Kelly Fu Accused Koni Lui, Dickson Wong of Creating Fake News for Exposure

In the wee hours of March 9th, TVB actress, Koni Lui (呂慧儀) and her husband Dickson Wong (黃文迪) issued a joint statement announcing their divorce out of the blue. Many celebrities felt that it was a pity, however, actress Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉) has a lot more to say than just that. On the morning of March 10th, Kelly wrote a lengthy post on Instagram consisting of over 600 words accusing Koni and Dickson of using her to create news in 2013.

Back then, Dickson uploaded a picture of two hands holding each other in the car, and one of the hands wore black nail polish. After some time, Koni said on Weibo that she doesn’t remember ever painting her nails black, and asked if Dickson uploaded the wrong picture. Netizens immediately investigated and found out Kelly already knew him since they were both in the same modeling company and wore black nail polish in the past.

Kelly explained that she used to wear different nail polish colors to match her different outfits during the Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄 2> promotional events. When the media contacted her to get her side of the story, they ended up not including her explanation in the published article. Kelly was labeled as a “mistress.”

“Why did the reporter immediately think that I was black nail polish girl?” Kelly questioned. “Everyone can try to understand my feelings when they said I fell in love with my friend’s friend. I was thinking everyone is friends and also in the same industry so they know an artist’s reputation is very important. Why would they do this for exposure? How can you fake a photo, create a long story, and smear your friend to do this shameless thing?”

Back then, Kelly was good friends with both parties, and was even Koni’s bridesmaid. “Finally, I want to say, as a former friend I also feel pity knowing that they have separated,” Kelly admitted. “Please friends, don’t forward their news to me. Reporters, don’t call me to respond to their news.”

Source: Oncc

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  1. She wasn’t labelled as a mistress just for this reason. She doesn’t exactly have a pristine reputation for other issues as well. If she cared that much, she should’ve said something/clarified 6 yrs ago… Why wait till now? Isn’t she trying to use them for publicity?

    1. @coralie Agreed. Actually, I saw fan comments that Koni actually clarified on Weibo when the incident happened 6 years ago that Kelly has nothing to do with it and that she is a good friend of Koni. Kelly even said thanks to her on Weibo. So for her to drag this out 6 years later, during a time that Koni is going through something personally difficult (and when Koni clearly defended her in the past and didn’t try and drag her), disgusts me.

    2. @coralie
      Talking about stepping on enemies while they are down. We all know Kelly Fu’s past. From violently kissing an old heavy businessman in a car to misleading reporters believing she were in relationships with costars such as Ron Ng. Who knows what else she has done behind the scenes to get her roles over the years. Koni is in a divorce with Jackson but Kelly is moaning how they the ex couple cooperated to generate news which is such irrelevant timing. If she is very happy then should celebrate behind closed doors. I feel real sympathy for her because she looks hugely desperate to generate some buzz for herself..

      1. @jimmyszeto I think Kelly can actually act, which makes her scandals & behavior a real shame as it tarnishes her acting career. She can defend herself, but to do that now when Koni is in a bad situation, really doesn’t make her look good. In the past I would defend Kelly, because I thought with good acting skills like hers, she wouldn’t need to stoop so low. But then the 3rd party scandal erupted and now this. It makes it hard to be a fan.

      2. @coralie
        Yeh. Kelly can act decent enough and although she is relatively young, she has been hanging around in the Entertainment Industry for a long, long time. Her aims are very typical and her interests are definitely not in acting. She is really desperate because anyone with a brain will realise that the sympathy will go to the divorced woman rather than the one screaming at the divorced woman. There is no evidence that Koni is a good person either but certainly netizens will certainly side with her at this time. With the number of scandals that are only known people within the entertainment circle, I’m sure there are plenty more involving Kelly that have not been published.

  2. She thinks too highly of herself. Why would Koni and her ex hubby use Kelly to create news for themselves? Other than her scandals with married rich old men is she even newsworthy? And talk about nursing a grudge, she still can’t let go after 6 years. What a petty beech.

  3. never liked her idk why she make it sound like she is the victim causing drama for herself just for the spotlight puuuuuleeease

    i think the papparazzi should just leave koni and her family alone its there privacy off camera there just regular normal ppl just like everyone else

    1. @m0m0
      She gets her 5 seconds of gossip. She is just as insignificant as Koni. Koni is probably enjoying her limelight too by announcing the divorce. Enjoy it while it lasts…

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