Marco Ngai Forgives Wife and Buys Her a Luxurious Mansion

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Marco Ngai Forgives Wife and Buys Her a Luxurious Mansion

Back in May, 47-year-old Marco Ngai (魏駿傑) and his 27-year-old wife Zhang Lihua (張利華) were on the brim of ending their seven-year marriage. While Marco was busy filming in Mainland China, Lihua was spotted behaving intimately with professional cyclist Tang Wang Yip (鄧宏業). Despite being extremely angry at the time, Marco reportedly forgave his wife within a span of two months. He earlier purchased a luxurious mansion as a gift to Lihua, and it is assumed that the storm has passed.

Reportedly, Marco’s main reason that kept him from filing for divorce in May was so that his 5-year-old daughter, Jessica, could grow up in a healthy family environment. Taking his daughter into consideration, he decided to let things drop. In regards to the cheating tabloids, Marco had said bluntly, “[Lihua] is young and knows how to dress up, so there’s nothing I can do. I have to accept what comes in an ‘old-man-young-woman’ relationship. As long as she has a sense of the limits!”

On July 2, Marco bought a 5000 square-ft. mansion worth $17 million HKD in Sai Kung’s Pak Kong Village under both him and his wife’s names. An insider spilled, “Marco has reached his midyears, and has learned to take things lightly. He wants his daughter to live in a happy environment. He also understands that the cheating occurred because he could barely spend time with his wife due to work in Mainland China. He bought the mansion because his current wish is to have his family together in one piece.”

According to sources, Marco cut down his workload in order to spend more time in Hong Kong and organize the mansion’s renovation process. He hopes to move in with his family before school starts for Jessica in September. The couple was also spotted shopping for furniture in Ap Lei Chau’s Horizon Plaza earlier this month.

On July 18, Marco was seen barbequing with his wife and daughter in a shrine in Sai Kung. When asked about his current marital relationship, Marco smiled and expressed, “We’ve been okay for a long time! It was only a small bump back then, and any couple could have experienced it. We’re fine now!” He also confirmed purchasing the luxurious mansion for Lihua and claimed he is recently busy with its renovation.

Marco and Wife Aim for a Son?

According to the insider, Marco is also extremely happy because Lihua promised to try and bear him another child. The insider spilled, “Lihua has been busy training for a triathlon, because she knows Marco was a swim team leader. He is serving as her instructor, and she is taking this chance to fix up their relationship. She can tell that Marco forgave her, seeing that he even purchased her a mansion. Knowing that Marco really wants another child in the family, she promised to try for a son after the triathlon.”


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