Marco Ngai’s Stress as a Divorced Dad

The pandemic took a hard toll on actor Marco Ngai (魏駿傑), who fell into depression and wanted to commit suicide. Coupled with his divorce in 2020 and raising his daughter on his own, Marco felt hopeless.

“At that time, we were going through a lot of political unrest. Due to the pandemic, the gyms were closed. My daughter was unable to go to school, and we were stuck at home. I had no work as well. Afterwards, I sought help from a doctor and was on medical treatment for several months,” he revealed.

Marco hid his depression from his 11-year-old daughter, as he did not want her to worry. Since he was only diagnosed with mild depression, Marco’s situation has improved with treatment.

As his daughter is about to start sixth grade, he helps her with her homework every day. “I hope she will be able to stay with her original school. If not, then I will arrange for her to go to school in Beijing. She is fine with it, as long as I go with her.”

Although his ex-wife Zhang Lihua (張利華) was said to have cheated in their marriage, they continue to communicate because of their love for their daughter. Lihua also helps with parenting responsibilities.  “Our relations are good–we communicate because staying upset at someone is very difficult on yourself.”

Hoping the borders would reopen soon so that he can work in China again, Marco is currently preparing for upcoming stage play, Barefoot in the Park <老公~你好悶呀!>. The production also stars stars Derek Wong (黃建東), Jocelyn Choi (蔡頌思), and Johnson Yuen (阮德鏘).

It has been 31 years since Marco participated in any theater productions, but he is ready for the new challenge. “I haven’t taken part since joining TVB in 1990. Thanks to the time and effort they placed in me back then, how could I take off a few months to join a play? I ended up turning down several offers.”

This time he will be playing a gentleman who has fallen on hard times. Currently around 180 pounds, Marco is trying hard to lose weight and is confident that he will be able to drop 10 pounds before the first show. “At that time, I’ll gel my hair and wear a suit. At first glance, I shouldn’t look fat.”


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  1. Stay strong and positive… I really feel for him to have to go thru so much stress. But life goes on and he has responsibilities. I am so glad he is doing all the right thing to get help and move forward.

  2. if it wasn’t for the cheating scandal he would’ve still be in TVB even tho i don’t agree with cheating but he is a really good father all he wants to do is for his daughter to grow up happy and healthy

  3. Poor little girl same situation with Hawick Lau raised his daughter alone too. So the mom doesn’t want to bring her along?

  4. Hey if Shirley can make a come back (well sort of “come back,” more like still make some sort of income albeit not in filming), Macro should be given that chance too. Though, Shirley has a bit more appeal/sell than Macro’s current state. Though Marco’s acting is better than Shirley ever was and most likely ever will be.

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