Joyce Tang was Hospitalized for 2 Weeks in Japan

Joyce Tang (滕麗名) alarmed fans today when she uploaded photos of herself in the hospital, one of her laying in bed and another of her sitting in a wheelchair.

It turns out that Joyce had been hospitalized for over 2 weeks while she was on vacation in Japan. She only just returned to Hong Kong.

“[I’m] thankful. On December 28th, a single accident got me to stay over two weeks in a hospital to recuperate. I’ve finally recovered and have returned to Hong Kong.”

The update came as a shock to fans, as Joyce had been updating her social media periodically since her trip to Japan last month. On January 21, one day after her 44th birthday, she uploaded her social media with some sentimental thoughts, with no hints at her being hospitalized at all.

“On this birthday, there was no luxurious romantic dinner or crowded parties,” she had said. “Only love and care. That sounds needless to say, but it is actually hard to come by.”

Since her December 28 hospitalization, her husband Matthew Chu (朱建崑) had been flying back and forth from Hong Kong to Japan to take care of her. “I’ve experienced a new perspective of life this month,” said Joyce. “For this patient my husband went back and forth all month. To see all the emotions going through his face makes my heart feel hurt and sweetness at the same time.”

Joyce thanked her Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <·回家之開心速遞> costars for sending well-wishes and care packages the past few weeks. She specifically thanked her on-screen son Kalok Chow (周嘉洛) for sending her “big big kiss” faces every now and then; Pal Sinn (單立文) for his “immediate soul-chasing” messages; Andrew Chan’s (陳浚霆) care package; Mandy Lam’s (林淑敏) birthday gift; the Lo and Behold cast and crew; and TVB executive Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍). “You guys have all worked hard to readjust your schedules due to my condition. You don’t need to win an award to thank these people!” she added.

Reporters reached out to Joyce to follow-up on the accident. She responded saying, “I just slipped and fell by accident. I am more or less recovered, and am preparing to go back work. Thank you all for the concerns.”


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  1. So many Hong Kong celebrities go to Japan for vacation is it because very close to Hong Kong? I’m glad she’s doing better. Matthew is such a sweet husband.

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