Marco Ngai’s Wife Cheats on Him

Hong Kong actor Marco Ngai (魏駿傑) has been married to his wife, Zhang Lihua (張利華), for over 12 years. Together, they have a daughter who is already nine years old. Due to their 20-year-age gap, the couple has been experiencing marital problems. With Lihua seen cheating in their marriage, she moved out of their home two days ago. The couple looks to be heading towards divorce.

Recently, Lihua was seen kissing with a foreigner in his car. Working as a banker, Lihua’s boyfriend is a high-income earner. After their dinner, they headed back to his house together.

This might be the last straw for Marco, who is unable to tolerate his wife’s infidelity. The 52-year-old actor immediately changed his profile picture on social media to pure black and captioned, “From now on, it is just you and me,” hinting that he will be the only parent taking care of their daughter going forward.

When reached for comment, Marco said, “This is my personal matter. I’ll handle it myself.”

After her cheating scandal was revealed, Lihua was seen moving out of Marco’s home with over 20 bags of her belongings. She was still driving the car that is under Marco’s name. Moving into a $40 million HKD property, which appears to be her boyfriend’s home, Lihua later stepped out to a yacht party.

When asked whether she and Marco are separating, Lihua smiled politely and said, “Thank you for your concern, I don’t want to respond at the moment. This is a family matter and we will deal with it. Please give us space so that we don’t affect our daughter.”

Problems already arose in Marco and Lihua’s marriage five years ago. Because of their daughter, the couple continued to live together, but allegedly slept in separate rooms. In 2017, Lihua started seeing another man, award-winning cyclist Tang Wang Yip (鄧宏業). Marco attempted to save their marriage by offering Lihua a more comfortable life and buying a $17 million HKD house in Sai Kung.


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    1. @m0m0 LOL.. No one will feel bad for this dude. He looks horrible now but wife is 32 doesn’t seem to look any better. lol…. She is like a skeleton bone before and not even attractive yet he dumped that TVB actress just such negativity and media attention.
      Karma for this dude!! haha….

  1. Idk if you can call it cheating. She states they’ve lived separately for 5 years already. When you live apart like that, you might as well be called single with roommates. The only difference is that it’s not legally official yet.

    I used to like Marco, but he really ruined his own image. And his ex-wife signed up for this, too. So they really can’t blame anyone else. Joyce is lucky to have escaped this situation.

  2. That’s what happened when the much younger wife are being too spoiled and hoped he’ll learn his lesson just feel bad for the daughter I guess it’s the same situation as for Yang Ming and Hawick Lau.

    1. @cutie777
      Yes sort of similar but Hawick and Yang Mi’s was a shotgun wedding so they did not cheat on anyone. Yang Mi is not suitable to be a wife or mother as she just focuses on career only. But Marco cheated on his ex and went with a younger woman so not that similar.

  3. He got what he deserved. I cant even blame her. She was so young when they married. She mustve been overwhelmed by the idea of dating a celebrity and thought that it was love. As she grew older, she felt empty that she missed out on a lot of things. On top of that, he isnt famous anymore

    1. @dreamer she wasn’t a naive little kitten when they got married. She told him that she wasn’t going to “compromise” her lifestyle when they got married/had a kid.

    2. @dreamer
      She was not an innocent child that knew nothing. I bet she was just in it for the status and money as he was a celebrity. He is not an angel and neither is she. They both got what they deserved but I feel bad for their kid since she is the only innocent one here.

  4. What goes around comes around! He cheated before with his previous relationships so in a way, it’s karma for him….Didn’t he also post many years ago on Weibo that his ex Joyce Tang is a cheap slut or something like that? And then when Joyce fought back and he ended up getting lambasted, he claimed is was a hacker who posted and not him? So a jerk and a coward too. I remember back when Marco and Joyce broke up, there were rumors that he had been violent toward Joyce, but yet she defended him and said he had never hurt her. I wouldn’t be surprised if his temper is part of the reason why his wife did what she did. I’m sure Joyce is glad that she ditched this loser so many years ago.

  5. Congratulations. It seemed wrong from the beginning and no one really expected it to last. It is better to say goodbye to a bad marriage than keep up appearances in the media and then suffer in silence. I think it is good for all, including the child, as they can all move on and find happiness or peace.

    I have never really liked Marco even before the scandal but I wish him the best. As for his previous cheating, I think it is in the past now as both Elaine Ho and Joyce Tang have found great husbands and have put the sad times behind them. Marco has paid the price with his career and the scandal and judgment will continue to follow him for the rest of his life.

    Hope he finds time to take care of his daughter because the mum does not seem to around much.

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