How Joyce Tang Makes Her Husband Want to Come Home

Joyce Tang’s (滕麗名) name is synonymous with “pitiful” in the minds of many fans. After dating Marco Ngai (魏駿傑) for nine years, the couple’s relationship ended on bad terms. Marco went on to marry Zhang Lihua (張利華) merely months after their breakup. Joyce’s love life continued to be tarnished by seedy men, including Derek Kwok (郭政鴻), who was revealed to have been married while pursuing Joyce. When she finally seemed to have found light at the end of the tunnel with Matthew Chu (朱建崑), it was revealed that Matthew was two-timing Joyce and actually had a long-term girlfriend. Despite so, Joyce successfully won over Matthew. The couple wed in 2013.

In response to being regarded as “pitiful”, Joyce declared, “Every time I hear the word ‘pitiful’, I would get goosebumps. To be honest, no one knows what is happening in my life. Talking about it is meaningless. I didn’t do anything wrong. Right now, everyone has their own family. I have never thought of myself as pitiful. Instead, I think I made the best decision. I have lived with dignity.”

Having been married for five years, Joyce is often rumored to be pregnant. However, Joyce confessed that they will not have children. “We both have pretty high nose bridges. Our future children will definitely be very good looking. But we both have the same thought and believe that the world has too many people. It is not easy for our generation to live. It’ll be even tougher for the next generation, or even the generation after that. Work, environment, weather, pollution, food… every resource is in limited supply. We don’t want to have children because we don’t want our children to suffer. Especially since I know I will definitely be a Tiger Mom. I would definitely make my kids take all kinds of extracurricular courses. They will definitely suffer!”

Joyce Dotes on Husband

Since the couple have decided against having children, they will have to lean on one another for the years to come. Though Matthew possesses a positive outlook on life and is caring towards family, Joyce admitted that he has a bad habit of not liking to return home. “As a wife with a husband who doesn’t like coming home, I would make sure that our home is cleaned thoroughly, cook his favorite dishes, or invite a group of his friends over to attract him to come home. Sometimes, I would feel that he is very selfish and self-centered. My mother, though, put all her energy into our family. She sacrificed for us. I grew up with a family of four, but Matthew is just about himself. That is why I need him to learn that things are not just about him, but about us. At the very least, he has to include me in his thoughts.”

Reflecting on her own upbringing, Joyce said, “Actually, I am very similar to my mother. I am a bit of a control freak. My husband would casually leave the cigar box on the table, and I would nag him about putting it back in the drawer. But I am actually someone quite easy to handle. When someone messes with my family, I will fight them to the death. But when faced with my husband, I am very coquettish. When dealing with a man, you cannot be too tough or strong-headed. When he understands that you are true to him and have his best interest at heart, then he won’t resist too much. Personally, I dote on my husband a lot. I am very concerned about his health and would take care of him. I hope my husband can live a long life. I don’t need to be rich. As long as I can ski in the winter, play some golf in the summer, and do some gardening, I will be very happy.”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. Sounds like she’s getting the end of the stick but it’s whatever floats her boat.

  2. She sounds like a kind, caring and selfless wife unlike most women these days. Her husband is lucky to have her so hope he cherishes her.

  3. Yes, lets hope her husband treats her well. Her personal life has been rocky to say the least, she deserves to find a good man who will love and cherish her.

  4. I’m confused with the title on the top so did her husband travel somewhere and wasn’t home that’s why it said she wants him want to come home? If a couple doesn’t want to have a children after married I think it’s normal as long both of them are happy that’s all matter.

    1. @cutie777 her husband has not travelled, he can be a selfish and self centred person (her words not mine), who does not like to return home. So she will do things to lure him home or to keep him home. That’s my understanding of this article.

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