Kate Tsui, Raymond Lam, and Kenneth Ma Campaign for Votes

With the 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards nearing quickly, this year’s hot contenders for Best Actor and Best Actress put in all efforts to pull themselves more votes with the new one-vote-per-person system in action.  Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Raymond Lam (林峯), and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) appeared at a Tsuen Wan event for a last campaign for votes before the awards ceremony, which will take place on Monday, December 17.

Kate Tsui: “I Don’t Have an Award Speech Ready”

Kate appeared at the votes campaign in a costume from her current drama. “I returned from work in Macau last night, and I had to film for a drama this morning. I am very sleepy right now, but the shouts from my fans woke me up instantly!” Kate told the media. Is she going to win Best Actress for sure this year? “No, there are so many uncertain factors. I don’t even have an award speech ready. Whether I win or lose, I still need to find something to say!”

Raymond Lam Has Confidence to Win Best Actor

Although Raymond arrived at the votes campaign the latest, he had the most fans. The fans even made handfuls of bright yellow flags with Raymond’s name on it for him to give out to passersby.

Full of confidence, Raymond said, “I was already in the top 5 nomination for Best Actor when I was in my twenties. It is now time to actually receive something! I have confidence, and at the same time, my fans are giving me a lot of support. I am satisfied with my role as Happy Sir, so it is good timing right now!”

Raymond laughed and continued, “I try to pull votes for myself whenever possible. Earlier, I saw Eason Chan (陳奕迅)’s mom, and I said to her, ‘Hi auntie, I am number 8 Lam Fung!’ She asked me, ‘Is Lam Fung not your real name?’ She thought that my name is ‘Number 8 Lam Fung!’”

Kenneth Ma Supported by Netizens

With this event being his last chance to campaign for votes, Kenneth exclaimed, “The company comes up with these vote campaigns because they want noise, and their goal has been reached!” When it was mentioned that many netizens are showing their support for him, Kenneth said that he has heard about it and that the netizens believe he can even top Raymond.

Although Raymond’s fans seem to be dominating the event, Kenneth remarked, “I will take everything easily. The voting results are hard to predict.” Is TVB giving Kenneth an advantage for letting you attend the event? “Many other artists are busy at work. It is not an advantage aimed at me.”

The exciting 2012 TVB Anniversary Award results will be unraveling itself on Monday evening.

Source: On.cc via ihktv.com 

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  1. I love their beauty pageant sashes! Very “miss congeniality” type of fun!

    Btw, how did ray recognize Eason’s mom? I wonder if she likes LF even though her son hates him. 🙂

  2. Besides supporting Lam Fung I also support Kenneth Ma to win TV King.

  3. Wahh tonight? Tonight is the show?! What time? Which channel??

    1. AOD hasn’t announce on their FB. But I checked on Astro Guide, it’s going to be shown at 8PM CH930

      1. No prob. In fact Wah Lai Toi CH311 will also broadcast this LIVE.

  4. That pic of Ray and Kate looks cute. Seems like both are having some fun in all these rallies.

    I know some found Kate desperate, but it’s a win-win situation for her. She may be getting more votes after all and she’s also attracting sponsors. Kate’s ranking was the lowest out of the 5 fadans, so perhaps this is an opportunity for her to rise.

    1. Why not? Kate said she just wanted to do her best to poll her more votes. It is a fair system, and every nominee can do it. Kate will at the same time gain more popularity after the results of the votes.

  5. What series is Kate’s filming now? Her dress look strange. Makes me think of the uniform of an android or someone from the future.

    1. It’s the dress from I love HK, she didn’t have time to change.

  6. To me Kate still a dark horse for TVB Queen. She really go all out after AOD Awards, where Tavia not active enough thinking she will win after she get the AOD award.
    Seems the media backing on Kate more than Tavia

    Kate look desperate to many, but she indeed brings some color to this 2012 TVB Awards 1st time one to one voting systems

    Whether she win or lose , IMHO she will advance very well in her career.

    Mark my words , this year a turning point for her, she deserve because she being hard working all this years despite not getting lead role

    1. At least she is working hard to get her votes. Good job, Kate.

  7. Haha, that’s an adorable picture.

    The very act of campaigning for votes is a stupid idea. But we all know the voting system is biased anyway, so may as well go all out and enjoy it (and possibly poke fun at the whole affair…).

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