Marco Ngai Vows to Never Marry Again; Praises Ex Joyce Tang

Ending his marriage when his wife Zhang Lihua (張利華) was found to be having an affair, former TVB actor Marco Ngai (魏駿傑) vows to never get married again. Deeply hurt by his wife’s cheating, Marco praised ex-girlfriend Joyce Tang‘s (滕麗名) virtues instead.

During his 12-year marriage with Zhang Lihua, Marco tried numerous times to salvage their relationship after learning about her multiple affairs. In 2015 and in 2017, she was suspected to be seeing other men. In January, Lihua was seen kissing a foreigner in a car and moved out of Marco’s house.

Previously, the 52-year-old actor revealed that he and Lihua have been sleeping in separate rooms for the past five years. The couple held onto their marriage only because of their nine-year-old daughter, Jessica. But the public exposure of Lihua’s cheating was the final straw, as the pair is filing for divorce.

Is It Karma?

Although Marco is deeply hurt by his wife’s betrayal, he received nothing but snide comments from netizens who recall he had cheated on Joyce Tang, which ultimately led to their breakup in 2007. The pair had dated for nine years after meeting on 1998 TVB drama, Armed Reaction < 陀槍師姐>. It was said that Marco cheated on Joyce with Zhang Lihua, who is 20 years his junior.

With many people seeing this as karma on Marco for betraying Joyce years ago, he replied, “A lot of people think I made many mistakes, and that I didn’t treat Joyce well. I’ve already paid my dues! Thinking back, it’s hard to say which one of us was not good to each other – our fate just came to an end. People think I wasn’t good to her, but in my opinion, I just didn’t have the right to love her. It was fair that I lost her.

“Even though we’ve been separated for so long, I still pay attention to her news. For example, I saw that she hurt her rib cage earlier and I thought to myself, what happened? Her husband is really great, and I know for sure he’s doing a better job than I would. I know the new installment for Armed Reaction will start filming soon. Even though I’m not part of it, the drama was a record of our relationship together. I hope the drama will do well, and I wish Joyce a good life.”

Will Never Marry Again

Unable to leave behind the pain and disappointment that the divorce has brought him, Marco has lost trust in marriage. “I’m still in the healing process and haven’t fully recovered yet. It feels like I can look past it, but at the same time I can’t. Will I be able to accept a new relationship in the future? That’s impossible. From this moment onward and for the rest of my life, I will never get married again.”

With Lihua officially out of his life, Marco will focus on caring for his young daughter. Praising Jessica for being understanding, Marco currently spends time playing and helping Jessica with her homework. Marco is also in the process of teaching her how to play mahjong to train her brain and personal character.

Joyce Tang: “I’m Very Happy”

Joyce will be reprising her role as the beloved, Chan Sam Yuen, in the latest installment of Armed Reaction. However, Marco’s character and her character’s children will not appear in the drama. When Joyce learned from the press that Marco wished her a good life, she curtly responded, “Thank you, I’m very happy. I hope everyone in this world happiness as well.”


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  1. I’m sure Joyce will be ecstatic with the praise! How are TVB going to continue with Joyce’s character without Marco and the children? All die in an accident? The crap script writing these days, I’m expecting another franchise ending crappy series…

  2. The ex wife seems like a gold digger hope Marco will learn his lesson just feel sorry for the daughter.

  3. He’s such an embarrassment. Wasn’t he saying horrible things about the ex when they broke up and now you dared to praise? OMG, just shut it and save yourself from further embarrassment please. lol….haha I mean we would never know who’s more at fault but themselves but why would you always need to comment on it and reveal to everyone? It is kind of karma. Remember Tom Cruise telling reporters #she knew what happened# like it’s always the other’s fault in his case it was Nicole Kidman at the time. Just shut it. haha lol….This guy you really wonder what else you see in that skinny woman except MUCH YOUNGER. In their wedding booklet or whatever, she looked just like an skinny under-aged teen and now she looked a bit more stylish and always bloated like she’s in her 40’s.

  4. Marco married his ex-wife when she was only 19 and popped out a few kids. She’s barely lived life. I’d be surprised if she hadn’t slept with a dozen guys by now.

  5. Well, he’s fat old ugly and has no dough. Plus he has a daughter. Which woman in her right mind will marry him lol.

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