Feeling Trapped in Marriage, Marco Ngai’s Wife Dates Cyclist

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Feeling Trapped in Marriage, Marco Ngai’s Wife Dates Cyclist

Married for seven years, Marco Ngai’s (魏駿傑) marriage with Zhang Lihua (張利華) is on the rocks. Due to their 20-year age gap, the couple leads different lifestyles.  Feeling trapped in the marriage, Lihua was seen dating cyclist Tang Wang Yip (鄧宏業) while Marco was away from Hong Kong.

In recent years, Marco turned his career focus to Mainland China with little success. Despite her husband’s declining career, Lihua is known for her extravagant spending habits and recently splurged $800,000 RMB on a Landrover. She also has a penchant for Louis Vuitton handbags.

Date with Cycling Champion

Earlier, Lihua was photographed meeting up with 2009 East Asian Games Cycling champion, Tang Wang Yip. Driving to a restaurant together for dinner, the pair deliberately kept distance until they were inside. Chatting and laughing animatedly, Tang lent Lihua his sweater and constantly placed food on her plate.

While walking back to the car after dinner, Tang placed his hand around Lihua’s waist and also held her purse. Tang dropped Lihua off on a secluded corner near her home to avoid neighbors’ notice.

Lihua Considers Divorce 

Due to her love for exercise, Lihua met Tang through a mutual cyclist friend. An insider revealed, “They always show up at social events together like they are dating, but they are elusive. A friend once nosily asked why [Lihua[ didn’t come with Marco. She would say he is attending a work-related event, so he couldn’t attend.

Lihua and Marco lead different lifestyles in their marriage. The couple is often separated due to Marco’s work projects. Even when Marco is in Hong Kong, the 47-year-old actor feels unable to catch up with his young wife, who enjoys running and vigorous exercise.

Unhappy in her marriage with Marco, Lihua has considered divorce. The insider stated, “Lihua feels their relationship is gradually worsening and they can no longer communicate. She has complained to her friends many times and has thought about filing for divorce.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. funnlim says:

    Unable to keep up huh? Young wife huh?

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  2. winnie says:

    20 years age gap. she married young and is now starting to live her life, surely Marco will not be able to keep up with an energetic wife, so it’s not surprising she seeks out company of a younger man. This flash marriage is doom from the start, Karma!!!

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