Joyce Tang Will Not Have Many Action Scenes in “Armed Reaction 2020”

Sixteen years after the release of Armed Reaction IV <陀槍師姐IV>, TVB announced its spin-off sequel Armed Reaction 2020, which will feature a brand new cast. One of the only remaining cast members is Joyce Tang (滕麗名), who reprises her role as Chan Sam-yuen, known in the series as Hong Kong’s first female officer to shoot a gun while on duty.

Joyce, who is still recovering from her skiing accident in Japan last December, was spotted filming the show with costar Moses Chan (陳豪) last night. She told reporters that while she is reprising her original role, her character is not the main focus of the series. “I don’t have many action scenes. I don’t like that. I would love to have some,” she said.

While the not completely recovered, the 44-year-old said she is fine. “It only hurts when you move a certain angle, but other than that I’m doing great. After all, it does take time for bones to heal.”

Joyce broke five ribs, including one that punctured a lung, in a skiing accident last December. She was hospitalized for two weeks.

Joyce Tang as Chan Sam-yuen in the first season of “Armed Reaction” (1998).

“I am returning to work sooner than expected,” she said. “But everyone’s been really consider.” Asking if her husband has “prohibited” her from doing action scenes, she said, “He’s not the type to ask me questions about work, and I usually don’t tell him what I do at work either.”

Joyce wore a hat with a facial covering while chatting with reporters. She said, “As a member of society it is your responsibility to protect others. After all, you are usually surrounded by people when you’re filming at an outdoor location.”

Moses said he has been very careful with self-sanitization, adding that the filming crew had also halted production for a couple of days for sanitization reasons. “We’re only removing our face masks when we’re on camera. I have a family at home, so I have to be careful! (How are the kids dealing with being home schooled?) Fortunately my kids are supportive of each other. My wife is getting a little stressed though, because she has to help the kids do their homework online.”

Armed Reaction 2020 also stars Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), Him Law (羅仲謙), and Tony Hung (洪永城).


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