a detour and dragged his official girlfriend to Queen’s Road before boarding a taxi together. The taxi then stopped at Causeway Bay’s Crowne Plaza Hotel. Matthew and his official girlfriend then went up to the rooftop bar to continue drinking and chit chat. The duo looked like they had endless topics to talk about and became more excited as they were talking and sat closer and closer to each other. However, Matthew still controlled himself hence there wasn’t any abnormal behavior.

Around 11 PM at night, Matthew and his girlfriend flagged a taxi and left the scene. After less than three minutes of getting into the taxi, Matthew immediately reached for his official girlfriend and anxiously kissed and held onto her. Within a short taxi journey of twenty minutes, they mostly french-kissed half of the time. Upon reaching his Harbour Place apartment in Hung Hom, Matthew hastily alighted and entered his unit with his official girlfriend who stayed for the night.


Swaggering Around Town

Two days later, last Friday on August 26th at around 6 PM, Matthew knocked off work on time and left with his male colleague. They boarded a car which had been waiting below their building for a long time. The trio then alighted at Tsim Sha Tsui’s Knutsford Terrace for Happy Hour. Around 8 PM, Matthew bid goodbye to his bald colleague and traveled to Prat Avenue’s Neway Karaoke Joint to meet Joyce and their friends who were already waiting inside. Matthew was on leave the next day while Joyce didn’t have any filming commitments.  At around 12:30 midnight, after the karaoke session ended, they walked over to Kimberley Road to collect their car. As it was a weekend night, the streets were still filled with people. However, the two-timing Matthew was not the least afraid and publicly linked fingers with Joyce Tang.

When together with his official girlfriend, Matthew was in charge of paying for taxi fares, drinks and meals. However, when faced with Joyce, it was a different story altogether. Not only did Matthew not drive his car to fetch her around, even when Joyce went to pay the parking fees for her car, Matthew just stood at the side and didn’t do anything, not even offering to pay for her. While Joyce was paying her parking fees, Matthew however crept up and gave her a bear hug from behind, looking every bit like a new couple who was hotly in love.

Pitiful Joyce Tang who was still oblivious to her boyfriend Matthew’s Casanova behavior, even took pains to drive in circles near Matthew’s Harbour Place residence twice, for fear that Matthew’s residency will be made known to the paparazzi. After confirming that no one was following them, Joyce finally felt at ease and dropped Matthew off. Joyce was, unfortunately, not asked to stay for the night and had to drive back home alone.

Joyce’s Bumpy Love Road

Much of Joyce Tang’s precious youth was dedicated to Marco Ngai (魏駿傑). After dating for nine years, the couple finally broke up when Marco allegedly cheated on her.

Joyce Tang, who was 35-years-old this year, entered the industry at a tender age of 19-years-old after participating in the New Talent Singing Awards in 1995. Joyce was first introduced to the television audience through A Kindred Spirit <真情> and proceeded to act in dramas Old Time Buddy <難兄難弟>, Armed Reaction <陀槍師姐>, A Step Into The Past <尋秦記> and other titles. Although she has been in the industry for many years, Joyce was still hovering around the second line actress position and has yet to see a breakthrough in her career. Her love life was also as bumpy as her career. After dating for nine years back then, Joyce and Marco split up due to Marco’s unfaithfulness. Thereafter, Joyce got together with Derek Kwok, only to learn that he already had a family of his own, which made the innocent Joyce getting labeled as a third party.

The Men in Joyce’s Life

Marco Ngai

In 1998, Joyce Tang and Marco Ngai were paired as a couple for TVB drama, Armed Reaction <陀槍師姐>. The couple soon fell in love off screen and dated for nine years, even approaching the stage of marriage. However, in 2006, when Marco went to Chongqing, China to film a drama, he dated female student Zhang Li Hua behind Joyce’s back. In May 2007, Joyce and Marco announced their break up to the outside world. Within less than half a year, Marco hastily married new love Zhang Li Hua in a flash.

Derek Kwok

In 2007, Joyce Tang filmed War of In Laws 2 <野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶>. Her “reel love” with Derek Kwok soon turned into real love as the duo was photographed smooching in the car, dating and roaming the streets and became inseparable. Their development in love was indeed extremely stable.

However, in 2009, a reporter exposed that Derek was a “serial dater” and had even secretly conceived a daughter with a mainland woman. Derek had also allegedly kept Joyce in the dark about it and only diligently pursued her in order to ensure that he could be promoted. However, as a result of his selfishness, Joyce was innocently labeled as a third party by the outside world. Unwilling to be a third party, Joyce had no choice but to retreat from the romance.

Trying Her Best to Fight Back Tears

In her Weibo blog, Joyce referred to herself as being blissful. However, ever since meeting up to sing karaoke with boyfriend Matthew last Friday, Joyce never met up with her boyfriend again.

The previous Monday, on August 29th, Joyce started filming for the new TVB food program,<怒食街頭>, which she was co-hosting with Jazz Lam (林子善). After filming wrapped up, Joyce who was filled with loneliness, shopped along the streets of Central and Causeway Bay all by herself. At 10 PM, Joyce who was preparing to leave after getting a manicure, accepted an interview with the magazine reporter, speaking about her boyfriend’s infidelity for the very first time.

M= Magazine reporter; J= Joyce Tang

M: Last week, we captured you holding hands with your boyfriend, looking very sweet together!

J (Smiles sweetly): How pretty was that photo?

M: You guys have dated for quite some time now; will you disclose it publicly?

J (Happy to a maximum point): Wouldn’t lahs!

M: Have you guys met each other’s parents?

J (Coquettishly): Won’t say lahs, these are personal matters!

M: Do you know that your boyfriend already has a girlfriend?

J (Glances over at the photo taken of Matthew and his official girlfriend): Is it?! They are only colleagues or friends right?

M: Your boyfriend was french kissing this woman on board a taxi. They even went to his house to spend the night there.

J (Looks closely and carefully at the photo, face immediately sinks and eyes brim with tears): Okay lahs.

M: Do you know that you have become a third party?

J: There’s nothing wrong! There’s nothing wrong!

M: There’s nothing wrong even when your boyfriend and that woman (his official girlfriend) went into his house and spent the night together?

J (Went entirely silent for 10 seconds and her voice started to tremble): There’s nothing wrong wor!

M: You can condone your boyfriend cheating behind your back with another woman?

J: I have never said that he was my boyfriend!

M: Will you draw a clear line with Matthew?

J (Anger starts to erupt): Draw what clear line lahs! We are just ordinary friends so why is there a need to draw a clear line?

Joyce Tang who refused to admit that she was dating, had already betrayed herself when she previously revealed on Weibo that she was in bliss thus indirectly admitting that she was in a romance.

On August 24th, the following day after her boyfriend had cheated on her, an unsuspecting Joyce Tang who had fallen deeply in love, was all smiles when filming with Jazz Lam, Meini Cheung (張美妮) and others in East Tsim Sha Tsui for food program,<怒食街頭>.

Famous Men Who Cheated

Out of ten men, nine would definitely cheat on their other half. Regardless of whether they were attached or married, men who do not think with their brains, usually end up dragging himself and others down.

Kasey Lin

Kasey Lin (練海棠) has been married to Christine Ng (伍詠薇) for many years. Last year, he was exposed to have dined with another young lady in Central while Christine was away overseas. Kasey had allegedly even caressed the other party’s hand and drove her home with his seven-seater car.

Joey Leung

In 2005, Joey Leung (梁榮忠) went behind his then-girlfriend, Margaret Chung’s (鍾麗淇) back and made out with Queenie Chu (朱慧敏) in a car at Siu Sai Wan. After that incident, Joey’s image plummeted and carried the label of “Cheap guy.” Margaret Chung then moved out of his home and split ways with him.

Joe Ngai

During the end of 2008, Joe Ngai (倪震) was photographed seeking for pleasures in a Lan Kwai Fong night club without the knowledge of Vivian Chow (周慧敏) and cheated on her with a 22-year-old city girl Zhang Mao. After which, he received Vivian’s forgiveness and in a dramatic twist of events, got married with her.

Chu Pui Hing

In 2007, ex-RTHK radio broadcasting chief Chu Pui Hing (朱培慶) went to the Must Kawa nightclub in Causeway Bay. When leaving, he was photographed holding onto mainland stripper, Coco. Swarmed by reporters and photographers, Chu Pui Hing immediately hid behind Coco. It was not a pretty sight indeed.

Ever since she ended her relationship with TVB less-known star, Derek Kwok, in August 2010, Joyce’s colleagues from TVB and her outside friends eagerly arranged matchmaking dinners for her, hoping to help her find another romance in life. After getting hurt numerous times, Joyce tred her steps cautiously until she met Matthew Chu, who worked in a sales department at Canon. The chanced meeting at a friend’s luncheon successfully stirred up Joyce’s interest in Matthew.

Often wearing proper business suits, Matthew appeared gentle and refined. It was also a plus point that he possessed a sense of humor, making him extremely compatible with Joyce. Although he was just an average white-collar worker, Joyce did not mind. Dating for many months now, Matthew and Joyce were starting to get photographed by the paparazzi. However, despite constant prompts from his colleagues, Matthew still refused to admit his relationship with Joyce, only replying, “Joyce and I are only friends!”

Some of Matthew’s colleagues already knew that Matthew had a long-time girlfriend for many years and didn’t feel a tinge surprised about Matthew’s involvement with Joyce Tang, “Matthew’s overall formal office wear image when meeting clients is really deceptive. Those who do not know him might think that he is a mature and stable man. On the contrary, Matthew loves to club and have fun. Those who are notorious for clubbing in night clubs, they all know him. Matthew often clubs three to four days a week! He often goes for quick affairs behind his official girlfriend’s back. But I must really hand it to him. Who would have thought that he was so highly-skilled to even snag a TVB actress!”

Joyce Tang, who was romantically in love, became a spokesperson for a breast enhancement salon earlier on. Initially thinking that she was lucky both in love and in career but alas, it was all just a facade. In May this year, Joyce and Matthew returned to Hong Kong after a trip to Bangkok. They publicly displayed acts of affection at the airport and Joyce was smiling from ear to ear, clearly smitten.

When dating, Joyce Tang only cared about feelings and not money. Since he didn’t have to spend much while out on dates with Joyce and with bragging rights of having an actress as a girlfriend, Matthew naturally wouldn’t give up this rare opportunity. Tough luck on Joyce though for mistakenly thinking that she finally attained a golden bachelor boyfriend, even taking no chances to protect this romance by denying that she’s dating anyone, only to discover that it was happiness for nothing. Turning into a third party overnight, fate was indeed cruel for playing tricks on Joyce Tang.

Other Muddleheaded Celebrities

Victory and love often make people lose their senses. Unscrupulously spoiling other people’s romance just to get what they want, putting a label of “foxy vixen” on them is indeed justifiable, such as Sonjia Kwok (郭羨妮). However, in the sea of love, besides the existence of foxy vixens, there are also ignorant and naive women too. Initially thinking that true love was in their grasp, only to find out later that the other party already has a steady girlfriend, completely display muddleheadedness. Such was the life of people like Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣).

Sonjia Kwok

In 2006, Sonjia Kwok allegedly got romantically involved with Michael Tao (陶大宇) during the filming of TVB’s police-themed drama, On The First Beat <學警出更 2>. At that time, Michael Tao’s wife, Wong Wai Po, publicly criticized Sonjia in front of the media, saying, “Sonjia Kwok is the third party!”. After one year, Michael and his wife officially divorced and Sonjia was labelled as a “vixen,” plummeting her image down to the lowest point of her career. In 2008, Michael Tao amended his ways and broke things off with Sonjia Kwok. Thereafter, Sonjia got together with mainland martial arts choreographer, Zhu Shaojie, and even got engaged to him.

Linda Chung

In June 2011, Linda Chung was exposed to have secretly dated lawyer and former classmate, Felix Lee (李傲富). However, she later found out (through the media) that her boyfriend was two-timing her with another woman. As it turned out, Felix didn’t make things clear with Linda that he already had a long-time lawyer girlfriend, Joyce, and was clearly dating Linda behind Joyce’s back too. As a result, Linda unknowingly became a third party.


Source: Next Magazine #1121

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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    1. Great idea! Or they can start a Jilted Lovers Club. Kidding aside, I feel sorry for Joyce. Third time was not the charm!

  1. Despite Joyce’s denial, I think it’s rather obvious that this Matthew was her boyfriend. Would any female link fingers with him, let him give her a bear hug from behind, stand so intimately with him and go overseas alone with him if he was just a friend?

    In any case, I do feel sorry for her. It must be truly heartbreaking for her to learn the news of her boyfriend’s infidelity, especially since it was through the media.

     I understand that it’s a reporter’s job to grill them for answers but this particular reporter is seriously being insensitive by persistently questioning her for answers directly after showing her photos of her boyfriend french kissing a woman and revealing to her that that woman even turned out to be his steady girlfriend of many years! I mean this is too huge a setback for anyone to bear almost immediately. I felt that the reporter should have at least showed some empathy and not go so harsh on her by asking, “There’s nothing wrong even when your boyfriend and that woman (his official girlfriend) went into his house and spent the night together?”. I mean that’s not even being brutally honest, that’s just being plain cruel manx!

    1. Ah K,
      Agree that it was quite harsh to find out about boyfriend two-timing through the reporter. Obviously the reporter set up the sequence of questions to note Joyce’s reaction, first asking her about being sweetly in love with Matthew, then showing a photo of him with another woman, and finally the kissing photo in the taxi.

      I do wonder why Joyce was so unlucky each time in love. In the last two relationships, was she aware that the men she dated, Derek and Matthew, may not have officially ended their relationships before getting involved with them? When the men did not severe ties with their previously involved women, was Joyce aware of this or oblivious?

      Sometimes there are signs of a man two-timing, such as man mysteriously disappearing for long periods or mysterious and very possessive over his cell phone. Along the way, something must have not added up. It is also possible Matthew covered his tracks extremely well from Joyce. However, the paparazzi published photos of Joyce and Matthew together earlier, so wouldn’t his “official girlfriend” realize that he was seeing Joyce on the side?

      1. Neither she nor Derek admitted that they dated. Derek now is a father of 2 kids already.

    2. @Jayne:

      “Agree that it was quite harsh to find out about boyfriend two-timing through the reporter. Obviously the reporter set up the sequence of questions to note Joyce’s reaction, first asking her about being sweetly in love with Matthew, then showing a photo of him with another woman, and finally the kissing photo in the taxi.”

      Yes, totally agree! The questions just seem way too structured, like they resemble a certain flow, like they were slowly and gradually leading her into the situation and then trapping her right in her tracks! :X

      “When the men did not severe ties with their previously involved women, was Joyce aware of this or oblivious?”

      You know what, I wondered about that too! Heehee! When the reporter asked her whether she knew that she had became a third party and whether there’s nothing wrong even when her boyfriend and his official girlfriend went into his house and spent the night together with him, her reply of “there’s nothing wrong! there’s nothing wrong!” is especially befuddling to me.

      I mean I give her benefit of the doubt that maybe she was too stunned and couldn’t give a reaction under those circumstances but is this really something any self-respecting woman would say?

      “I do wonder why Joyce was so unlucky each time in love”

      I pondered that too! Well, hopefully she will be better luck in love next time. You know what they say, three times’ a charm so maybe she will be lucky the 4th time?

      “However, the paparazzi published photos of Joyce and Matthew together earlier, so wouldn’t his “official girlfriend” realize that he was seeing Joyce on the side?”

      I found that puzzling too! How the hell could his “official” girlfriend miss out something like that when it is usually splashed out all over the magazine tabloids and the newspapers? Don’t tell me his “official” girlfriend was demeaning enough to allow her boyfriend to take a “concubine” girlfriend too? :O

      1. *I meant hopefully she will have better luck in love next time not “…she will be better luck in love”

    3. I feel so bad for Joyce. I hope that she will not give up and find her true love one day. Sadly, for some people, they will not be able to find their true love even in this lifetime. Maybe her time just hasn’t come yet? I hope that it does soon since she is getting older and it is harder to have kids and all if she wants to have her own family… Best wishes to her and hope that she will get through this quickly.

    4. With these close actions, she can’t deny he is her bf. But she still denied. Lol, but maybe she think of its (the relationship) as friend with benefit?

      1. How else do you expect her to reply?

        ‘Yeah, he’s my boyfriend and I want to kill him now for cheating on me.’?

      2. Something like “Yes, but now he is my ex”. Oh I like that quote of Megan Fox in Transformer 2 when she saw his bf with another girl.

  2. How sad if this is true, I’ve grown to like Joyce Tang and there are a few points I don’t understand…

    1. The ‘official’ gf of the guy obviously lives in HK, so would she now know that he is being rumoured with Joyce Tang?

    2. Ok, that could be explained if the guy was ‘skillful’ enough to make up lies etc but then how about coming back from Thailand, holdings hands etc? Most ppl don’t do that with ‘just friends’ do they?

    Apart from that, I do hope Joyce finds a better guy soon or you know what, it’s totally alright being single and happy too rather than getting involved in this kinda messy stuff 😀

    As for Sonia, did not follow the news at the time, so not sure and as for Linda, it does sound like she had no idea, so it’s really not her fault..

    1. @Minami:

      I agree with your No. 1 provoking question! I found that puzzling too! How the hell could his “official” girlfriend not detect anything when it is usually splashed out all over the magazine tabloids and the newspapers? Don’t tell me his “official” girlfriend was demeaning enough to allow her boyfriend to take a “concubine” girlfriend too? :O

      1. I know! Unless, a small if, that the woman doesn’t mind like you mentioned! Or, if the guy told her that joyce and he are just friends, maybe she is too in love with the guy hehe

    2. @ Ah K @ Minami

      Maybe Matthew and his official girlfriend are in an open relationship.

  3. wow I just clicked on the photos to get a better look at the guy and he does look kinda cunning or maybe it’s just me 🙂

  4. She reminds me of Jennifer Aniston. So unlucky, but better to know now than later. However is there a trend here, a pattern? Either she is a bad girlfriend or she is attracted to lousy men. I am not sure which.

    1. What you said reminds me of one of my ex friends Funn. She has had countless boyfriends and all of them all want to break up with her time and again.It felt like a pattern that was forming… She always blames it on the guy, but I think it is her fault based on her personality. With Joyce, it doesn’t seem like she is a bad girlfriend… Maybe she just attracts unfaithful and lousy men???

  5. I hope joyce’s ok. it’s really torture to get played not once but thrice! =(

  6. The sequence of the questions was well calculated.
    The questions at the beginning were meant to make her feel happy and sweet. Then they surprised her with the photos while she was unprepared. Very cruel, I won’t know how to react and hide my emotions/embarrassments.

  7. I think Joyce is quite beautiful, much prettier (although slightly tomboy?) than many of the ladies who entered the industry during her time. The first one who came to mind is Charmaine Sheh. Don’t understand why she never made it big, not aggressive in her career as much? There were also a few years when she just disappeared, if I remember correctly. Was she taking a break from filming or was she filming in mainland?

    How the reporter approached and questioned her is indeed very mean and cruel. Hope she recovers soon (even though Mr. Two-timer isn’t worthy of her) and meet her Mr. Right. 🙂

  8. 3 men that cheated on her?! Its either there’s something wrong with her or these jerky men take her as a woman who is easy to please and gives in to their demands.

  9. I feel bad for Joyce too. Either she’s really unlucky in love or she’s a naive woman that’s easy to take advantage of. Is she’s the latter type I suggest she buckle up and make herself stronger.

    1. I kinda think that is could be a pattern…i.e. insecurity in a woman could make them attracted or attract these guys who take advantage of women…or just pure ‘bad luck’ although I find the former a more substantial reason..I don’t think that she is a bad gf or anything like that (think someone mentioned that as a possibility), in fact she comes across as someone who may be too willing to please and so gets taken advantage of…I’m still pretty sure she will find happiness one day though 🙂 Some ppl just find it later…

      1. Hi Minami,

        just read your comments and realised how similar our thoughts are about Joyce and her situation!! 🙂

  10. Lol, have to ask for why all the time Joyce is involved with two-timers? 1st time, she is young and naive. 2nd time, she is still young and naive. 3rd time, ok, what did she do make all of her men wanna find other women?

    1. For the current case, it does not seem like the guy is out to find another woman but actually already had a gf but kept Joyce in the dark about it and dated the guy could have been looking for a diversion or to be able to say he is dating an actress..that’s my opinion..

    2. Maybe Joyce is a very desperate woman who’s easy to court (every man likes to think he’s hot), is eager to please him in every way (every man thinks he deserves this), but quickly becomes clingy (which most men hate) and thinks that her happiness comes from her boyfriend only (which all men hate)?

      Maybe the reporter’s (very rude and insensitive)questioning could serve as a wake-up call for her – perhaps she should focus on being comfortable with being herself (happy with who she is) and being comfortable with her self(happy being alone and not attached to a man)? Perhaps for her, love will come later at a most unexpected time, when she’s finally content and at peace with who she is?

      1. I like your analysis and it may be true even though I don’t want to see Joyce as such a weak and gullible woman.

      2. we do have the same train of thought on this issue hehe what a nice coincidence!

    3. LOL. Too young, too naive :P.

      but 3 times naive and she’s not young anymore.

  11. What can you say, she’s got a thing for bad guys. I think she’s not smart about it when it comes to judging a man. She needs to realize her patterns from these men. If I were her I would write down the quality of a man that she likes as a husband and just go by the list instead…

  12. I don’t like the tone of the article writer.

    What’s with the constant pre-fix of less-known star before Derek’s name?

    Secondly, Michael has never admitted to dating Sonija and even publicly said sorry to Sonija for dragging her image down with his marriage problem. Why does the reporter write ‘n 2008, Michael Tao amended his ways and broke things off with Sonjia Kwok. ‘

    Lastly, I felt what the reporter did to Joyce was cruel, showing her the picture and interviewing her on the spot. How do they expect her to react?

  13. Poor Joyce, I hope she will go to that guy and give him a good slap for good.

  14. I agree and truly sympathise with poor Joyce. She’s much too nice for those cheaters and they are not worth it. Its bad enough when you find out that your boyfriend has cheated on you but a million times worse when you are a celebrity and the whole world knows about it. Must be soul destroying and humiliating. I also agree with some of the comments above and that some people just never find true happiness in this lifetime as they are just very unlucky. Still, she should not give up and hopefully Mr. Right will appear one day whether he is in the Entertainment Industry or not as long as he is a decent guy.

    1. I kinda agree with Jayne that Joyce is indeed a magnet attracting bad guys as bf. Some ppl tend to love bad boys even if they know they’re bad, wont bring any good to them, they just stick like a glue to them. I’m not sure about Joyce, but there is a question about her men selection and criteria though. Why all the men she used to hang out with ended up being a cheater? Is it that she’s really naive and soft hearted to believe the man’s word or she simply doesn’t have a standard requirements to become her bf.

    2. I always believe the kind of guys you date always reflect the kind of girl you are. Maybe she is attracted to their “flowery” mouth so to speak, she doesn’t know she is a beautiful woman deserving of better men or maybe, just maybe, she has some problem she herself does not admit.

      1. @Funn,

        I think apart from Joyce’s lousy luck in finding a reliable bf, she has a personality problem which she didn’t realise. I agree with ya on that.

  15. I have to say that I find it amusing when the media even write things like “they were french kissing”. How on earth could they tell unless they were right up against them? Maybe it was just a guess meaning that they were really hot on each other or something.

  16. I feel really bad for Joyce and the reporter was cruel to have revealed it that way just to get a story. I get the sense she is attracted to lousy men and also probably has some insecurity issues (which were probably exacerbated when Marco two-timed her). She always gave me the impression that she is very girly / child-like for someone her age so maybe the lack of self-worth or sense of self contributes to her blindness in terms of choosing men?

  17. Look on the bright side, at least he has been caught red handed. Poor Joyce, better luck next time!

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