Katy Kung Has Been Dating Benjamin Yuen For Half a Year?

Katy Kung (龔嘉欣) revealed she never lacked pursuers after breaking up with Patrick Tang (鄧健泓) in 2012. In January, she allegedly grew close with Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) on set new drama, Karma Rider <師父.明白了>. Besides collaborating closely while filming, the two often met during their spare time. Could they have been dating for half a year already?

Both Katy and Patrick stressed there was no third party involved in their relationship, and the reason for their breakup was due to incompatible personalities. However, reports speculated otherwise, saying Patrick was secretly going out with former Miss Hong Kong, Kayi Cheung (張嘉兒), and had spent a night with her.

While filming a scene in the cold mountains for Karma Rider, Katy brought hand warmers for Benjamin, who was wearing only a thin layer. An insider revealed, “Katy is a pretty girl. It’s normal for her to have pursuers! At the time, Katy hadn’t broken up with Patrick for long, and Benjamin consoled her. The two eventually sparked love, and became really close. They often met up even after the drama was completed!”

Earlier, Katy and Benjamin were spotted together learning how to ride motorcycles in Sha Tin. Benjamin carefully directed Katy and even performed a few stunts to make her happy. The two looked compatible and were all smiles.

Katy Kung Responds to Reports

Currently busy filming for Property Protector <守業者>, Katy made a response to the reports through the telephone. She stated she happened to run into Benjamin at the motorcycle center, and had not planned it beforehand. “I’ve said this before, that I just want to focus on work right now. I don’t want to miss any work opportunities.”

Source: East Week #512 via ihktv.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. ironical as patrick dated Miss Hong Kong Kayi Cheung and Katy takes same route date Mr Hong Kong Benjamin… Both alos dont want lose face…

  2. katy is young pretty and has potential in career. hope she can meet a better guy than playboy patrick tang

  3. Is she the girl on A Change of Heart? Because the pair make a great husband-wife couple. Who wouldn’t fall for Benjamin Yuen…

    I’m starting to like Katy too.

    1. Nope that would be JJ Jia, Katy was in Gloves Cme Off and Bottled Passion. She was also in War And Beauty.

  4. I wonder what Katy Kung looks like without makeup. With makeup, she is already this ugly…

    1. hahahaah LMAO, I never like her either haha…Above pic, she already look quite decent sometimes even uglier but she claims she is beautiful in one of the series i dont know if she meant her character or really thought so of herself b/c the only thing that got it going for her is youth, beauty she is NOT. hahaa..

    2. She had really light makeup on in one of the scenes where she was sick in Ghost Writer. Originally I thought she looked really pretty and then that scene came on and it’s was a total WTF ’cause she looked…unimpressive.

      1. If she was suppose to be sick in that scene, then of course they would have to make her look sickly/unwell…? LOL. And of course, if this really needs to be pointed out, looking/being healthy is one of the factors to being beautiful. In my opinion, Katy is pretty.

  5. Agree… Katy Kung isnt pretty she looks oddly weird to me I cant pin point she aint all that lor

  6. i thought benjamin was dating a ex cathay flight attendant? that girl has a long face not katy

  7. I used to think she’s pretty but now her nose looks crooked to me, as in, it leans more on the right (maybe that’s why most of her camera shots are taken from her right face).

  8. Benjamin has good outlooks and projected Siu Sang in the making by TVB. Katy Kung, she looks older that her real age. Love cutie and sweet girls like Cilla Kung, Linda, Eliza, he3x 😀

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