Karen Mok Mourns Father’s Sudden Passing

Karen Mok (莫文蔚) returned to Hong Kong on January 28 after her father passed away from a sudden heart attack on Monday morning. Distraught by the bad news, Karen was quiet and solemn as she made funeral arrangements and tried her best to hide from unwanted media attention.

Better known as “Uncle Mok”, Karen’s father, Alan Morris (莫天賜), was an accomplished writer and Taoism expert who is well-respected by the local community. A gentle and loving man, Uncle Mok was also a philanthropist who had donated large amounts to help build schools in China’s poorer regions. Approaching his fiftieth wedding anniversary this year, he and his wife had plans to hold a major charity event to support the needy.

Although he suffered from chronic heart conditions in recent years, his death still came as a terrible shock to his loved ones. Recently moved into a new residence, he volunteered to quarantine himself at his former home last Friday after exhibiting cold symptoms and scheduled a doctor’s visit the following Monday. When he did not answer the door to go to his appointment, his wife entered the home and found him on the bathroom floor, his hands clutched at his chest. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Originally set to vacation in England with her husband during Lunar New Year, Karen immediately flew back to Hong Kong after receiving the news. She was greeted by her brother Trevor Morris (莫理斯) at the airport and the pair said little as they headed to the hotel. The following day, the siblings accompanied their mother to the funeral home and were followed by reporters. Courteous despite her distress, Karen briefly waved at the crowd though kept her head turned to avoid the cameras. The three made no comment during their stay and left as soon as they had finished their errands.

Since the news has become public, Karen released a brief statement on Weibo on January 29, saying that her family had initially intended to make the announcement after Lunar New Year celebrations. She asked for privacy on behalf of her family and thanked everyone for their concerns, promising to release funeral details after the holiday.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. awww, that sucks. even though i’m not a huge fan of her, it is still sad to hear a loved one die suddenly, especially before the (chinese) new year. hope for the best.

  2. So sad to hear about this sad sudden passing of Karen Mok’s father. It surely is hard to be accepted by her families.

  3. A family member’s passing is never easy to take in, no matter how expected or sudden their death may be…Hope the media really does give her and her family the space, time and respect during this moment in time. The bad news is already difficult to deal with, let alone on top of that being chased after by reporters and paps trying to get their news coverage.

    1. Agree and may her father rest in peace. It is really painful to lose a loved one. Hope the media and everyone gives them peace and quiet.

    1. Maybe because in HK she needs a chinese surname and name.

    2. Really? Michele Reis uses get father’s last name I think. But she uses Lee sometimes too,however, Reis is still used.

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