Joyce Tang’s Body Gives Warning Signals to Slow Down

Since the broadcast of House of Spirits <一屋老友記>, Joyce Tang‘s (滕麗名) popularity rose, even overshadowing TV Queen Nancy Wu‘s (胡定欣) presence in the series. Speaking with Elaine Ng (吳綺莉), Joyce admitted that she is flattered by the positive reception.

However, Joyce does not another series lined up. Joyce laughed, “Maybe TVB doesn’t want to sign me. I haven’t gotten any filming notice yet.”

After completing her current jobs, Joyce will be taking a short vacation with her husband. “In a week, we’re going on vacation so we can both relax a little.”

Only 40-years-old, Joyce was diagnosed with high blood pressure by a traditional Chinese doctor in Malaysia earlier. Although it came as a surprise due to her young age, Joyce sighed, “I think this is so strange. The doctor told me to be careful and he said I also have high cholesterol levels. I do feel dizzy from time to time, so I will have to pay more attention to my health in the future. It can’t be helped; I’m getting old. I will continue my checkups; I just came back and I’m still jet-lagged.”


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  1. Always a good idea to get check up every year even if one feels healthy and in good shape. Joyce still looks great though. Wish she get more lead role as she was great in HOS.

  2. I like joyce…she is a natural. her role in ‘house of spirits’ is dynamic…hope to see more of her in future tvb dramas.

  3. It’s probably NOT so much her career that is putting the stress on her – more so the poor judgement/choices in guys in her life, and the efforts she makes to sustain a relationship.

    Even though now married, it almost seemed like a needy desperation to secure that RING with #3 (even when he had rumours behind him too when they were dating).

    Joyce Tang always seems to bend over backwards in all her relationships to go all out just to keep the guy, including current husband.
    IF the guy is serious, respects you and is worth it = he will NOT stray … she does NOT have to try so hard.

    1. @nomad822
      I only remember one jerk named Marco. She’s dated more than one jerk? haaha lol…. That noodle Ekin can be considered the same kind of jerk too but now that he is married he’s off the jerk list. haha… I think those 2 are the biggest jerks that I remember.

    2. @kiki when it come to Joyce, @nomad822 is right. Joyce really made some bad choices. She was rumor to have dated Derek and he end up being rumor to be married and have a child. Then her current husband was rumor to already have a gf and Joyce was actually the 3rd party. Just hope her marriage will last.

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