Karen Mok Rumored to Be Pregnant

After nearly three years of marriage to German sweetheart Johannes Natterer, Karen Mok (莫文蔚) may finally be pregnant. The singer recently became the center of pregnancy rumors when she was seen at an obstetrics clinic looking as if she was trying to hide a baby bump.

Karen Mok weddingKaren and Johannes may share one of the most romantic love stories in entertainment history. The two met when Karen was just 17 years old, with Johannes being her first love. They dated briefly before going their separate ways; Johannes found fortune in business while Karen became one of Asia’s most famous superstars. Although they both dated others since their split, fate seemed determined to bring them back to each other. After decades apart, they rekindled their romance a few years ago and were married in a simple but elegant wedding in October of 2011.

Since Johannes is already a father of three children from a previous relationship, Karen once stated that she has no plans to have any more children, though also chose to leave it up to fate.

When she was recently spotted at a clinic specializing in obstetrics, many began to speculate that the 44-year-old may be trying to hide a surprise pregnancy. Dressed in a loose top and flat shoes with her face obscured by sunglasses and a mask, Karen allegedly looked apprehensive, as if worried about her condition. She also kept a purse close to her belly, further fueling the gossips.

Despite hopes about possible baby news, her manager quickly debunked the rumor on June 3, explaining that Karen was only at the clinic for a routine check up and assured that she is in good health.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. She reminds me of a horse in that first pic.

    1. Maria
      LOL! And to be honest, I don’t think she’s pretty either, but she seems to have a great personality.

      1. Asians are far too obsessed with the ‘perfect look’ brainwashed way of thinking. No wonder you all have zero personality to back up below average looks. 🙂 I feel sorry for you people.

      2. She scared me in the one movie I remember her in – wong kar wai – where she used an exaggerated overseas accent – I’m sure she is quite fluent and adept given her family background. I would again encounter it from some travel program where a rich also Eurasian local imitated Hong Kong Chinglish and I was surprised because I love Hong Kong proper Cantonese and how they speak English. But those two imitations seemed … off key perhaps.

    2. There are those who might look perfect on the outside but ugly on the inside. A lack of inner character is revealed by those making harsh judgmental comments obsessing over who’s the prettiest. Karen has personality, talent and intelligence, plus she’s definitely attractive.

  2. geez, your words are very mean, it reflects to your personalities, mate.
    she is surely beautiful on her hubby’s eyes.
    at least she didn’t try to do all plastic surgery like any other actress/singer, she is just natural and being who she is.

    really mean person you are, Maria!

  3. If she’s really preggers what’s the secrecy? It’s not as if she’s an unmarried mother.

    1. Maybe she still believes in that not revealing until you are at least 3 months myth.

      1. I think most people decide not to disclose their pregnancy until after 3 months because miscarriages happen most often in the first trimester and people want to avoid having to explain that they have had a miscarriage.
        I don’t think it has anything to do with a myth or what not.

      2. MT: You are so correct. it is not because of chinese culture or myth.

        My husband announced to so many people in our family and then I had a miscarriage right after and had to explain. Miscarriages does happen more in first trimester so it is best to not tell people.

      3. It is a myth because in my family, especially in our generation we tell right away. My sister in law told everyone right away when she got pregnant and all of my nephews are fine. If you do get a miscarriage then it is just a coincidence not because you announce to everyone that you are pregnant and it caused you to get one.

        Sorry to hear about your miscarriage azndoreamonl my mom had a few miscarriages too and they still hurt her to this day,and in case you are wondering it is not because she announced to everyone about her pregnancy in the first trimester.

      4. I think you misinterpreted what they wrote? Of course, there is no correlation between your chances of miscarriage and the timing of your announcement. Miscarrying a baby is already a devastating experience, but then having to explain to people what should have been a happy event… Seems a bit like rubbing salt into the wound… Not surprised if people try to keep things a little hush during the first trimester, just to make sure things are more stable.

      5. HeTieshou – I’m fine with the m/c but I think you misunderstand what I wrote.

        I’m just saying alot of people don’t like to announce their pregnancy at an early stage is b/c in general there is more risk of having a miscarriage .

        people choose to hide it until is more safe. Not b/c of myth. is just better to tell people during the second trimester when is more stable and it won’t disappoint people.

        Skinnymocha – you are correct.

  4. Perhaps she is worried. To be pregnant at 44 can be a little scary.

  5. ” Johannes found fortune in business while Karen became one of Asia’s most famous superstars.”

    lol..i don’t even know her until few months ago.

  6. hi there

    1. at 44, Karen needs to be very careful at every stage of the pregnancy.
    2. anyway, congratulations.

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