Kate Tsui Denies Dating European Model

By on April 14, 2016 in NEWS

Kate Tsui Denies Dating European Model

A young European model, Moni Demirov, caught the Hong Kong paparazzi’s attention when he called his Instagram followers to follow Kate Tsui (徐子珊), who recently joined the Instagram world. Reporters found that Moni has uploaded many selfies of the two together, including some with Moni hugging the 36-year-old actress and traveling to Spain together.

Moni, however, denied dating Kate, stressing that he is still single. Emphasizing that he is Kate’s work partner, he said a relationship with Kate is “impossible.”

kate tsui moni demirov instagramOn her way back to Hong Kong from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kate too denied their dating rumors.

“Joking, right? He works for my jewelry brand.” She added with a laugh, “Thanks to this report, I’m going to have to fire him! He’s almost done with his three-month trial period, but I’m going to have to fire him because he’s too handsome.”

Mentioning that Kate and Moni went on a trip to Spain together, she said, “We traveled there together as friends!” (You guys looked very close on Instagram.) “Of course we’re close. We’re sisters.” (So no dating?) “He’s my sister. Would you think that’s possible?”

Source: IHKTV

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

11 comments to Kate Tsui Denies Dating European Model

  1. says:

    Wow, a way girlie but still way too cute and hot for her. hahha..LOL….I know that she is from Canada but is it just me or she doesn’t English as fluently and Elisa Sam or Linda Chung? Elisa Sam is the most natural I feel among these so called Canadian BC women.

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    • tiffany replied:

      @kiki Indeed! Grace Chan also isn’t bad, but I prefer her writing. There’s also Grace Wong, Aimee, Bernice, etc. Kate is decent, but she didn’t spend that many years studying abroad.

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      • sas318 replied:

        @tiffany Love hearing Grace Chan be interviewed. She is very eloquent and poised and is a wonderful public speaker.

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    • sas318 replied:

      @kiki I thought Kate was born and raised in Hong Kong? I’ve seen her English interviews and she is definitely not a native speaker!

      Since Eliza and Linda both grew up in Vancouver, how can Eliza’s English be more fluent? They are equally fluent since English is their native language.

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      • anon replied:


        They are both fluent, but Eliza is more Canadianized/Westernized than Linda is, as Eliza hung out with more CBC’s and Linda hung out with more Honger/FOB wannabe’s.

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      • replied:

        Ohh is she? No wonder then, I have never like her enough to goggle the details but whenever you hear they are from overseas, they are 100% from Canada I thought she falls into that category as well. Out of all those Eliza, Grace, Linda or nine woman, I think i like Eliza Sam the most.

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  2. purplexstraw says:

    He has to be very girlie or not interested in women if Kate refers him as a “sister” and not a “brother.” Also, her English isn’t as great as Eliza’s and Linda’s, however, I think she only went to America for her undergrad studies – which she also did not finish.

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    • sasamii replied:

      @purplexstraw Whew; not just me… I totally got a ‘this is my gay BFF’ vibe from those pictures.

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      • happybi replied:

        @sasamii with you on this one. He’s def. a “girlfriend” to her.

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  3. orchid123 says:

    As per Wikipedia:

    Kate Tsui’s early life:
    A Hakka, Kate Tsui was born and raised in Hong Kong. Her father works in logistics, and while her mother is now a homemaker, she was a dancer when she was younger. Tsui also has an older sister, who is married with two kids. As of 2014, Tsui has expressed that with the exception of herself, her entire immediate family now resides in Taiwan.

    Prior to winning her beauty queen title, Tsui had originally aspired to become a professional dancer. She had begun practicing ballet since age 4, but was forced to quit when she was 11, due to an injury on her right ankle. At age 14, she had begun to practice Hip Hop and Jazz dance. She is skilled in different interests such as acting, dancing, learning languages, and snowboarding.

    She was educated at Kiangsu-Chekiang College (Shatin),and Queen Maud Secondary School and eventually graduated from the University of California, Davis, majoring in Japanese and minoring in Spanish and Marketing. After completing her degree, she had returned to Hong Kong and worked as a translator and market consultant. She had previously worked at Dah Chong Hong.

    In 2004, she entered into the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant and was crowned as the winner; in the pageant, she had also received Miss Photogenic, Miss International Goodwill, and the Slimming Beauty Award. After the pageant, she had signed with TVB and began her career as an actress.

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  4. anon says:

    The dude looks gay, won’t surprise me if he actually is.

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