Single Father Marco Ngai to Sell His House for Cash

The COVID-19 outbreak is hitting Marco Ngai (魏俊傑) hard.

The former TVB actor, who just survived a divorce with ex-wife Zhang Lihua (張利華) now lives alone with his nine-year-old daughter, Jessica, in an independent housing unit. To maintain the physical distance necessary to prevent COVID-19 from spreading, Hong Kong has canceled all physical classes, telling all of its students to go online. Marco has been spending time helping Jessica with her schoolwork. The 52 year old joked and said that he feels like he’s going back to elementary school.

Jessica prefers learning at home, saying that she enjoys her father’s company. Asking if she misses her mother, who has moved back to mainland China, she first hesitated, then said, “I do… she would call and tell me that she’ll take me out.”

Growing up being extremely close with her father, Jessica promised that she’ll still live with Marco even after she gets married. Marco smiled and said, “She’s definitely a very well-behaved girl. Recently I’ve been out of work because of the pandemic. [Jessica] would always tell me to save money. Even if she found holes in her clothes she wouldn’t throw them away.”

For the past few years, Marco has focused his career in making appearances in mainland China, but the market became more unprofitable. He plans to sell his Sai Kung house for cash, and then use the money to rent a smaller sized apartment. He explained, “It’s only me and my daughter. We don’t need such a big house . . . or maybe we can move to Malaysia, and establish a second home there. The school environment there isn’t as stressful.”

Marco’s on-screen career isn’t the only thing that’s being hit hard by the pandemic. Marco’s barbecue restaurant is also suffering from poor business. “Business fell about 60 to 70 percent,” said Marco. “I hope things will get better after all of this is over. Before, we were earning profits in the ten thousands each month.”


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  1. 早知今日,何必當初?Perhaps Marco could go back and film for TVB; they need actors.

    1. @hazel they won’t have him back. he’s one of those that left and talked trash about them.

  2. He made poor choices. Kind of feel bad for Marco, but he seems to really love his daughter.

  3. I said it in a post about the 5 players who have become fathers: ***holes and players become the better fathers later in life because they know what the daughter should watch out for and teach her!!!

  4. This article makes it sound like he’s dirt poor and sad which doesn’t sound like the case to me. He got rid of a gold digging ho in his cheating ex-wife and he’s still rich enough to buy multiple properties and immigrate to Malaysia. Anyone who knows about Malaysia’s super visa knows it ain’t cheap and in the end gained a faithful and loving daughter. Sounds like a win to me.

    1. @anon I agree. While it may seem like karma, everyone makes mistakes at some point in their life. For Marco, I think Lihua was good riddance and I’m sure his daughter will stick by him too.

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